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Category: sleep

07/10/06 05:12 - 74ºF - ID#35983

back to work- back to bed

First day back to work after a relatively long break. bah.
I am beat and feeling the weight of the world upon me.

I know it is temporary and I will be bouncing again after I am back to "normal" on a more semi-regulated sleep schedule. As is, I had to wake up this morning at the very time that I have been going to bed pretty much throughout the entire break.

see why I am beat and fizzled out like flat pop?

I tossed and turned all night. And the thunder/lightening didn't help. On a positive note, what dreams I did have were freakin' fabulous.

Even with liittle sleep, I woke up super bouncy and happy. And I was super bouncy and happy all day at work..the kiddos are so cool..and I adore my coworkers-- it wasnt until the drive home that it all caught up with me. Which brings me here, with eyelids propped open with toothpicks...

yeh, so the thought of doing anything that i would like to do/need to do seems awfully heavy on my mind.

Maybe I'll try a short nap afterall- so I can feel more like my energetic, tackle the world, cheerful self. :)

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Category: friends

07/09/06 05:30 - 80ºF - ID#35982

Coming to Shakespeare in the Park???

I scored a car, so I am going to Shakespeare in the Park.. who else is going for sure??

I know (e:leetee) and (e:imk2) so far...

Anyway, I am heading out solo and will be looking for friendly faces to join!!

I am going to stop and grab a bottle of wine, I think, on my way out... and cups and who knows what else.. ooh, I know.. GUMMI BEARS!!!

leave post-it or text/call me (deleted) we can share a blanket and half-ass pay attention to the play :)

Later peeps!

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Category: silliness

07/08/06 10:52 - 72ºF - ID#35981

Grab your dick and double click

oh, how risque, haha

anyway, I am cleaning* up the house and I have this little tune starting to play in my head. First it is just the melody, real quiet-- then it gets louder and eventually the words are there.

And I think, wtf?

Guess its better than, Debbie Gibson, Out of the Blue, being stuck up there.


So I recall what (and when and who) it is from and am now sharing it with you. You too need to be singing this song- while at work, haha

(its a video-- you gamers might dig it)

  • cleaning the house is not my favorite past time. I don't make too much of a mess, but I try to avoid dishes at all costs. I hate dishes.. HATE THEM! I am ashamed to say that I have thrown out a few in my past just because I didn't want to wash them. (as in ten years ago, not today- even though it is tempting!)

or, which this would be fun.. like in a movie where this guy sits on the roof and shoots at them with a rifle. "The dishes are done, man"
Which movie was that from.. Adventures in Babysitting or Dont tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead? I think the latter.. I think the same guy was in both of those movies.

Anyway, I would do just about anything to get out of doing them.

Oh, and since I am stuck at home and full of silliness..

I have a weird kinda-crush on Sully.. yup, from Monsters Inc. Well, not *that* kind of crush.. but regardless, I am not sure where this comes from. I think it is his fur.

I had to come out about it sooner or later..




Shake it Sully..

I am so weird, at times.

Gotta get my car back, haha.

Hope the sidewalk chalking goes well tonight. Wish I was there!

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07/07/06 09:06 - ID#35980 pmobl

post 200- Now with Pics

waiting for a haircut, brought my issue of Scientific American -as well as p:mobl, to keep me amused. Got my geek on at the Cingular store, next I am heading to look at computer goodies. btw can someone name a good database book for sorta-beginners? plz.

Thanks in advance.

OK.time for chop-chop. Will post pic later!

pics taken with Razr phone. Uploaded through computer not pmobl .

Care's hair is shorter..

I now have bangs..

The hairdresser blew out my hair, so I am curious (dreading?) when I wash and let it air dry, just how short it will be. 'Cause curls go BOING!


No matter, it was needful and I just said- "do whatever you want"

funny, coming from a girl that less than two years ago had hair down to her butt; past it, even..

Ah, well who needs photo software when you have a razr that takes weird pictures on its own.



"If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito"

"You can be anything you want to be, do anything you set out to accomplish, if you hold to that desire with singleness of purpose." ~Abraham Lincoln

be good, be safe..

