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Category: relationships

07/27/08 08:38 - ID#45161

i've never been... in love

Yesterday he whispered in my ear, "If we were in a country that allowed it, I would be asking you to move in with me right now". I could feel my insides melting.

I always thought the line "you'll just know" was a crock of shit. But now I understand :)

I have more photos of Paris to put up but I've just started training my student staff and am really busy. I'll try to get to it this week!
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Category: relationships

05/11/08 01:43 - ID#44306

1 month

He put flowers on the bed for me....


....he makes me so happy
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Category: relationships

04/10/08 11:30 - ID#43971

i'd like you to meet


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