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Category: weather

10/12/06 04:30 - 33ºF - ID#36059

`sup snow


just two weeks into autumn...

albino brain chiggars, cover your ears!!!!!!!


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Category: systems thinking

10/11/06 06:37 - 62ºF - ID#36058


Not getting a lunch and getting home late does not sit well with me. Now I am too hungry to eat.

Not that that will stop me. ;)

No way will I allow this slight irritation damage my evening.

Not that I am ever *really* irritated.

News that is good, is that I am kicking ass at work,

News that isn't, is that it is kicking mine as well.

Nice, it will all turn out very well, it will !!! it will !!!

Nothing is impossible.. right?

Need a distraction and balance, indeed.
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Category: rant

10/09/06 08:44 - 68ºF - ID#36057

Way to go Vertigo

What is with the seizure inducing flashing ads on various web sites?

The ones that can't be eliminated from your line of vision; the ones that continue to flash in your mind even after closing the window...

  • Proceeds to vomit*

HATES irrelevant site ads. *kicks* stupid ads.

That is all.

Going to make a big pot of soup now -consisting of spinach, parsnips, portebello mushrooms, kale, okra, turnips, carrots, celery, peppers, and any other vegtable matter I find; and either Lentils or Barley- not sure which one. OooOoooh the suspense..
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Category: weekend

10/09/06 01:12 - ID#36056 pmobl

Pizza and Porn

this and that:

  • little brittain is hilarious and addicting!
I need more!

  • I'm tired and my eyes are burning too. fun weekend ;Martini's are both good and evil!

  • Napped this afternoon--my dreams are so... detailed.huh..

  • would like to go Camera Shopping Monday, but I am such a bad Shopper!! I have a pile of gift certificates from last year that I need to use. They are from all over, but I have yet to make it to any of those stores. So one of these days, I'll shop.

  • flipped through an issue of playGirl dated from before I was born; its funny and has too many words.

  • USA Thanksgiving should Coincide with Canadian Thanskgiving,I Say. Christmas stuff is already out--what happened to Thanksgiving ?? it gets over looked.

I grew up celebrating both Thanksgivings.
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Category: memories

10/06/06 11:40 - 45ºF - ID#36055

baby bluejay from back in the day


I think I 'ran into' someone I knew briefly from about 23-24 years ago.

Yeh, I was just a lttle girl then.

I have this distant memory of this person. Havent thought of them in years. Why would I?

I did a search for someone completely different-- I wanted to find an old female friend from college who last resided in California. And I havent "searched" for anyone in specific- ever. But I stayed intonight and have been vegging out.

I suddenly decide to look up an old pal. Somehow, this person came about in the search results. I swear I saw "california" on the location.. then it said, "st. catherines" um, big difference. However, the location and someting about this person (something drew me to take a closer look at the info- -which really didn't tell me much) prompted me to inquire about this distant memory-- which I remembered out of the blue.


I'll feel silly if it isn't him.

I feel kind of silly asking someone to think back 24 years ago to a small detail of their history.

But I couldn't NOT inquire.

I only aksed if they recall general thing; I remember a young boy nursing a baby bluejay back to health. I think its mother had abandoned it or died. This little boy took great care of it and he let his neighbors little neice (me) help feed it. This would have occured in a span of three days more than two decades ago and I havent been back.

Now that I think about it, there are more memories surrounding that-- the details are coming back.

I hope they check their email for this.

The weird thing is, is that all this is a sense of deja vous. As though I knew I'd run into him again sometime.

I was 6 years old.

But things like this happen often.. I just go with it.

I have vivd memories gaing back well before that time. Even before two years of age. Many of my memories are strong.

Then there are all the other details I can recall any time- although usually at random, not because I necessarily want to.

"care, how the hell do you remember that shit?"

"I don't know, I just do"

I can also glance at something and remember it. When I need it to be concrete, I stare at whatever it is for a a moment until I can really see it in my head. I never needed a planner to keep track of anything as I just 'filed' it away in my head, even if whatever the event doesn't occur for weeks or months from that point in time. If I made a list, it wasnt to use when I needed it, it was to visually take a snap shot of it in my mind, so I can refer to is as though I had the actual list in my hand at a later time.

Often when I am remembering something that had been in written form, I am "reading" it from an image in my head. It is very helpful.

So yeh, while all this is pretty normal for me, it may be really strange to someone else.

Hopefully they will drop me a line to let me know one way or another.

How neat might that be?

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Category: friday

10/06/06 07:17 - 55ºF - ID#36054

friday friday friday

my god

the weekend is here. finally FRIDAY!


tell me! tell me! tell me!

I am full of energy despite having very broken sleep, say towards 3am, hahahaha

good to see you this morning, (e:southernyankee) --Will catch up with you later, I am sure :)

kinda in a movie mood.. whats playin' playas?

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Category: work

10/04/06 08:42 - 56ºF - ID#36053 pmobl

a rose


Received this from a father of an autistic boy that goes to the academy I work at. Just because.

I really am a sucker for flowers. I think this amazes me, as it is really just a flower.

I just sat at my desk for a few minutes and held the rose under my nose-- it smells so yummy.

I thought I would take a pic with my phone.

I really need to buy a camera. If I still have some 'extra' cash, I would like to buy a camera soon; although I don't want to spend the money.


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Category: party

10/02/06 09:53 - 60ºF - ID#36052 pmobl

All Male Orgy

Made ya look, haha

Really though..

(e:metalpeter) and (e:leetee) have some really great pics, but they don't have these ones, hehe

Who knew how kinky the muppets could be?



If you could have seen Animals face..

Ariel View of the golden velvet porn bed spread:

Go Gonzo. With that nose and that flexibility.. well, who really does need to leave the house?


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10/05/06 01:57 - 53ºF - ID#36051 pmobl

how not to get hired

dear applicant,
unless you are applying for a position in the porn industry, do not give me your resume without an appropriate professional email address. any questions or concerns on this matter, please contact me at careysHot69er@do
spank you,thank you and have a great day!!
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10/01/06 01:16 - 53ºF - ID#36050 pmobl


kook;where are you? are u ok? let us know! update: you've been found. good!
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