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Category: brain poo

08/20/06 11:19 - 65ºF - ID#36016

Mistaken Mouse

Alright- what is this about?..
I sit down to watch tv (a rare thing) without the laptop (even more rare) and with remote next to me on the couch, I grasp it like a Mouse and rotate it a couple of times before I fully realized what I just did.

now on to more mental sloughing..

  • The weekend is over. How did two days go by so damn quickly?

  • I went 24 hours without computer/internet access, it was weird. Withdrawal sets in quick.

  • I am amused with the As-Is salvation army store. I wasnt there long enough to pick through everything, but it was fun for the twenty minutes I was there. I picked up a super comfy Barcalounger for $5 --score.

  • Saturday's rain made for excellent puddle stomping opportunities. I always reccommend playing in the rain.

  • It was so dark today that it sucked the energy right out of me. I worked on a little bit of school work before I moved onto other 'unactivities' (tv, read the sunday paper, play with kitties, etc).

  • Eventually had to muster the energy to go to my stepdads house and clean- for pay, which is always a good thing. He keeps it picked up, but he has giant furblobs (Himilayan Cats- super long fluffy fur), and combined with the dust, my nose was itching the entire time. I am borderline allergic to cats and dogs (and dust). At worst my face itches and I cough for awhile as the dander/fur/dust enter my lungs. Its worse when the creatures are super furry or are indoor/outdoor. My furblobs are short hair and indoor only. Plus I groom them regularly much to their unamusement.

So the cleaning is done. I did some redecorating as I cleaned. I left a note stating that if he can't find something, to give me a call. It all took longer than I wanted, only because I intended to work on my own apartment. ah well-- there is tomorrow.

  • I really dig the Bacardi Mojito commercial: "Tonight, do the Mojito" and there are people dancing and a bartender crushing mint leaves. Havent seen it in awhile and just caught it as I make this post. Not sure what it is; well, other than that I like Mojitos. Maybe its the cool beat or the male hip action..mmmm, what was I saying? I'm very visual- so this commercial just does something for me.

  • Dont hate me, but I hate football. It seriously bores the hell out of me. I wont ever pretend I like it. This is the season that many of my friends abandon me for the games. I just can't join in; I just can't get into it. Sports are fun, watching them is fine.. although I would much rather be playing them. Some sports that I don't particularly care for are still fun to go to see live games, but there is nothing about american football that I like. It moves too slow, not enough blood or fractures.
Hockey, yes. Rugby, hell yes.
american football, hell no.
I'd watch bowling on tv first--EXTREMEbowling- full contact-- not your grandparents game. Think i'll pass that by the network..

Now that we have that understood.

  • I bought a SWAP sheet for the car section. Last time I purchased one I was under the impression that it was primarily for private sellers.. not 99% of the car section ads coming from commercial auto dealers?? I am miffed at this development. Maybe I will be able to find something in the sunday paper.

  • I have to write one more paper, two more presentations and a speech, and I am done with school. < One week. woo!

  • One chapter ends, and another begins.. I just await the word..

THats about it. Good night, peeps..

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Category: adventure

08/19/06 11:33 - 75ºF - ID#36015

looking for treasures

Haven't found stuff yet, (e:theecarey,239) but I haven't looked far.

Thanks (e:jill) --I think I will check out the As Is store. Other peoples funk does not deter me. Up until these past couple of years, I garbage picked most of my decor. Its amazing how great other people's junk can be made to look (and smell, haha).

Good suggestions, (e:leetee) and (e:jenks). Going to Ikea or buying anyhting Ikea is not in my budget at this time-- hehe, I don't think even the Big Box stores are in my budget either. Well, maybe. I guess I just need to go look, right? Its all an advneture :)

Garbage day, Salvation Army, Am Vets, Rummage Sales, yes,yes,yes!

Now I just need to score a truck or something.

On another note, (e:pyrcedgrrl) (and others) have informed me that I have yet to have a bonfire. At one gathering/party I had early July a bonfire was planned, but rain brought everyone inside. The rest of the summer had been toasty day and night-- doesn't really set a bonfire mood. Then its also been a busy summer-- most of the time I havent really known what I was doing until I was doing it. Craziness!!

sooooooooo a bonfire should still be had, ofcourse!!!!!!!! I think a fall bonfire would be nice-- cooler evenings, s'mores, scary stories, OooOooOoh and hot apple cider w/ cinnamon sticks!! :)

ooh, maybe pair it with a trek around haunted Old Fort Niagara. They do late night candle tours through the castles. Very fun.

alright.. my adventure continues..

later peeps :)

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Category: ramble

08/17/06 11:53 - 72ºF - ID#36014

looking for a few things

Where should I go to look for inexpensive book shelves, entertainment stand, dresser, lamps, side tables and other stuff of that nature? I don't know what exactly I need or what I am looking for, but I don't want to run all around trying to figure it out.

I figured some second hand stores would be good-- just don't know where the good ones are anymore, etc.

I am also looking for a rocking chair or two-- the one I have now sucks. I love to rock.


