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Category: health and stuff

04/08/07 10:14 - 27ºF - ID#38802

What me, biopsy??

Had one this week, a biopsy that is. It turns out to be no big deal, but such a little word can send your imagination out for an impressive walk. My dad-in-law is in week two of chemo at Roswell so I didn't want to say boo to anybody about until I knew I had a much a due about nothing situation. The mental anguish made for a stressful week until horsing around with number one son reminded me made me want to cry like a little girl. He managed to smack right where at the fun happened (in the chest, ya pervs). Had my attention right from there on out.
So, it's all good.

Anybody notice the weather went to hell the moment (e:theecarey) and (e:ladycroft) went south? just sayin...

Took my bike in for a springtime tuneup last Monday when it was all nice and it's back to sitting in the basement waiting for the snow stupidity to stop.

Because one of my boss's can't plan a coffee break, I had to spend friday and all of this week at the front counter at TW waiting on customers. It may be a good omen, because I got a job query on Friday. "Would you be interested?" said a guy in charge of hiring for a cool sounding media project. "Sure" I cleverly countered. So, who knows, investing time in taking cable bills might be an unorthodox way of networking upwards.

Firefox has a bunch of cool add-ons that I'm getting a kick out of. The latest is a weather forecast that works like a cartoon network promo. "Now: Light Snow, 27 F, Later 33."

Wore a nice suit to a memorial service and three women came up to me to chat who ordinarily given me the time of day. (e:imk) and (e:jenks) do know of what they speak. I looked pretty good in it if I say so myself.

Enjoy your sunday everybody, may there be plenty of tasty chocolate rabbit parts just when you need them.

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Category: laugh, dammit

04/06/07 09:48 - 23ºF - ID#38770

Happy Holidays

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Category: weather

04/06/07 08:07 - 22ºF - ID#38769

Well, it's not just Buffalo....

This weather blows, but at least we aren't alone. It's 33 in NYC at the Moment and the Detroit Tigers cancelled their home game last night because of single digit wind chill.

Shit apparently happens, but in an increasing number of places, freezes on impact.

You'd think we'd all have better luck pairing off to stay warm when crap like this happens.
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Category: ackmpfht!!

04/04/07 08:48 - 35ºF - ID#38748


My younger sister announced that she is getting married on Sunday night. This is a good thing. Her intended is a good guy who genuinely cares for her so all should be well. No longer being kids, they aren't particularly obligated to any one tradition or another and can basically do as they please. I figure the exact details will be undergoing some transmogrification over the course of the coming weeks. Her current plan consists of a big party in Manhattan since she resides there. Ordinarily, I'd be down for an extra trip to NYC but she wants the kids to come. While I'm happy for her, all I can really hear are dollar signs racheting in my ears of feeding and sheltering my lovely children at Manhattan prices. It's not insurmountable, it's just money I don't happen to have at the moment, spent creating false smiles at the pretentious bastards that are bound to fill out the gathering.....but I'm happy for her.

Elsewhere, I'm pretty sure one of my bosses has gone round the bend. In a staff meeting in late january, she basically through a rather impressive shit fit about being overly generous approving time off, that the needs of the business come first and we can't be okaying every request. She carefully stopped short of admitting that it was her own fuck up. She basically screamed that it can't happen again. Well, would have been nice if she backed that up. Instead of scheduling with some care, she basically okayed training schedules, sent some other staff to another weeklong seminar and granted some folks time off (NOT yours truly) and basically if you have to wait inline at Time Warner next week, it is her fault. There will be skeleton crews everywhere. I wouldn't care, but the last time I spent a week waiting on trade, I got yelled at for not getting much else done. Damned if you do, damned if you don't I guess.

A few of my fellow Tw worker bees have to go to the Bisons game on Friday and glad hand in the 30 degree weather. Suddenly, my load seemed a little lighter

I was never a big boxing fan growing up, but Showtime is running "When We Were Kings" a lot. I tend to stop and watch a little when I'm channel surfing. Ali was an artist and it is riveting to see him at the height of his powers, plus he pummeled George Foreman. Worth a look when you get a chance.

Can Sanjaya, Anna Nicole (and all her periphals), disappear?

Asked a woman to Lucinda Williams and was turned down? I was shocked.

Bloodied but unbowed, I soldier on....

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Category: music

03/29/07 11:20 - 41ºF - ID#38690

20 years, damn

You know you are getting old when one of the seminal albums of your youth turns 20. I know not everybody is a U2 fan, but the Joshua Tree was a pretty impressive album and one of the last ones I bought new on vinyl. Here's the days when they just came out and started playing.

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Category: food

03/28/07 02:08 - 46ºF - ID#38665

Shells and Ricotta

Ah, it was a little chilly for lunch outside but a coworker of mine and I cared not. I blame (e:chico) . His journal about cheap eats got me thinking and we put those thoughts into action. Really good Italian lunch can be had if you stop by Chefs (and wait for the light to change) and keep going down Seneca to Ditondos. For $7.00 I got enough Shells and Ricott to feed me and well a younger hungrier version of me a second time.

