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Category: health

11/18/08 12:12 - ID#46739

adventures in health

I returned to the gym yesterday.

I had a several week hiatus- for several real reasons and excuses. Amazing how quickly the body changes one way or another. I have to keep that in mind as I sweat all over the exercise equipment..

Physical exam and tests proved beneficial in my wanting to get back into my beloved gym routine. As usual, all things checked out great. Awesome blood pressure, complete blood count results, cholesterol, pulmonary and so on- all good to great. A few areas to tweak, but otherwise nothing that a conscientious lifestyle change can't help. And so I simply want to keep it that way. Altering the physical shape is just a bonus, really.

Putting the halloween candy down is good too.

I was giddy to be back in the determined energy of the atmosphere, which is mostly made up sweaty grunting college guys yet otherwise quiet against the backdrop of machines whirring in use; so many people in their own world. I felt silly breaking out into a grin as I stepped onto my much missed elliptical machine. Everything fell back into place. Other than going at a lesser resistance than I had left off from, I finished out my hour successfully. I refrained from using the weights this session, choosing instead to skip straight to the track for several laps of quick walking- sluggish jogging with my MP3 player full of high energy awesomeness (oh how I missed using you!!).

I admit that I did not stretch as well after my workout as I normally would have. I was sore last night, everything ached by the time I went to bed, but I think it had more to do with getting back into sustained physical activity than anything else (certainly more than any cleaning, yard projects, long walks and hikes can offer). This is also why I chose to ease myself back into using weights and weight machines. How awful it is/would be to be so sore that I couldn't move for a couple of days. Perhaps today I will, but likely not.

Hopefully soon I can add swimming back to my routine.Over the summer, the facilities were often used for swim meets, which made the free swim lanes congested with regular users and therefor difficult to get in when I wanted. Last winter it was usually perfect timing- no one really wanted to swim in the cold winter months, so I am hoping for more of the same this year.
However, I realize from this past year that I need a new swim suit. The one I have now barely stays on- not so much from it being too big, the suit just isn't made for lap swimming, so it lets everything fall out or it slides off. It had been ok for simple water exercises but not good at all for longer swim laps. It is annoying to constantly pull up swim straps every few feet, or to hope that no one is looking as I feel the suit slide over my chest, exposing more or all than I ever care to anywhere.

So that is my little update. Now I am off to charge my iPod and get ready to head out for another session, even if my shoulders are protesting..

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Category: holiday

11/09/08 06:13 - 42ºF - ID#46617

Snarky not Ranty

I'm sitting at Panera at 5:00 pm and it is so dark already.

I forget that it is November and that such things as rapidly diminishing day light occurs at this point in the calender. Now that I think of it, I still haven't changed more than 90% of the clocks in my house. My bedroom clock is the only one that has been set back so far. A rebel? An affinity for simple math? Nah, it just takes me a little while to get to it. I'm easing off of being a "procrastinator" to one who is "selectively productive" ™ April is my deadline, heh

Anyway, much to my distaste, I now see many neighborhoods peppered with full on outdoor 'Christmas' decorations. Seriously, it's a little early for the GIANT PLASTIC SANTA ornaments plopped on your lawn. Perfect weather for outdoor work aside, it is still too early to see those decorations for any reason on route to anywhere. Sure, string your lights while your ladder is still free of ice, but DO NOT turn them on.


Where is my "marshmallow assault rifle" when I need it?
Essentially a passive-aggressive toy, but I want it. Actually, been wanting it forever now, but am too cheap/lazy/cheap to order:

I love ThinkGeek.

I'd rip into the numerous stores/ads/sites that are/have been heavily pushing decorations and gifts 'perfect for the holidays', but alas that along with the above mentioned, is a moot point. It is expected by this time, but I need my moment to snark at it because it has been going on for much longer.

