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03/25/06 10:09 - ID#37076

Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor

Friday's always kick my butt. After working late on Thursday and coming in early the next morning I am exhausted. So when you wake up at 10 at night your options are a bit limited. After getting a bit nostalgic for some Maple Road chain restaurant cuisine after hearing about the demise of Bennigan's and Tony Roma's I went to T.G.I. Friday's with my Ex. It is so strange as we get along better after we broke up.

When we finished our late night dinner, I didn't want the evening to end. So as I always did when we were dating I challenged her a bit. I suggested that we hit Allen St, for some reason she was always afraid to go down there. Hardware actually made a great impression for her as she immediately enjoyed the atmosphere.

The highlight of the night: Hardware now served MICKEYs Fine Malt Liquor. I have been waiting to drink that stuff for 8 years now ever since the movie SLC Punk!

Yes I am weird. That place has a good selection of liquor and wines and when I go there all I drink is Pabst Blue Ribbon and now Mickey's.
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03/24/06 01:42 - 32ºF - ID#37075

Resturant Closings

What is it with Western New York? I swear things get more screwed up as time goes on.

As I heard read on LJ, Bennigan's and Tony Roma's are closed!!!!

This totally sucks >-/

Benigan's was killer for those pints and caloric bar food.

Tony Roma's was a nice upper middle nice place to take a date and enjoy your carnavour side.

At least that new place Smoke 'n Bones opened up on Maple, oh and that Red Robin. Just I loved those two places. So many great memories.

Now I am going to have to visit my Mom down in Florida.
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03/23/06 02:44 - 31ºF - ID#37074

Fuse TV

Led Zeppelin's The Song Remains the Same is on Fuse. I remember when I was a kid and they played it on the forerunner to Fuse, MuchMusic. When we first got the dish and discovered MuchMucic USA, the letdown was bad. Here when I would go up to my Grandma's house in Hamilton and check out all the cool kick butt video's and features on Much it was almost cfny 102.1 on TV. Then years later I get MMUSA, and it just left me scratching my head.

At least the Labbat Blue Spotlight survives through Loaded on FUSE. That always has been a good time watching a block of old and new videos from an artist.

Ok it's late and I have a Dr's appmt tom. morn.
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03/22/06 01:08 - 27ºF - ID#37073

The Cult

Went out to see The Cult at the Town Ballroom. This band has been party of my psyche and heritage for years. Although Ian is English he did spend quite a bit of time in Hamilton ONT the city where I was born.

What took my by surprise was I was one of the youngest people there. Most of the people in the audience were in their late 30's and 40's. Which makes sense I first heard the Electric album when I was in middle school in the late 80's.

My friend Pat and I meet up front at the bar section which was pretty nice although it did take forever to grab a drink. In never being to the place even when it was Sphere I didn't know what to expect. The staggered levels of view was nice and one did feel a bit close to the action on stage, but there was just something a bit out of touch about the place. It could be the French Renaissance ceiling supports painted red and white that set me a bit off I suppose.

In the end I saw the band that influenced me in childhood and felt a bit old at the same time in seeing them perform the songs I dearly remembered live. In all a good time and money well spent.

The only downside was my friend Deb and her mini drama with your BF Dan. I have finally just taken the detached perspective on the whole situation.

Well here are a couple pics I snapped.



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03/21/06 12:11 - 22ºF - ID#37072

Ok scratch that idea.

Well I can't say I am too surprised given how they have been playing lately. It is just a bit of a bummer when it finally did happen. The Sabres tickets that I had for Saturday have been called back from the season ticket holder that my family has always received tickets from for years. So no Ottawa Senators for me on Saturday. The bright side is now I get to go to a Leafs game and watch them get blown out by Buffalo as they always do. Plus I am guaranteed a prime playoff game, so it really is a descent trade off. Sandy has always taken care of us in the Buffalo pro sports department so I am not too worried.

