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11/01/15 08:11 - ID#60307


It was a blast, simply put. In an odd way I just get all warm & fuzzy when I get to visit. It's a safe place that feels great to be around & in.

I wish (e:metalpeter) could feel the same way.

Honestly we all go through some stuff in this life. God knows I lost a good years going through some BS. It's hard to get to the point where you can cut loose & accept the cards you have been dealt & move on. There is so much that I wish I could/still do, but I just live one day at a time. Sometimes to my detriment as some people just lose their stuff at me when they see my post on fb, but It's my life not theirs.

Anyways here are a few pics from a great night. This isn't as good of a job as the Peterazzi could do, but just to fill the void.

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