AND..As much as I love (love love love) Chocolate Peppermint cappuccinos, and the occasional "Gingerbread latte", I'm still enjoying the flavors of fall. A nice Pumpkin Spice hot drink is still welcome. I want to see again each Charlie Brown episode to its respective 'holiday'. That November day of sweet glutton seems so lost. What is it called again? Please, just slow it down a bit- there is no need to have three months of "Christmas". Yes, holiday "season" really is more appropriate, time wise, isn't it?

Oh, yes friends, we are just moments away from hearing Jingle Bells. Maybe you have already???

(if I were feeling sadistic.. and masochistic.. I would upload it as my user song, yup)

In a few weeks, I will be all for it. Music anyways. Feliz Navidad!

until then, gobble gobble.


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Category: weather

11/06/08 07:04 - 59ºF - ID#46577

Fog Rolls In

Starting my day out in the town of Lockport then heading to The Summit in Wheatfield for a business workshop, I loved driving in the bright sunshine. Music sounded extra good with the day being so warm and pleasant out. What little walking around I did, I enjoyed kicking my shoes through the crispy fallen leaves. Between yesterday and today, I found myself wishing for more of these perfect temperature days. I would have rather have been home working on some outside projects, but I did not want to miss any of the workshops I signed up for either. Besides, I knew I would have a couple hours of daylight once I returned home.
or would I?

Coming home (after being gone since Tuesday eve in general) from a business workshop (in specific), as I went down Lewiston Hill, I noticed a wide spread haze hovering over Lewiston, Youngstown, and Niagara Falls, Ontario. The entire view of the Niagara River and Lake Ontario could not be seen. I was curious as to what I would find once I got into my little neck of the woods. Looks like some heavy fog was rolling in.

I took these shortly after getting home-4ish. Within a half an hour, there was little to see at all.





Just whitish-gray. Then a little while later, the darkness settled in for the night. It always takes me awhile to adjust to the shorter days, feels so much later than what it is.

My hobbies tend to be cerebral. I really need to get back to the gym (especially after the Halloween candy consumption fiasco!). I love being there- it is so energizing and it simply feels good to do something, but I haven't in quite some time for various reasons (and excuses). Anyway, it is just turning 7pm and I want to curl up in bed with a book until I fall asleep. That sounds soooooo good right now. It will be even worse once the cold officially sets in. Maybe I can counteract the need to go to bed early by waking up early.

not likely..

That's it for now!

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Category: current

11/05/08 12:15 - ID#46554

Obligatory Post Election Entry

I didn't have to listen to the radio for updates- something I thought I would have to do seeing as I don't have cable nor an antenna to catch a fuzzy station or two. Thanks again to (e:mrmike) and (e:libertad) for the radio station suggestions. Instead, I headed out to my boyfriends last night and turned on CNN. We switched between every other station anytime there was a commercial, but CNN was the default. Besides, I needed my fix of James Carville, (Skeletor!).

I was attached to my seat for at least five hours. It wasn't until sometime after midnight that I went to bed. I was all tingly and feeling in awe...

Usually after an election, I am disappointed. Sometimes it is because my preferred choice was not elected, sometimes I feel like that even when that preferred person was elected (but I wasn't "all in" for them), or when I, on some level didn't really care- a major lack of affect- simply because I didn't like either candidate, and so I would feel a great sense of being let down regardless.

In the past it was rare that I became engaged or proud or excited. I mean, I follow the world, I am fascinated with politics- but I am rarely really positively moved by the experience of what I learn, watch, read or listen to. And furthermore, I never really felt the sense of "what can I do to help". I know that we have to start with ourselves, start locally to make things better and yet my motivation, inspiration and desires wax and wane a bit, truthfully.

I was totally "in" on my choice for Obama, so last night was really great. I have felt especially engaged throughout the past year during this whole political process (and tired at times too), but the prevailing feeling is that of pride, excitement, intense curiosity, hopefulness all with a stronger sense of thinking about how I can contribute more.

After five hours of tv, it isn't surprising that my dreams were replete with images of Obama. I wish I remembered more.

I really liked McCains speech- humble, positive, classy-- wish I saw more of that these past several months.