What I am excited about is The Cult are coming to a sold out Town Ballroom and I have tickets! Yea they are late 80's metal/wussie goth but they have been a big time influence on me. I remember jamming out to the Love album when I was a kid. Plus Ian Astbury is a semi Hamiltonian, but I doubt they will play anything off of Ceremony the one album that was influenced by his time as a teenager hanging out on the Res. It was one of those albums that was critically acclaimed but never sold anything substantial. For those that do not know of the cult their sound has been described as, "If I had to classify The Cult's sound, it would have to be a hybrid of Black Sabbath, Big Country (remember them???) and AC/DC."

Songs I would like to hear: She Sells Sanctuary, Firewoman, Eddie, Love Removal Machine.

Other than that my life has just been sleepwalking ever since I have returned from Las Vegas.

On the bright side I will be able to hit up this show on Saturday without being late.

Yea I love a Radiohead cover band.

The Karma Police @ Brickyard Pub
Date/Time: Saturday March 25, 2006
Time: 10:00pm - 2:00am
Entry Type: Club Event
Location: The Brickyard Pub
Street Adr: 427 Center St.
City: Lewiston
Zip: 14092
Notes: Once again The Karma Police bring their Tribute to Alt Rockers Radiohead to the Brickyard Pub in Lewiston , NY.
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03/16/06 09:25 - 30ºF - ID#37071

This reality, Arg!

I am halfway through my Grave shift week. I barely remember how I once worked 60 hours a week from 7-PM to 7AM. Doing this now is not fun at all. When I was 20 and did this shift I did get enough sleep, somehow. Well I take that back that year of my life I only remember about 3 events. My brain was just pure mush. The way I feel now. Too alert to sleep, too tired to do anything else. The temptation is just too great. March Madness is here in about 3 hours. When will I sleep? My Leafs are playing the Sabres at 7 too as well.

Having those trivial distractions is about what I need right now. Mike wants to believe the hype, cheer on the team, believe in God. Life can be fun when you are caught up in a fantasy world. The made up world pulls you in, lets you ride the wave. It takes you for a ride and sometimes you have no idea on where it is going to take you.

Reality was not too pretty when I returned from Vegas. Too many surprises when I came back.

Is that how I have survived Western New York all these years? Having the instinct to "Get out of Dodge" when S&*t hits the fan. There have been so many bad things that I have missed by being conveniently out of town. Having my work environment turned on it's head is one of them. Yes, I am having to deal with the aftermath at the present moment. All I can tell myself that it is temporary, my knack for leaving will time my departure from my current job soon. Hopefully :-)

Yeah, I do need to try to catch some ZZZ's
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03/13/06 08:53 - 62ºF - ID#37070

Back from Vegas

So I am back in town. If you asked me last night about 23 hours ago I would not have been able to give you an honest answer. When we landed in Pittsburgh we surprisingly found out that our flight was cancelled. SO I WAS PISSED. I could have stayed another night out in Las Vegas since I am not going into work until Tuesday. Things surprisingly worked out for the greater good. While we standing in line a nice couple from Amherst offered the back seat of their rental car. My Dad jumped on the offer.

Their story is that they have moved around the country and are now back here in WNY. Apparently he owned a bunch of companies through the years. The most notable being the one source for microscope slides. Sixty Million he mad a year selling those things for $.03 a piece a profit of a penny on each one. The secret was a unique and secret process in which the glass was tempered to obviously allow for water to be placed on it, negatively charge the slides so things will be able to cling to it easily and creating an area to write on it. Very interesting to hear him talk about his business ventures and other aspects of his life. The creepy part of the experience was his wife did an internship down here in Youngstown at the First Presbyterian Church. She is into early childcare and from what she told me this was the only place in the area with a private toddler school. So she drove down here for a year to fulfill her requirements for an internship. Just yea, I had to sit and listen to 3 hours of this kind of stuff. In the end we only arrived home only 2.5 hours late. Better than the day if we would have been shipped around the US Air grid for a day. I would have been getting home now after being shipped to Philly for 6 hours, plus no hotel reimbursement. I can see why people dread traveling for their job.

I did a LJ voice post when I came home and hit my bed. It captures the moment pretty well and I did get a kick out of it when I listened to it today.

