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Category: birthdays

08/28/06 02:21 - 69ºF - ID#36023

Is there something special on the 28th??

yup, there sure is:



Have a great day..

check my User sound-- got a little Frank Sinatra Birthday song for you!

Enjoy your day!

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Category: party

08/27/06 11:06 - 75ºF - ID#36022

you just had to be there

party at 24 was fun.

the punch kicked my ass. It was sooooooooo good, and those who had it know what I am talking about. It tasted nice but it was oh so bad. The fruit was delish, vodka soaked and evil. (that may have been my doing.. ) I think it needs to be the official and essential estrip party drink. It went fast..

I'm sure a few pics will surface from someone. Its been awhile since I have taken my camera anywhere with me. I just havent wanted to in quite some time. Now that I have more freedom as to how I spend my free time, I will be getting out to photogragh various things. I should begin looking for another camera, as my current one is unreliable. I am not even sure where to begin looking. I prefer my next camera to have options. I am into photography and would like the picture quality to reflect that. I prefer digitial..

Had a great time talking to quite a few (e:peeps). It is always a good time!!! Had some very interesting conversations with some non epeeps as well. It really was a lot of fun. I can't even describe it. There was just so much going on, so much room to wander around in.. good conversations, gorgeous night, etc.

You just had to be there.

Finally crawled into bed shortly before 7am. shhhhh birdies.

Later on.. Elmwood festival for sustenance. Artichokes smothered in cheese layered ontop of flat bread and a small pile of ribs, (which I have never had) and two bottles of water did the job. Where were the ribs from? fat bobs? fat joes? fat somebodies smoke house... i think.

well, getting ready for bed here... If I have the mental energy, I will curl up in bed to a NON SCHOOL book. seriously, not having any school work is kinda freaking me out at random pioints throughout the day. I get these little mental twitches, thinking that I have to get focused on a project..

then I realize that I don't. very cool..

good night.. hope everyone feels well today and got home safe.

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Category: potpourri

08/26/06 11:42 - 67ºF - ID#36021

checking in

How can you dream about someone in such detail that you don't even really know (well)-- or havent actually met????? (yet?) Its weird.. and it has occured two or three times in that past week. And why??? don't be a stranger-- show your face sometime, yo.

Trip to NYC is going to be postponed until the end of September or sometime in October. Schedules have to coincide and it also has to work around certain paper work aspects of my job. I couldn't see taking a week off from my job a few days after I started it...

I still want to go camping. I love going in the fall.. I should make it happen.

My head hurts. Its very rare that I get a headache. I thinking poking my he'd into ancient walls gave me a tumor. Outside my window I could hear a bunch of rowdy people. I think the crazy AA Meeting people were high this morning. High on what? not surre.. but they were sounding pretty crazy. I'd suggest that maybe they were drunk.. ;)

It feels strange and great to not have any homeweok or other projects to work on this weekend.

I wonder if I will miss it anytime soon?

knowing me-- yeh, probably. I am not making any future school decsions until I have a better understanding of my new job. Then, I am sure I will begin planning something..

In the meantime, I can self learn some computer stuff...

HAs your butt ever 'fallen asleep'?

alright.,. time to get dressed and start the day.

see ya later peeps :)

ps (e:leetee) CFA is the Center for Fine Arts at UBs north campus. I meant to add that to my comment to (e:paul) 's journal

holy guacamole!


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Category: school

08/24/06 11:56 - 65ºF - ID#36020

official graduation

Its OFFICIAL! I am DONE with school!!

atleast for now :)

Last class ended a little while ago..

last projects, presentation and speech completed.


Portfolio returned-- aced it.

now just awaiting my diploma :)

(e:paul) is done too WOO HOO!
congrats! yay!

now on to bigger and better things...

so, mark this day, Thursday August 24, 2006.
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Category: my element

08/23/06 09:59 - 74ºF - ID#36019

1st day on new job

First day on the brand spankin new job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very interesting..

There is so much to learn!

I went around and introduced myself to so many people today-- people from different departments that will be part of helping me to fulfill my job duties. Its complex..

Runnin' with the big dogs now..

There is a different dynamic being part of a leadership team. Being involved in long term strategies along with current business is fascinating. Chatting with the CEO was intriguing for reasons I am not quite sure yet.

and a few other encounters that just plain tickled me-- but this is going back a few years... good stuff.

I have received a lot of positive responses from people throughout the organization. It was nice to hear from some people..
I am sure to encounter some negative responses.. it is to be expected with change. People respond positive, negative or neutral. It is normal and usually has little to do with the actual change but how the person perceives change. I am part of that change and people will most likely respond according to how they perceive themselves amongst that change.

