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05/17/06 11:23 - ID#35937

coffee tea or me


I was telling a friend about this tea that I recently purchased.
Now I have to post about it.

Yogi Tea brand "Bedtime Tea"

its insane. or makes me feel that way.

it says, "natural sleep aid: promotes restful sleep and relaxation"

and "crazy ass dreams and other states of delerium"

ok, that last part I made up, but it should be on the packaging somewhere.

I drank. (chugged not sipped)

I put the cup down.

I fell over on top of my pillows and Bob (stuffed turtle)

and dreampt. kind of...

My body wasnt ready to sleep. I would awaken then get pulled right back under. Dreams were elusive but I recall some strangness.

I vividly recall sitting straight up at one point in the night with a revelation of the sorts.

made me think (again) how much stuff we have kicking around in our minds. "Brain Poo" (TM)

so here you go, Yogi Tea Healing Formula hahahahaha


on another note:
I walk in less than two days. I finally picked up my cap and gown. I have no idea how to wear the hood. Do I put it on or do they? I am nervous. Now I am beginning to think about what I will wear and how I will do my hair hahahahaha. I find humor in that. I think I will wear a dress... and straighten my hair...and... ahhhhhhhhhh

I officially took the day off from work, as it is at 1pm. Well, my team pretty much made me take the day off. "You are not coming in on your graduation day". I was going to do a half day, but now I am glad that I am not. I think I will need the time to mentally (and apparently physically) prepare myself for the ceremony. yeesh.. I'm 30, why such nevousness?

Alright, I am finishing my tea..

good night :)


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Category: blurb

03/07/06 09:21 - ID#35896

check it

satisfied belly: check
candles lit: check
logs in the fireplace: indeed..check
small cup of coffee: check

maybe later.. wine. Although that, and the fireplace, is best when shared.

Alright.. so I am really tearing into this class project. [s]I must[/s]I will have it done by tomorrow evening.

I have so much on my mind that it is a challenge to maintain my focus-the good, the bad, the ugly- all of it, scratching at my mental door. Come back later or don't come around.

Had a few Hershey's Kisses although I did not really want them.

Everyone around me has boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Evil bitches.

I am also over tired today; sleep eluded me last night despite being drained and up hours and hours past my bedtime. Not so much a bad thing though..thanks friends ;)

I want to go camping. Soon. I intend to pack a bag and run for the hills. Exhaust myself hiking, playing ball and laughing. Then relaxing by a campfire with a light book, pen and paper...and intriguing conversation. Simple things...

My car is almost ready. It was the gas line. My front passenger door now opens. The rear driver's side opens, but quite possibly not for long. I was given the option to have the locking mechanism permanently disengaged. I always have stuff in my car and would prefer not to have one door that can never lock. If it can'tt ever open again, I won't be upset. I can still access the backseat through the other rear door. I was most concerned with the front. Not *all* of my friends like to get into my car Dukes of Hazard style :)

My niece let me borrow her car for work today, she is so sweet. ha, a kid she went to school with, TJ Van Dueson (sp) , also from Youngstown,is on an mtv show that starts tonight, 8th Ocean. I doubt I'll watch.. but he seems to be quite a cutie from the pictures I have seen..

My new neighbor rocks. He beat me to it and came to my door and introduced himself. We chatted for awhile and I firmly believe that we will get along well. We already discussed get-togethers and bon fire parties..and playing basketball. I also told him of the near miss the other day...where I was partially undressed and in the shared staircase when I heard him opening the door. I am such a dork sometimes. Anyway, it is refreshing to have someone live next door that is within my age bracket--whatever that is ;) More specifically, there are not a group of kids/babies next door to me. I can crank my techno and dance around without concern. He said I can't possibly ever be too loud. We'll see.. lol.

I am looking to have a massage this weekend. I am rewarding myself for all of my recent hard work and effort. I keep putting it off, but this past week (month) has really given me the incentive to just go and let someone take care of me. I don't feel as though I am full of knots or anything, but I want a deep tissue massage. I also don't want the person to talk to me while I am getting it done. I don't care for strangers to make small talk. Especially questions about school or work. Anyway, I was given a business card for a place in the North Town plaza. I have no preference where I go as long as they do a decent job. (e:Vincent) who do you go to again? Anyone have any other suggestions?

I need this week to slow down to a crawl.

Have no major plans for the weekend. I have neglected some people.. I should try to contact them..

Yet laundry and cleaning the apartment sounds wonderful as well. And sleep.

It is supposed to be a really nice weekend--excellent for hiking, running around outside.. throwing a nerf ball (my mutant pinky fingers can't handle the impact of a regular football)---fire up the grill.. Endless possibilities...

Break over.. back to school work.

Be good.. be kind..


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