So Vegas was a great time. The highlight was my Spa visit in which I received a deep tissue massage. In a weird way I did feel semi-violated. I had a middle-aged woman of about 50 years old. She barked at me, Ok, Get on the table and take off everything? Now I have had massages before and usually they have bed sheets, all I had in this instance was a thin medium sized towel. Another thing that was a bit odd was I started out face down. Usually I have had started off on my back and turned face down in the horseshoe at the end. When the time came for Mike to flip over on his back and turn face up I rolled with my back towards her thinking that it would cover certain things. Well after I did that I noticed that she did not lay the towel on me for a good 10 seconds. So I was just laying there exposed, but I did have my eyes closed. So after this she asks what I do to keep in good form and how she likes my body. I'll take the ego boost as it is always good to hear from someone that you look great naked. It was just a little weird for me to be in that position, but not to be conceited but I did feel as if I made her day of so

On Saturday we went to the Busch race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It was defiantly an interesting time. Yea it was the diehard NASCAR fans there, as you would imagine but there were about 125,000 fans at this place all spending great amounts of Cash. I am a casual face fan, mostly into open wheel (F1, Indy car) but it was a good experience. The one ironic thing was it was much colder than any Bills game I have been to. The temp was about 35 and windy. When the race was over we ran to the casino bus as fast as we could.

So Saturday was the best day of the trip. After getting back I texted an old friend Holly. It just so happened that she was in town. So I ended up meeting her and her family at O'Shea's. Apparently it was her father's birthday and the entire family came out to celebrate. It was good to hang with someone form back home, even it was for 2 hours.

I then went next door to Flamingo and messed around on their machines for a bit with no results. The main focus on what I wanted to do was head over to Caesarâ??s Palace. I went won some $ playing slots, messed around in the beautiful poker room playing some 3-6, walked around the forum bar and checked out the line for Pure. It is just so much different in that place that it was when I first started going to Vegas. Caesar's isn't for the Old Italian grandfather. It is a place for the skinny beautiful people to masquerade around in their pointy shoes and such. I just really like how it took a turn for the Palms as opposed to being Salvatore's Italian Garden's in the past.

So yea back home. Trying to readjust to life back here and trying to figure out my next move of which I need to do soon.

So here is a pic of me taking the walk from Caesar's Palace back to the Rio. I posted on my LJ during this walk and dodged a bunch of hooker's trying to pick me up.


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03/09/06 03:42 - 52ºF - ID#37069

I made it

I'm here in Las Vegas, safe and sound.

The morning started out pretty shakey. I after being anxious all day and night yesterday I pulled myself out of bed and onward to the journey out here. It could have been a disaster as I swore we were running late. As we arrived at Buffalo/Niagara we the shuttle bus people ignored us as we stood in the rain for about 5-8 minutes. We just said "screw it" and walked to the ticket counter ourselves. Then the fun part came. As Mike was passing through security the TSA gentlemen in a command presence kind of manner asked me to confirm my suitcase. Guess what Mike had a lighter in his sportcoat jacket. It was left over from the "Classy vs. Trashy" Party a few months ago. I don't even smoke. It was confiscated no big deal, Phew!!!

The flight from BUF to Charlotte was interesting. I was surrounded by the Canisus softball team heading down to Tampa for a tournament. What surprised me was they had a couple of Cali girls on the team. OMG!! "Like we are really close and snobby" "This girl I knew we are like so close we have the same plastic surgeon." Now how do these Valley Girls play a sport like softball again? Whacky flight to say the least. 13 underage for drinking girls in their warm ups and flip flops off sprawled all over the place. That is the stuff that Internet Porn is made up of....Right Paul? Ha Ha Just kidding

The flight from Charlotte to LAS was extremely turbulent in the begining. No in-flight service for almost 3 hours. But we arrived on time 4 Pacific or 1 Eastern. On getting on the ground we zipped to the Rio in 20 minutes. After getting here we had our Asian Noodle soup and since then I have just been messing around the Sportsbook making bets here and there on college basketball and some horses.