I aim to touch base with as many people as I can over the next week or so-- especially those that I sense will be weirded out. I can understand where some of them may be coming from.

But I am here to serve those that are doing their best in their jobs to make a positive differnce in the kiddos lives. I expect to learn a lot about my job from those that are already in the positions that I will be supervising.

I didn't feel freaked out at any point today-- It felt pretty natural-- but give me a moment to think to hard about it and I will feel all sorts of inadequecies-- then will have to quickly talk my self out of those thoughts. I am confident.. i know I will make mistakes.. but there are important lessons and opportunities that come out of that. Besides, the culture is supportive-- I can ask anyone anything-- I am not doing this alone-- and that in itself makes all the uncertainties bearable.

And I can always turn to (e:peeps) with all of your experience-- in life, work, relationships, education-- this is a resourceful group!!!!

so if I freak out.. please be gentle.

Tomorrow is my last class and I am DONE--incase I forgot or anyone else did, hahaha.

I was asked to write a letter of reccomendation for a professor. Has anyone ever done that??

good night..

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Category: my element

08/22/06 11:04 - 71ºF - ID#36018

A new chapter begins

omg I have to write a final paper for school, then I am done. I am DONE this Thursday. HEHEHEHE!! woooooooo!

Now, I didn't exactly procrastinate on this paper. I figured I would work on it Mon, Tues and Wed as I have a scheduled two week break from work, which just started yesterday. The kids are off from school and since I work in a classroom, so am I. Its nice to know when my vacations are, even if the summer ones aren't paid for. So no work would give me ample time to get the paper done. I had this planned alll summer-- no other time to do this paper as every week there was somehting else due. blah blah blah

I could have worked on it this weekend.. but I had other things going on..

But alas, I go into work tomorrow.

But how could that be?

well.. the resume (e:theecarey,231) I was putting together was for an internal position.

I had the interview...

I awaited the word..

and I heard from HR today: I GOT THE JOB!!

Major step up. Major change all together..big promo here. good stuff.

It is a leadership position.. It compliments my degree.
It is all scary and exciting at the same time.
My mindset is already there.. it has been for a long time.. but now having the official title. very cool.. I think I will feel like I am in my element.

I am told it has a long learning curve as it is such a dynamic complicated position.. I am ready to jump in a start learning!

oy, now I have to go shopping for truly professional attire. Although my days of wrestling kids aren't entirely over, I will be in the public much more than what I was.

advice? pointers? food for thought for the recently promoted recently graduated?


so, for old times sake, I am writing a paper in its entirety tomorrow night after work. The next day is another work day (ofcourse) and then class.. so I also have to look fabulous and be ready to give a presentation and a speech. busy busy-- I look forward to the weekend already :)

Then after class, a short celebration at Dave and Busters. I originally had off on Friday, so I could go wild Thursday night.. but now I have to behave myself a bit and make sure I get in early.

No complaints.. Its nice to start a new degree related position two days before I officially graduate.

So yeh, it has been a interesting and good week, (e:theecarey,236) of which I have a lot of gratitude for and people to thank..

more to come..

Good night peeps :)

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08/21/06 11:32 - ID#36017 pmobl

no hotspot-tgi Pmobl

sipping lavender infused african red bush tea, working on a bag of gummie bears and listening to my collection of the dandy worhals - it just fits my mood,particularly the sound of:you come in burned. Im thinking a little her space holiday is next. the makers of gummie bears now make gummie fetuses. ok so they r marketed as gummie babies,but just go look in the bulk section and u will find a bin of brightly colored gummie fetuses. off to read for a bit before bed. night peepr.
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Category: brain poo

08/20/06 11:19 - 65ºF - ID#36016

Mistaken Mouse

Alright- what is this about?..
I sit down to watch tv (a rare thing) without the laptop (even more rare) and with remote next to me on the couch, I grasp it like a Mouse and rotate it a couple of times before I fully realized what I just did.

now on to more mental sloughing..

  • The weekend is over. How did two days go by so damn quickly?

  • I went 24 hours without computer/internet access, it was weird. Withdrawal sets in quick.

  • I am amused with the As-Is salvation army store. I wasnt there long enough to pick through everything, but it was fun for the twenty minutes I was there. I picked up a super comfy Barcalounger for $5 --score.

  • Saturday's rain made for excellent puddle stomping opportunities. I always reccommend playing in the rain.

  • It was so dark today that it sucked the energy right out of me. I worked on a little bit of school work before I moved onto other 'unactivities' (tv, read the sunday paper, play with kitties, etc).