Cheaper, quicker and flat out better than Chefs (bread is a little better too). I've lived here close to forever and never understood the Chefs hullaballoo. DiTondos has a nice little porch that almost makes you forget you are on Seneca St.
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Category: potpourri

03/27/07 09:53 - 41ºF - ID#38649

Midweek observations.....

Got a call from a former business colleague wanting to know if I was interested in the Roger Waters show. He is playing at Darien Lake. Somehow, "Dark Side of the Moon" doesn't seem like much of an ampitheater show with the backdrop of roller coasters and ferris wheels. But perhaps, that is what makes it entirely right. I guess I'm a little biased thinking that with it's hugeness, Darien Lake is a crappy venue for most shows. I guess I remember all too well seeing Santana out there when the theater was just a hillside with a stage at the bottom where you could actually see the show. There goes my age showing again.
Still haven't heard a thing from my interview of last week, other than support from coworkers who believe I should be a shoo-in. If only they had something to do with the process, life would be great. The powers that be say five people were interviewed. I was the first and hopefully set the bar high. It's be nice to get back to that instead of dreading working till 7:30 in West Seneca tonight. Car may have to careen into the Anchor Bar on the way home for a pint. Supposedly, those who are liked well enough from the first interview get to talk to the interviewer and her boss as well as her counterpart later this week. Since her counterpart was my boss, I think I got all I can have in my favor. I miss this one though, I'm half tempted to say fuck it and get truly serious about finding another venue to hang my hat.
Off to NYC for an extended weekend in May to site see and sponge off my elder sister. Knowing her, we'll eat good. I'm taking number one daughter along so she can get her first taste of Manhattan. Should be a hoot.
One more work note, I met my uber boss for the first time on Friday. He actually sought me out. We chatted briefly and he indicated that he liked what he'd been hearing about me. However, he has also been the primary hatchet man in the recent round of layoffs, reassignments and flat out firings. I relayed the story of the encounter to the woman who shares my title now. She said "So, you met the Angel of Death, was his hand cold when you shook it?"

Sounds like a shot I might take.

Weather was great, yesterday, or so I'm told. The one instance I had to walk outside was right at the start of the quick rainstorm. If that ain't a metaphor for having a monday, I'm not sure what is.

Keep passing the opening windows, peeps.
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Category: charity?

03/22/07 07:49 - 45ºF - ID#38562

Give till it hurts...them (A Spoof)

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Category: absent friends

03/20/07 08:26 - 26ºF - ID#38535

Raise a glass for Mrs B.

Second time I've vented a little about a lost soul, but we lost a cool neighbor about a week or so ago. Mrs. B was one of the true groovy old ladies. She wasn't one to stand on ceremony. Your first appearance in her door triggered the "let me set you a plate" response. Whoopi Goldberg did a good monologue a few years about "we all just folks." Mrs. B seemed to operate with that as her moral compass, a truly rare trait. She lived off Elmwood for more than 50 years. When we moved in next door back in 95, she was at the door to say hello with the moving truck. Halloween meant making sure the kids got to her house for the "special treats." She did a little thing for each of my lot and the family on the other side.

When I moved out in '04, she also appeared to let my ex and I know we both had a friend without strings attached. That value was priceless.
An admirably dirty grin with a mind to match, she took great delight in pushing her husband's buttons for our amusement. That joy is rare.

I had this journal written in my head on the ride home tonight, but a guinness got the pc moving again. Here's to you, Mrs. B.

"May the road rise to meet you......"
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Category: potpourri

03/20/07 01:05 - ID#38528

Tasteful without being gaudy

Missed the St. Matty's Party to escort Number one son to his awards banquet. The dinner was held at Salvatore's. We got done up in our suits and headed out. Salvatore's is an interesting eyesore. My folks live out that way. My dad jokes that he tells people to hang a right at the ugliest restaurant and people never miss the turn off.

As overblown and overrated as the place is, you do eat well. I was fascinated by the many Salad roadies doling out salads and whatnot. In a room laden with mirrors and crushed velvet, it seemed strangely appropriate to see a guy dressed like the Penquin orchestrating the runners, directing the buffet, and cueing each table.

You'd think given the fountains and the whatnot, the buffet would be a little out of the ordinary. I was a little worried for number one son as we don't feed the kids red meat, but sure enough, Rigatoni, Mashed Potatoes, and all the typical stuff that could be made in bulk were present. I'm a little cynical to the place but the food was pretty good. Given the charge of getting him to the dinner and trophy retrieval, I'm glad it worked out. Little man looked proud of the trophy too so that was doubly cool.

In other news, get (e:Jenks) ' new mix. My ipod was quite happy as I schlepped out to the Amherst TW office a little bit ago.

Big interview tomorrow, but I'm feeling good about it. Main interviewer says it will be no big deal, just come on down and we'll tawk. So, here's to no big whoop.
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