I think I have a headache. Or something tugging at my forehead. blah.

Its almost Friday, yay..

yet sooo much going on, and a few things up in the air. Its a waiting game now. I am supposed to have a break from work.. I need a couple of days to just relax. I am not making sense, no wonder my forehead feels knotted.

When does Shakespeare in the park end? I still need to see Twelfth Night.

and I still need to do the rest of my laundry* and check my mail. Apparently I havent checked my mail in some time, as the post office is holding it hostage. A little card from them told me this. Which is kind of funny since it is not dated and apparently I havent been around to check my mail and yet they stick it in my mailbox.

I'll go pick it all up tomorrow after work.


  • its almost done :)

Good night, sleep well, be safe and...... Happy Friday!!

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Category: reflection

08/16/06 08:30 - 76ºF - ID#36013

next step

This week has indeed been good and interesting. (e:theecarey,236)

My goodness, things are changing up. I like the next step, or rather, leap in my life. fascinating.

It is all unfolding in the best way possible. I am full of anticipation..

and gratitude.

8 days.

"...We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be?...."

Nelson Mandela
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Category: silliness

08/14/06 10:52 - 71ºF - ID#36012

nuns rubbin' my buns

where are my spoons?

I know it is crazy, but damn, I used to have spoons-- so many that they took up half the drawer-- and now I can't seem to find them. hmm. Who stole my spoons!?!? Its so bizarre! :)

I attempted to have cheerios for dinner. Silly me to think that i would have milk in my fridge that isn't a month old (July 21- close enough!). When I am super busy/not home I don't pay attention to the changing composition of the items in my fridge. bad bad bad.

So no cheerios for me. Not that it mattered, couldn't find a spoon anyway. ha!

I found a garden burger stashed away in the freezer. That worked.

This girl is going to bed early tonight. ok, so I say that every night- but I am half asleep as I write this, so it isn't much longer before I crash. Got a little more beat up at work today than I care for lately. My upper arm aches from the constant blows. I am in need of a massage. yup. I always say that, but then I never make an appointment for one. I totally want and need to. I hear that there is a local nun who can do the job?!?! hahahaha

I am looking for a spooky movie to go see or rent. Any suggestions?
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Category: quickies satisfy

08/13/06 11:11 - 68ºF - ID#36011

Plane, Train or Automobile?

I think I shall go to NYC by train.

So, (e:pyrcedgrrl) go ahead and buy those tickets. I scored us a place to stay: an art studio in Greenich Village. I am making arrangments to get keys to the place. woo hoo!

I'm tired; time for sleep. It is always hard to get up early. I wonder if I would like a job that starts later? hmm...

I hate to see the weekend end; it went so quickly; but I have a feeling this week will be very good and interesting..

the count down continues:

< 2 weeks..

Night, peeps
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Category: 24

08/12/06 12:58 - 62ºF - ID#36010

creatures of the night

yes, I have a picture of the friend that Paul and I picked up from Home Depot last night. (e:paul,4609) :

The praying mantis is a carnivorous insect ...Praying mantises eat insects and other invertebrates such as other mantises, beetles, butterflies, spiders, crickets, grasshoppers, and even spiders. The praying mantises also eat vertebrates such as small tree frogs, lizards, mice and hummingbirds. Praying mantids can resemble flowers and can catch small, unknowing hummingbirds. Praying mantids also eat other nesting birds.

~ taken from Insecta Inspecta World

We found Manty hanging out at the Self Check lane.



Manty in the City- getting ready to go for a car ride back to 24

He was so cool sitting on a box in the backseat, looking around the car, looking out the window, checking us out.

The next creature to introduce itself to everyone at 24:
  • shiver* (I just wasn't as delighted as (e:leetee) !!)

despite my fear, I go in for a much closer look.


so yeh, the Mansion is huge (of course) and beautiful. (e:matthew) is a wonderful tour guide. My senses were over stimulated and all I could do for the first hour or so is walk around (get lost) oohing and ahhhing everything. It is amazing. I am in love.

I have to clean my own apartment today-- I'd much rather be cleaning the Mansion, haha. Next time I come over, I will bring q-tips to get into the wood detail, walkie-talkies (are you yelling for (e:terry) or (e:theecarey) ??!! haha) and a mask to keep from catching another Windex buzz; the windows are enormous!

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Category: food

08/09/06 08:49 - 80ºF - ID#36009

I need a hit (updated)

of ice cream.

oh my god, I want ice cream.


Its insane!!!!! why??????????????????????????????

I am not really questioning it. I am dragging my step-dad out for icecream at 9pm.

why not?

Do we really need an excuse to have or not to have icecream?

I think I need to get back to eating again. I was going to say, like a "normal" person, whatever that is...

A better way to phrase it would be, I need to stop eating like a super busy working-student- bachelorette as I have been doing these past few weeks. Well, as I said before-- its all on and off lately. But its crazy-- I eat one sort of food all day (such as just strawberries or just corrn, or just avacodo/cucumber or just cheerios, or just forget.. etc) because I don't have time or energy to make something varied, nutritious and decent.. then I end up with a weirdish food craving.

so dammit, I am making an ice cream run. I know you know how that is.