  • Eventually had to muster the energy to go to my stepdads house and clean- for pay, which is always a good thing. He keeps it picked up, but he has giant furblobs (Himilayan Cats- super long fluffy fur), and combined with the dust, my nose was itching the entire time. I am borderline allergic to cats and dogs (and dust). At worst my face itches and I cough for awhile as the dander/fur/dust enter my lungs. Its worse when the creatures are super furry or are indoor/outdoor. My furblobs are short hair and indoor only. Plus I groom them regularly much to their unamusement.

So the cleaning is done. I did some redecorating as I cleaned. I left a note stating that if he can't find something, to give me a call. It all took longer than I wanted, only because I intended to work on my own apartment. ah well-- there is tomorrow.

  • I really dig the Bacardi Mojito commercial: "Tonight, do the Mojito" and there are people dancing and a bartender crushing mint leaves. Havent seen it in awhile and just caught it as I make this post. Not sure what it is; well, other than that I like Mojitos. Maybe its the cool beat or the male hip action..mmmm, what was I saying? I'm very visual- so this commercial just does something for me.

  • Dont hate me, but I hate football. It seriously bores the hell out of me. I wont ever pretend I like it. This is the season that many of my friends abandon me for the games. I just can't join in; I just can't get into it. Sports are fun, watching them is fine.. although I would much rather be playing them. Some sports that I don't particularly care for are still fun to go to see live games, but there is nothing about american football that I like. It moves too slow, not enough blood or fractures.
Hockey, yes. Rugby, hell yes.
american football, hell no.
I'd watch bowling on tv first--EXTREMEbowling- full contact-- not your grandparents game. Think i'll pass that by the network..

Now that we have that understood.

  • I bought a SWAP sheet for the car section. Last time I purchased one I was under the impression that it was primarily for private sellers.. not 99% of the car section ads coming from commercial auto dealers?? I am miffed at this development. Maybe I will be able to find something in the sunday paper.

  • I have to write one more paper, two more presentations and a speech, and I am done with school. < One week. woo!

  • One chapter ends, and another begins.. I just await the word..

THats about it. Good night, peeps..

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Category: adventure

08/19/06 11:33 - 75ºF - ID#36015

looking for treasures

Haven't found stuff yet, (e:theecarey,239) but I haven't looked far.

Thanks (e:jill) --I think I will check out the As Is store. Other peoples funk does not deter me. Up until these past couple of years, I garbage picked most of my decor. Its amazing how great other people's junk can be made to look (and smell, haha).

Good suggestions, (e:leetee) and (e:jenks). Going to Ikea or buying anyhting Ikea is not in my budget at this time-- hehe, I don't think even the Big Box stores are in my budget either. Well, maybe. I guess I just need to go look, right? Its all an advneture :)

Garbage day, Salvation Army, Am Vets, Rummage Sales, yes,yes,yes!

Now I just need to score a truck or something.

On another note, (e:pyrcedgrrl) (and others) have informed me that I have yet to have a bonfire. At one gathering/party I had early July a bonfire was planned, but rain brought everyone inside. The rest of the summer had been toasty day and night-- doesn't really set a bonfire mood. Then its also been a busy summer-- most of the time I havent really known what I was doing until I was doing it. Craziness!!

sooooooooo a bonfire should still be had, ofcourse!!!!!!!! I think a fall bonfire would be nice-- cooler evenings, s'mores, scary stories, OooOooOoh and hot apple cider w/ cinnamon sticks!! :)

ooh, maybe pair it with a trek around haunted Old Fort Niagara. They do late night candle tours through the castles. Very fun.

alright.. my adventure continues..

later peeps :)

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Category: ramble

08/17/06 11:53 - 72ºF - ID#36014

looking for a few things

Where should I go to look for inexpensive book shelves, entertainment stand, dresser, lamps, side tables and other stuff of that nature? I don't know what exactly I need or what I am looking for, but I don't want to run all around trying to figure it out.

I figured some second hand stores would be good-- just don't know where the good ones are anymore, etc.

I am also looking for a rocking chair or two-- the one I have now sucks. I love to rock.


I think I have a headache. Or something tugging at my forehead. blah.

Its almost Friday, yay..

yet sooo much going on, and a few things up in the air. Its a waiting game now. I am supposed to have a break from work.. I need a couple of days to just relax. I am not making sense, no wonder my forehead feels knotted.

When does Shakespeare in the park end? I still need to see Twelfth Night.

and I still need to do the rest of my laundry* and check my mail. Apparently I havent checked my mail in some time, as the post office is holding it hostage. A little card from them told me this. Which is kind of funny since it is not dated and apparently I havent been around to check my mail and yet they stick it in my mailbox.

I'll go pick it all up tomorrow after work.


  • its almost done :)

Good night, sleep well, be safe and...... Happy Friday!!

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