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Category: animals

07/07/06 05:06 - 59ºF - ID#35979

I know you're salivating

It kinda freaks me out to hear the coyotes howling when I pull into my driveway at 4am. Its so dark and creepy out at that hour. Of course, I didn't leave any lights on for myself. So I walk up the dark driveway thinking that something is going to try to eat me. Licking its lips, waiting to pounce.

I say, you stay on your side of the woods..

and I will say on mine.

yeesh, now the birds are chirping.. good night er, morining..

you know what I mean :)

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Category: photos

07/06/06 01:06 - 62ºF - ID#35978

razr photos

Well, these were some of the pics I was trying to post from my phone. I am impressed that I managed to finally get them off my phone and send them just about anywhere I want.

all from motorola razr. (e:vincent) you can finally check the picture quality (or lack of) with this phone. (i am curious as I upload these as to how they will look.. )

Some inspirational bathroom graffiti taken during an excusrion with some peeps to Broadway Joes. uh, yeh.. Dont get lost in the profoundness that follows.

Taco? hahaha

I am a void deep within your conscious
Listen to my words for they will
Lead you to my reality


Go, Doug?

From an art gallery. I liked very litte of what they had on display-- very Home Interiors-like. So when I saw this painting tucked away in an upstairs studio, I took a picture for the irony of the moment.

some 3am "test images" that never made it. *blowing kisses* at the strip late last night (er, morning..)



Furry little friend--taken a few mornings ago at PMTs



ahhh, the little purple bodies in my Mixed Seafood Pad Thai at Saigon Bangkok. I think this one is going to be a blurry pic.
...never again. I just couldn't do it. Well, actually, it was
(e:pyrcedgrrl) s entree, and she forced me to bring home the leftovers. Little purple legs interspersed amongst the rice noodles... yuck.

dig the shirt?


My absolute favorite dog in the whole world, Princess. I took this picture just a couple of weeks ago, I guess right before my friend had to 'put her down'. Very sad. I am glad I have this great picture! I had just been rolling on the ground with her...

thats about it!

ps my post-its now come through as text messaging too. cool.

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Category: p:mobl

07/05/06 12:15 - 68ºF - ID#35977

going mobile

ah ha!

6 mobl posts are noted above.

I have three actually posted.

One of them was identical, so that would account for four..

so somewhere, out there, of the 50 imagage/text tests with my phone, two more may have registered.

where are you?

update: when P:mobl is updated/edited (such as I decided to add a category through here as an afterthought), it bumped up the count. And last night I edited 2x, taking my email signature (all those squished qoutes) off some of the posts. ta da! ok, so other attemps are lost in space. hehe

(this little issue revolves around myself being almost perversely tenacious between 12 and 3 am- experimenting with and figuring out my phone: finding native email app, exporting photos, setting links, etc. I figure it all out by playing. Anyone else can probably refer to their manuel or user information on the phone/cell company web site. I am doing well; I just need to tweak something that I am doing/not doing. But I will get there!

'cause, I'm going mobile, baby.

ok, back to making it happen.

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07/05/06 12:20 - ID#35976 pmobl

testing it out

test. I am going to go set off some major fire works in my back yard. hehe be envious :) jenks.. may need youi to sew me back together! test for image: yeh, I just took a quick pic on the web cam..

"A goal is a dream with a deadline" Margie Blanchard "If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito" "You can be anything you want to be, do anything you set out to accomplish, if you hold to that desire with singleness of purpose." ~Abraham Lincoln

Yahoo! Messenger with Voice. Make PC-to-Phone Calls to the US (and 30+ countries) for 2¢/min or less.


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07/04/06 08:53 - ID#35975 pmobl

jumping on board...

the mobility wagon. Get on board friends! I can do it so can you. Sitting at Spot,making it happen.
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Category: p:mobl

07/05/06 02:03 - ID#35974 pmobl

making noise

third or fourth post of the day! My neighbor and his bro just came over with a box of fireworks they bought in PA. nothing like a fireworks display in your backyard!

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