Anyhow-- 2.5 more weeks..

then I can be nice to my body again.


nevermind. I am over it. I am not getting icecream--Now I don't feel like it. I'd rather go to bed. A double scoop of pillows topped with a comfy blaket, sprinkled with sweet dreams.. served with a side of..

er, i will stop now.


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Category: animals

08/08/06 09:54 - 75ºF - ID#36008

Help the Puppies!!!!!!!

Figured this would be better than leaving a comment in the original post.

In response to (e:jenks,208)

Well, you haven't failed them by trying and by writing about their plight, you are spreading the word :) Funny thing about these blogs-- there is built in readership and messages can be spread fast- especially in a community strong site. I am sure each one of us on (e:strip) can tell this story to at least one person tomorrow during the work day. Who knows?

Kudos to you for trying to make it happen. Its nice to get excited about something especially when its for a good cause.

Kind readers-- Perhaps one person can open their home to a Mom and her fuzzy pups, or know someone who can..

So, from what I gather from the post:

1. Mom and (5) pups need temporary home.
2. Is a few weeks, literally three weeks.. or is this in undetermined amount of time?
3. Rescue boy will provide food, and other needs..

Link to Mom and Babies: Jot it down on a (paper) post-it and pass it out if anyone decides to share the story.

Something to think about: if the time commitment is a problem, or if it seems too daunting.. perhaps one family could take in pups for a week, then another family can take over, etc.. until the time is fulfilled and the pups are ready to move on. Not sure how this would effect (positive or negative) their socializing or stress factor-- but it seems we are talking about puppies being put down... so anything is a 'go' at this point.

anyway, just a thought.

But I am crazy like that..

or is that passionate? :)

Best of luck to the new family..

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Category: semi rant

08/07/06 11:27 - 82ºF - ID#36007

in this case, I prefer the big box

I hate malls.

Especially the Galleria.

I don't hate the Apple store.

But just about everywhere else. yuck.

ok, Yankee Candle isn't too horrifying, other than the collective candle odor permeates the air- making me gag, kind of like perfume; can't stand swallowing a mouthful of scent.

Malls. I think it is materialistic overload. Too much to look at, visually over-stimulating, I find myself wanting things. I find myself wanting to run away from all of the stuff. Its all meaningless stuff: one big concrete commercial drone.

So why was I there? Occasionally I need clothes. Yesterday I decided that I need to go out and look for something interview-worthy. Ofcourse I see all sorts of really cute things; and I want them. I like clothes and cute stuff. But I don't like the atmosphere, the lotion-counter guys trying to rub me down with hand lotion (even if they really are super cute and just trying to do their job), "no, my windshield is not cracked,thank you", sounds of crying babies everywhere, jacked up price tags, and sooo many people wandering around, making a day of being at the mall.

Maybe you like the mall, maybe you love to shop. I have friends and co workers who do it all the time. I don't partake. Sometimes I am dragged out, sometimes I go out of necessity-- but its a rare thing. In these cases, I prefer any one of the big boxes. Limited choices, cheaper prices (no matter where you purchase goods, its all 'cheap', atleast some places reflect the price) and it is easy to get in and out of those places.

I went to all sorts of other places before conceding to the fact that I would need to make it out to a mall.

And so I did.

I found what I needed, but it took awhile. I was about to leave when I suddenly felt worn out. I realized that I had not eaten since morning, and it was now after 4pm. My exit was right near a pretzel kiosk. I wish I had a video of the guy behind the counter. He was very straight faced, not helpful at all, I had to get him to talk by asking questions. It was very strange.. after he took care of me, he proceeeded to act in the same mammer with the next individual in line. I just started laughing uncontrollably.. it was something out of Seinfeld.

By the time I returned home, I was beat. Brick apartment was freakin' hot. I went into my bedroom to change into more comfy-cool clothes. I took off my shirt, sat on my bed and instantly fell back and dozed off. At least the fan was blowing.

Mall residue will do that to you.

Now.. if anyone wants to take an excursion into a book store or computer store (or any electonic gadget store), I would go without a fight. There are a few other places I don't mind venturing into, but I am not much into shopping of for the sake of shopping.

Other stuff:

  • Corn is good right now. I ate plenty of it with butter (well, Smart Balance) infused with my Dill, yay!

  • I am also on an Avacado kick. I get obsessed with one food and eat if for a few days. Cucumber and avacado sandwhich is it right now.
I think my oddest food obsession was sauercrout- ate that for a week straight. And its not like I even *really* like the food.

  • Resume is done. Well, atleast for a few things I am thinking about. I will need to revamp it for everything I go for. It took me all day to figure out what I wanted on there. I think it could still use some serious tweaking.

  • Three more weeks of insanity, I mean school to go. Actually, I want to be done with a project early if I can.

Time for bed.. good night everyone :)

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