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10/14/06 01:09 - 41ºF - ID#37167


I cancelled my reservation. Sometime in November I am going to do my Allen st. bar hop. Most likely for someone Else's B-Day, but the same amount of fun will still be there. Some of the descriptions of Richmond and Ashland this morning that I read pretty much scared me and then I spoke with a guy from Buffalo that was in my class this morning and that pretty much sealed it. SO, I'm a lightweight. After having power, water, green grass and falling leaves all around me I guess jumping into a mess isn't something that I want to sign msyelf up for. Most of you most likely have power in the Allentown/Elmwood area, but I just don't want to feel like a disaster tourist, hop in for a night and go back home to my warm house with all of the amenities. I'm just going to stay in my immediate area where it just seems like nothing ever happened.

So my new plan is go just have my friend Bill drive me over to Canada tonight. I want to hit St. Catherine's and stop by a couple of places on St. Paul St. then the Niagara Falls and most likely the Casino.

The show last night was amazing. Although at the last minute by circumstance I ended up going with my Mom. It was just surreal to be in the V.I.P Suite with my Mom @ an Alice Cooper show. What am I 16?

That could be another post all of its self...

Anyone that wants to tag along is welcome, but you have to get to the Falls yourself...
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10/12/06 10:39 - 42ºF - ID#37166

I'm Slipping

Hummm... after reading ((e:dragonlady7)) post about where she comes up in a serach I was going to brag about mine. For the past 6 months or so I had been been the first profile to pop up on myspace when one would "Search MySpace" for Seneca Niagara Casino. Now I'm #3 beaten out by Boyz ll Men and Abraxas.

So we may get snow tomorrow. Well it's October and I am finally going to get the chance to wear all of the stuff I bought at J. Crew for winter so I am actually not all that negative about it. Summer is nice but for some reason I have always liked wearing winter clothes, although I'm not a big fan of the snow.

As long it does not snow on Saturday Night I'm fine with everthing. After Alice Cooper and the fun that I am planning on having on Saturday I did get Mon and Tue off of work.

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10/10/06 10:32 - 54ºF - ID#37165

City and Colour [St. Kits and Blue]

This is why I love ((e:strip)) I don't post for a short while and see that despite that I have had a bunch more views then I would ever dream of on my "other" blog. Hell, I get more views than my myspace page. Then again being a guy does not help in getting views or stalkers.

So lately I have just been juggling my classes and work. I'm a total lightweight compared to everyone else. Although this time of year it is a struggle to for me to stay on the up and up. I'm wondering if I have S.A.D. or something along those lines.

City and Colour (Dallas Green) has just has taken over my head lately. Any song I that I have listened to from him has just taken me to a special place.

So much so that It makes me want to stop by St. Catherines on Friday after the Alice Cooper show that I'm attending with my old allentown flame (Yea, I'm a slut) It is just that St. Catherines has so many great memories for me. All the time I spend in the early to mid 90's at Gord's Place, an alternative music bar that is no longer with us any longer. Hanging with my Cousin's Cousin Matt. Chasing down the serial Rapist/Schoolgirl Killer Paul Bernardo and his wife Karla Homolka. The closest I ever got was having a waitress @ Denny's in St Kits that was followed home and stalked by Paul Bernardo and running into Karla's sister Lori at the Red Hot Chili Pepper on St. Paul St. To think that this monster also owned a video store in Youngstown back in the day.

So Dallas Green thanks for writing good music, getting me all emofied, melodramatic and nostolgic.

Hopefully I'll snap out of this funk. I think getting my studying and projects done will go further in making me feel better about myself than the crazy time I'm going to have this weekend in turning a year older.

If anyone is interested I'll be hitting up Allen St. on Saturday with hopefully a small group.

Ok time get back to Reading.

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10/04/06 08:18 - 58ºF - ID#37164

Not Much going on here

It actually is a pretty slow morning here at work. So coming in at 7:30 just seemed like a waste until I witnessed the beautiful sunrise this morning after I was woken up by the thunder and lightning. I snapped a few pics of the "Red Sky in the Morning, it was breathtaking and one of those moments I felt good to be alive. Then on my way from my "secret parking spot" to work about a 2 block walk I pretty much was drenched by the downpour. I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

On another note I guess I'm another (e:strip)er with a B-day in October. Although by subconscious plan or circumstance it ends up as a low key event. This year I'm getting a room @ the Best Western and plan on hitting every bar from Prespa to Hardware on Allen. At least that is the game plan so far, I could always get that quick gambling junket to Foxwoods or Vegas that my parents haven't told me about yet.
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09/28/06 09:51 - 55ºF - ID#37163

Just Bored

Early A.M. and I just didn't want to get up this morning. Woke up @ 6:30am and given my commute time that made me 15 minutes late. It was just so nice to get that really deep sleep but hey I have to come in and feed peoples poker addiction.

I should have not watched that VH1 Behind the Music episode about Pantera last night. WOW is all I can say. I remember them about 13 years ago now when they opened up for White Zombie @ the CT St. Armory. A part of me sometimes wishes that I could go back to the early 90's and really savor the music live at the time. Actually if I remember correctly White Zombie did outsell them in T-Shirts.

