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12/12/07 11:37 - ID#42496

Don't Do It!

Fuck, my buddy who is the Eastern European guest worker importer kingpin of Niagara County is asking me to do him a favor. Basically he wants me to "host" his love interest from last year after he is done with her when the new season begins in May. Basically I'll be the "nice guy" that comes in and consoles her after he kicks her to the curb when "next year's models" come in for the summer and he repeats process.

Don't worry this is all legal as they are guest workers brought here to work the shitty tourist jobs around the falls. The main selling point is the businesses don't have to pay the 1/2 the business pay for FICA, Medicaid, State Tax ect... So yea, he has brought outsourcing to the USA itself.

The trouble is this chick is pretty, well HOT. The catch is I know that in the grand scheme of things Eastern Euro's are playing Chess while most people in this country are playing checkers. So basically I know that although I think I may pull one on her, she'll get me in the end. I had to drop science on my Ex-Wife to get out of that whole relationship unscathed and with $ still to my name.

WTF! I'm not going to do it. Although the seeds are getting planted in the sense that I am considering it. Well it all boils down to the fact that my prospects around this area SUCK and the probability of me getting someone that looks like her physically is a BIG 0.

I just need to straighten out and think with my head between my ears and not the lower regions. I've made that mistake before, you think I would have learned my lesson in the sense that I would NEVER come close to considering it again?

Well guys, any takers?

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I'm so glad you made it safely!...

mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

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