Obama's speech was about what I expected- elegant, hopeful, promising. Good luck to you, President-Elect, please, don't disappoint. "yes we can"- lets hope so.

I thought about all of you who may have been out celebrating, hanging at HQ etc. How was it? I imagine the energy was crazy high. What about the city streets- chaos--good, bad? I need to catch up on entries and local news now :)

wow, I have so many more thoughts, but I will end here.

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11/04/08 12:23 - 67ºF - ID#46512

Election Day


Walking up to my local Fire hall, towards the voting booths, always has such an empowered feeling.

Happily, I just missed the rush. Walking out, the lot and street were busy with cars arriving and people walking in.

The sun is shining warm, what a fantastic day.

What is the best radio station and/or web site to listen to election day updates? Not having cable or an antenna to tune in kinda sucks today.
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Category: holiday

10/31/08 04:18 - 61ºF - ID#46451

halloween candy

must...stop... eating...


  • hides gargantuan mound of empty wrappers in shame*

and now I've got a serious need for some vodka soaked jello encased gummies. thanks (e:fellyconnelly)

now where was I? oh yeh..

  • bites a reeses*

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10/27/08 03:47 - 43ºF - ID#46368

trying to change things up

So I am beginning to place plastic on all of my windows. This afternoon I begin with the main living room. This set of windows is relatively easy as there is just a credenza/side board to move out of the way, nothing to move off of it either.

As I finish up the windows and begin to slide that piece of furniture back into place, I look around the room with a temptation to rearrange the furniture. I begin sliding my large couch in one direction, and its matching love seat in another. End tables get pushed around as does the coffee table. The only other piece of furniture in the room is what holds my rarely used cable-less tv. I try different positions, and nothing is pleasing to the eye, yet I am determined to do something different. I just need something different. Everything has been in place for the past five years and I am itching for something... different.

Well, as I proceed, I find that my new and creative configurations continue to not work well. I decide to sit down and look around (and jump on here) trying to decide what to do next as the room is still in disarray yet edging closer to something that might work. I moved one end table out, slid the couch down in its place, then angled the other couch. Basically minus one end table, the couches are in their original configurations, albeit an angled love seat.

Arf. Apparently, I had it the best that it can be these past five years. And while I agree it always looked good, I am just itching for that new, changed up feel. But what I had is the way it needs to be and looks best.. so off I go to put everything back the way it was.

..but maybe I can tweak something a little, something to pacify me, even if only temporarily.

Then off I go to do a few more windows (or maybe all of them), before I get bored from doing that.

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10/24/08 03:51 - 53ºF - ID#46306

Drink to your health (with beer!)

My newest installment of ComputerWorld Weekly Top Ten brought me the following delightful little article on the development of disease-fighting beer. Students at Rice University are working on a genetically modified strain of yeast that will yield much higher concentrations of resveratrol (I keep wanting to say/write as though pronounced "reverse-it-all", anyways..) the compound responsible for red wine (grapes, pomegranates) health benefits.

A short article, check it out:

"University Researchers Developing Cancer-Fighting Beer"

I figured a few of you would find it amusing :)
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Category: nerd

10/23/08 08:11 - 48ºF - ID#46286

Asus-teeny tiny itty bitty notebook

I've been fantasizing over the idea of having a teeny tiny notebook to carry around with me as opposed to the bulky laptop I have now. I am not seriously in the market for anything shiny and new, but I have been checking them out.

Asus brand seems to be one to look at. A few models all weighing in at just 2-2.5 lbs with screens sizes between 7-8.9" (the 10" weighs a bit more at just over 3lbs). I simply like the tiny size of it. I don't touch type exactly, so I don't see the smaller keypad being an interference for me. I played with a couple of them at Best Buy last night, one with Linux installed and one with Windows XP.

I just vision myself pulling it out of my carrying bag/purse, and getting comfy cozy at a coffee house, working on basic things as usual, but not taking up much room. Being able to write without the extra heft. I can bolster my want/need for it in many ways.I know it would be more of a toy, a frivolous buy really, as it would not replace my main laptop, but its fun to look.