It just reminded me that there really isn't anything all that strikes such a chord with me musically. I would hate to be a kid today given the state of corporate music. If I was young and angstful again what would I listen to? Things are just so micro specialized. Y

If I was a teenager, depressed, full of volitile emotion; What would I listen to? That kid of music @ the time Pantera, Alice in Chains, Helmet and heavy industrial music was the soundtrack to me and my friends walking up and down elmwood drinking out 40oz's underage and other stuff while we were going to those shows.

Would Simple Plan provide the same effect??? I doubt it.

Oh, and I shouldn't have talked with M* so late on the phone as well.

OK, back to work. Nothing like throwing out random thoughts...
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09/25/06 06:18 - 60ºF - ID#37162

This is going to be an interesting test

I've been having pretty fun and enjoyable conversations with M* over the phone. We're probably going to do something soon, heck I've even kicked around the idea of bringing her to the party. We are on the same page when it comes to a good number of things. I really enjoy talking to someone that sees the world and enjoys the same activities as I do.

The one thing that seem to be worrying me is she likes to be the one being dominated. All of this came out of a really weird conversation regarding kinky fetishes and such. Really my experience and personality is one that pretty much laid back and not one that exerts control. This could get interesting and should be a good barometer on how much I can can tap into my traditional "male" role in certain situations...
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09/22/06 10:55 - 58ºF - ID#37161

Sleep is delicious!

That's something that my "Friend" that i meet there said to me that has stuck in my head since NYC.

Working a grave shift can really cure any slight insomnia that one has. After being up 28 hours which never happens to me, all I wanted to do for the last 2.5 days is sleep and I haven't reached such a deep level in a long while.

Other than that I'm feeling pretty good right now. Although I love the cool crisp weather[especially for SLEEP] I fear that at some point I will get hit with a S.A.D. episode, something which I really can't afford this year/season.

All I know is that now that for some reason I have been feeling better I need to take advantage of my athletic center privileges now that I'm a grad student. The only weird thing that is keeping me back in the awkwardness of getting a locker and the fear of being "that guy."

Other than that I have been talking to someone that graduated from NU that i came across on Match. She's a very interesting conversation to say the least. In a way part my appeal seems to be that she really never had an fun when she went here. As a social work major she only had 1 guy in her program, all the other students were Canadian or other commuters and never was able to mingle with other groups or went to any parties. So it seems that was at least in her questions regarding what I did for fun way back when.

The fun part is she's a counselor and I can't pull any B.S. on her although that aspect is quite fun and interesting. I don't know where it is going to go or if we will even get anywhere but it is just fun to have an intelligent and fun conversation with someone. The odd part is she always gets me on the phone when I'm naked or recently naked. The first time she called me when I was changing and last night after I just got out of the bathtub. Is there some sort of vibe in the air? Ha Ha
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09/17/06 05:02 - 73ºF - ID#37160

Glad I reformed myself

So it if Football season and the biggest aspect of why people watch the games isn't the competition or athleticism but THE GAMBLING.

When I was younger I was pretty stupid in this area. Now I am working with a younger guy who pretty much is in the same place I was 6 years ago. He "blew his brains out" last year in the playoffs by taking Carolina over Seattle.

It's just that his mentality making so many mistakes. I'm trying to steer him in the right direction but he just has to experience things himself I suppose. Prime example, He dropped out of Canisus and wants to deal Poker. He thinks the cocktail waitresses are Goddesses on earth. Ever since he started working @ the Poker room has just been buying the whole Sex, Drugs, Lies and Money lifestyle hook line and sinker.

My point is really I can't have any effect on him. His Mom the host got him the job in the first place. He hasn't told her yet that he dropped out and she will most likely blame herself for him doing so and her introducing him to everything in the first place.

I can't show him that you will always destroy yourself betting sports since our "friendly wagers" this college football season has me -$40 for the two weeks so far.

In reality I wish I could smack some since into him and show him how wrong he is but I just have to sit back. The one thing I must admit is it is the highlight of working a grave shift with him on Tuesday Nights. It is a ton of laughs to get through the night/morning.

On another not of why I just don't bet anymore, I was thinking I'd take philly over NY. So when I was leaving work this afternoon texted NYC girl about Philly being up 24-7. Needless to say when I get home they are in Overtime. NYG win 30-24!!! They were 3 point underdogs...

Needless to say it was a funny conversation when she called after Eli Manning threw the game winning TD pass in OT, rarely do OT games get settled by a TD. It is usually a safe predictable Field Goal.
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09/13/06 02:01 - 58ºF - ID#37159


Yea, Graveyard shifts are really fun.

I've been here for 3.5 hours and the only thing that has happened is the idea being put in my head to get a "Hair Transplant!"

The good news: I am now down to 4 days a week!

Yea, I need the $ more now than the last 2 years but I am not complaining at all.
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09/11/06 12:26 - 63ºF - ID#37157

The Horseball in me

Is about to be unleashed for the first real time this year. I'm off today and I am now going to "The Track" over in Fort Erie.

I'm going to miss the first race but usually it just costs me $6 for the daily double I usually lose. I'll just spend that on the [link=Daily Racing Form][/link]
Last summer I spend many Monday's over there and then headed back over and just spend the rest of the day on Elmwood somewhere with my friend Deb. Unfortunately she's now in Rochester :-(

Well at least I am going to get a chance to bet Arlington and Fairplex. I missed my favorite California meet in Del Mar this summer so at least I'll get my tiny fix with the L.A. County Fair!

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i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...