My head is a bit squeezed but that is most likey from the pressure changes from the flight.

Trying to get to the Mall before it closes. The problem is there is a meet and greet for these Nascar drivers of which I have a pass for that ends at 8.

I'm here to have fun. So far being here has been a soothing sensation. I have a Massage and Spa time booked tomorrow.

Oh well off to risk some $

Here is my room for the next few days


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03/08/06 06:21 - 40ºF - ID#37068

Viva Las Vegas

Almost done packing. I have a clue on what I am going to do in Vegas. Besides the usual gambling I will hit a club or two and piss away money. Yea ,like the one time I spent $90 on myself drinking @ Rum Jungle in Mandalay Bay. A total waste of time except for the fact that when the club closed I stumbled down to the Excalibur and ended up winning $200 playing 2-4 limit poker with cool rednecks from Utah and a couple of interesting people from the real O.C.

When it comes to Vegas I'm a bit old school. Going out there to get my "Wild On" is not really an option. Most people go out there with the mission in their mind to get laid and do some wild and crazy things. In a sense I am a voyeur when it comes to that kind of mentality. The Palms is one of my favorite casinos. The lounge and clubs there are out of this world. When I watch something on the Travel Channel that takes place there usually by the Tattoo Parlor by the gift shop and by Rain/Ghostbar I get a kick. Watching the people in that place around closing time is a blast. Yea, a part of me wishes I could be hopping in a cab with some chick and have some fun. It's just that things like that do not happen to me, or I don't have the game to pull something like that off or want to deep down inside.

The Vegas that lives in my mind hardly exists anymore. It is that old Rat Pack era 1.99 Buffets classy mob thing. You know the pic with Sammy, Frank, Dean and Tony. It is only a memory, one that I really should not have or try to hold on to. Heck, the best case scenario calls for me to be nostalgic over the Vegas of the year I was born in the mid 70's!!! I am such a dork, wishing for at the Vegas! the mid 70's show by Aaron Spelling. Although I do have to admit that I have Vegas the new one with James Caan on my DVR every Friday.

I just got caught up in that place when I was in High School. My parents brought me out there when I was 17 and I had a great fake I.D. for Vegas. The first thing I did was buy a pint of Jack Daniels and a pack of Marlboro Red's at some seedy liquor store. The first Casino I went to besides the old Aladin of which we were staying was the Mirage. The Mega resort that started the modern Vegas we know it today. I throw in a dollar in a quarter Triple Diamond machine and hit for $25. I have been coming back every since and now it is almost half my life that I have been taking every opportunity to hit that town.

The posh part of the new Vegas I totally am into. Wynn the new place of the mastermind that brought you the Mirage is just perfection. When I had dinner there for my birthday @ the Country Club there it was euphoria. The food was out of this world, the view of the 18th hole was killer and just being around that energy was mind blowing. If you dig back in my LJ you can read about it.
That is why I always pack a sport jacket and shoes when I head out there. Being dressed appropriately for the right place makes it feel so much better.

Well wish me luck :-)

Current Music: The Killers -Hot Fuss- (Vegas Connection! Ha Ha)
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03/08/06 12:12 - 25ºF - ID#37067

Vegas Getting Closer

I can feel it now. The anxiety is setting in. My suitcase is still unpacked, but it is due to the undecided nature of my itinerary. Do I hit a club, or just go along with my Dad to upscale restaurants? These are the things I must think about. Most likely it will be me wearing my Calvin's, long sleeve thermal t-shirt with a screened short sleeved t-shirt over the long sleeve.

Just like my hero Phil "The Unabomber" Laak

After making small progress in trying to get things a bit tidy I found a CD companion that goes along with one of my favorite books, "The Most Brilliant Thoughts of All Time ( In two Lines or Less). It made me a bit happy.

In listening to the CD I did find a cool quote that made me think about my life a while ago. "You are permitted in time of great danger to walk with the devil until you have crossed the bridge." Bulgarian Proverb

OK time for bed. One more day of dreadful work, then FUN!!!

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i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

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i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...