Amazon link with reviews:

this picture doesn't really show it, but they are so tiny that they don't look real. awe, so cute! Anyone ever use one/have one??
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Category: nerd

10/23/08 11:36 - ID#46274

Internet Service- comment turned post

This started off as a comment. You know how that goes, a comment response ends up so long that it might as well be a post. So here I am, cutting and pasting my comment into the journal box and rounding it out a little. The comment was/is in response to my last post on my finding a less expensive internet provider. (e:tinypliny) and (e:metalpeter) had comments specific to my current plan and potential options. So as I had been writing back to them (probably more than they wanted to know,hehe) and here we go:

I've had Verizon DSL since late 2004. I don't recall what I paid then, but eventually it creeped up to almost $40/mo and has held there for awhile. At the time, they weren't offering various 'speeds', so whatever they had, I was subscribed to. It wasn't until this past year that my money/budget monitoring honed in on this area of expenses. I was irked that new customers got hooked up with great promotional plans (as with any company, right?), but I never did anything about it. It wasn't that big of a deal at the time, and I had no intention of going through the hassle of switching. However, as I noticed that I was spending relatively little time at home on the internet as opposed to just about everywhere else (friends, bf, coffee shops), I finally felt that something needed to be changed. I wasn't using what I was spending that much money for, so if I could downgrade or find another provider, I should very well do it.Let see some options!

A few months ago I called Verizon to inquire of other plans and at that time they supposedly did not have a cheaper rate plan. Going off of this information still, I had begun looking into other providers. It wasn't until I called back to CANCEL (or "buzz off" as (e:mrmike) said it) my subscription with Verizon, that I found out otherwise. They do have other plans. The customer service guy said I was lied too and that they do have other plans that should have been explained to me. I think it is because I had called to cancel, and not called to simply inquire before. hmmph.

Anyway, they have a 'lower speed' plan at $9.95/mo for 6 months followed by $19.95 thereafter- which has a 12 month contract, so there would be early termination fees if I canceled. I though about it, and decided to go with it. If I cancel early, the fees aren't horrendous. I was also thinking about various pros and cons into making this decision, of which I have 30 days to change my mind; I wasn't required to lock myself into this change, fortunately. Therefor, looking from a whole year perspective, I'll pay $180 for the year (instead of $480 like I had), I can keep my phone lines open (being DSL as opposed to dial-up), and I can just carry on as usual and not bother with other companies (making phone calls, getting software, downloads, equipment or whatever etc.) AND it wont be dial-up; I really just can't do it, I decided. No dial-up. That was silly of me to entertain the thought. Good prices though. And yes, I tried it for all of 30 minutes before I canceled it. Before I threw my laptop across the room.Before I had chunks of hair missing.

One thing I double-checked before making the plan change was to determine if Verizon tacks on a 'plan change' fee--would there be hidden cost showing up on my next bill. There isn't a fee and that I will only see the charges as described. OK then, plan change please. The 'slower' plan is operating the exact same as I had, so it either never connected at what it could have before, or the difference would really only be in immense downloads, something I don't do anyways. I am pleased that nothing significant has changed, well, besides my bill. Yay.

Time Warner quoted me $29.95, but I don't think a speed was mentioned. $19.95 would be doable for whatever basic plan they- or anyone offers, I rarely download anything, so I don't need it for that. As for FiOS, it isn't available in my area anyways.

The laptop cards are an intriguing idea; I have yet to know know anything about them. Is that something that you have to be already subscribed to Sprint or Verizon with a phone plan or can this be a-la cart?

(e:pyrcedgrrl)- that is hilarious that you found/still have my email address from bluefrog.BIZ That had to have been one OLD email.Even the name I used is SO old. It would have been funny to return to that provider, but I doubt I would have used the email client.

BTW: Check your connection speed with this SPEED TEST:

Ok, thats it.

Now I am off to take my first business workshop through NCCC Summit extension site. A refresher on business plan development,I believe!

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ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...