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Category: birthdays

12/23/10 04:06 - 26.ºF - ID#53322

Happy Birthday Metalpeter!

We hope you have an extra special day!!!
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Category: music

12/02/10 09:47 - 28.ºF - ID#53193

30 seconds to mars

After quite some time, I finally got to see my boys again. My, my they've come a long way from small venues in B-lo to selling out the O2 in London!

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Category: potpourri

11/14/10 03:10 - 50.ºF - ID#53104

to make you laugh out loud

This video is great!

I always wondered what the training video for Chuck E Cheese might look like, and now I know, with some entertaining voice overs.

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Category: anniversary

10/31/10 05:14 - 41.ºF - ID#53039

Happy Halloweeniversary!!!

I love you Rory...

For all that you are,

All that you are not,

And all that you can be,

It has been a perfect year and I look forward to every minute with you in the year to come. You are amazing!
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Category: london

09/07/10 04:38 - 67.ºF - ID#52675

tube strike

So today is my first experience living in London with the Underground on strike. It's chaos outside. Buses are passing stops because they are bulging at the seems. Lots of people still haven't made it into work today. Lucky for me my commute is about 30 seconds by elevator :)

Had a FABULOUS birthday yesterday! My lovely husband got me the new Metroid for Wii and I can't wait to have a chance to play it! I also got a new electric toothbrush which makes me happier than a pig in poop :) Best of all he suprised me with tickets for a weekend getaway in Edinburgh this weekend! Woohoo! I have one other little gift but I don't want to post about it just yet. I first have to experiment with it and then I'll share the full scoop.

Even though there is a LOT to learn yet, I feel so much more relaxed in general being here in London. The people I work with are nice and actually LAUGH throughout the day. I'm breathing better because I'm not suffering from dust/sand allergies, the weather right now is pretty much a perfect t-shirt temperature, and I haven't had a single anxiety attack since moving here. I'm so happy to be out of that negative work environment!
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Category: travels

08/24/10 10:12 - 65.ºF - ID#52549

bon voyage

Bye peeps! We leave tomorrow to head back to our new home in London. We'll let you know the next time we're in town :)
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Category: food

08/21/10 06:57 - 80.ºF - ID#52492

peep brunch

Rory and I will be at Elmwood Lounge tomorrow (Sunday) for brunch ($6) at NOON. Please join us if you can!
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Category: food

08/18/10 10:53 - 68.ºF - ID#52468

peep dinner at pearl street

Rory and I would enjoy your company at Pearl Street for a peep dinner. Thursday at 6:30pm. Kind of like a mini anniversary party! Please RSVP by this evening so I can call ahead and reserve some tables :)
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Category: travels

08/15/10 11:10 - 73.ºF - ID#52451

in town

We're in the country! Still sorting out transportation, but should be independently mobile by Monday afternoon. Thinking about dinner at Pearl Street during the week or a BBQ bonfire at our place. Hope to see ya'll!
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Category: travel

08/04/10 05:39 - 82.ºF - ID#52363


Flying out of Doha tomorrow early morning, FOR GOOD! We are beyond excited and I really can't wait to see our new home. See you soon peeps!
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