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Category: charity?

03/22/07 07:49 - 45ºF - ID#38562

Give till it hurts...them (A Spoof)

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Category: absent friends

03/20/07 08:26 - 26ºF - ID#38535

Raise a glass for Mrs B.

Second time I've vented a little about a lost soul, but we lost a cool neighbor about a week or so ago. Mrs. B was one of the true groovy old ladies. She wasn't one to stand on ceremony. Your first appearance in her door triggered the "let me set you a plate" response. Whoopi Goldberg did a good monologue a few years about "we all just folks." Mrs. B seemed to operate with that as her moral compass, a truly rare trait. She lived off Elmwood for more than 50 years. When we moved in next door back in 95, she was at the door to say hello with the moving truck. Halloween meant making sure the kids got to her house for the "special treats." She did a little thing for each of my lot and the family on the other side.

When I moved out in '04, she also appeared to let my ex and I know we both had a friend without strings attached. That value was priceless.
An admirably dirty grin with a mind to match, she took great delight in pushing her husband's buttons for our amusement. That joy is rare.

I had this journal written in my head on the ride home tonight, but a guinness got the pc moving again. Here's to you, Mrs. B.

"May the road rise to meet you......"
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Category: potpourri

03/20/07 01:05 - ID#38528

Tasteful without being gaudy

Missed the St. Matty's Party to escort Number one son to his awards banquet. The dinner was held at Salvatore's. We got done up in our suits and headed out. Salvatore's is an interesting eyesore. My folks live out that way. My dad jokes that he tells people to hang a right at the ugliest restaurant and people never miss the turn off.

As overblown and overrated as the place is, you do eat well. I was fascinated by the many Salad roadies doling out salads and whatnot. In a room laden with mirrors and crushed velvet, it seemed strangely appropriate to see a guy dressed like the Penquin orchestrating the runners, directing the buffet, and cueing each table.

You'd think given the fountains and the whatnot, the buffet would be a little out of the ordinary. I was a little worried for number one son as we don't feed the kids red meat, but sure enough, Rigatoni, Mashed Potatoes, and all the typical stuff that could be made in bulk were present. I'm a little cynical to the place but the food was pretty good. Given the charge of getting him to the dinner and trophy retrieval, I'm glad it worked out. Little man looked proud of the trophy too so that was doubly cool.

In other news, get (e:Jenks) ' new mix. My ipod was quite happy as I schlepped out to the Amherst TW office a little bit ago.

Big interview tomorrow, but I'm feeling good about it. Main interviewer says it will be no big deal, just come on down and we'll tawk. So, here's to no big whoop.
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Category: potpourri

03/15/07 09:28 - 31ºF - ID#38467 pmobl

No specials on Guinness??? WTF???

Watching George Carlin do his complaint department schtick last night got me in touch with my inner grumpy old man. I was in Wegman's and this close to St. Patrick's Day, they can't swing a special on the stuff. Strikes me as a cynical "It's Irish, we'll charge what we want" approach. Bastards! I buy the draught cans of the stuff semi-regularly and hate seeing a good beverage reduced to Tchotchkey status.

One of my coworkers was giving me some gentle shit about the parade. "How can you not love it, being actually irish and stuff?" Easy, the parade itself has always been a tad lame. The real fun is the people who come to see it. It's a great reason to get folks together, but as a featured attraction, it's a little wanting. Can't go anyway.

It's March madness alright, or the month my visa card loves me. Already waded through the birthdays of Number one Son, his mom and my mom, only to be greeted today by my older brother getting older. He's 48 today. I, being me, have taken great delight in reminding him that it really isn't one of those cool number ages, say like 43. I need to win a office pool to pay for these high holy days, as I still have my sister's day in a couple of weeks.

Gotta miss the St. Matty's Day party for reasons domestic. Got the youngins with me. I'm not trying to be antisocial. It's just working out that way. Reminds me that I'm 0 for 2 in 07 for parties at the 24, got to reverse that trend soon. Hope it's a great day for you (e:Matthew) . Enjoy.

I get to chat about getting my marketing post back first part of next week. Consider this an official request for good vibes.

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Category: work

03/13/07 12:18 - 53ºF - ID#38441

The horror, the horror

I had a feeling it was going to be one of those days. I took my kids to work and number one son slipped and landed on a buttcheek to start the day. After solving that crisis, I went into work where in football parlance, the turk was collecting playbooks. With the exception of myself and another woman in the room, everybody else who wasn't already getting the boot, got it. It was difficult to watch. Another soul from another department noted the presence of one of the higher ups with the comment that no good news ever follows him into the building. So, my office is like that scene in "The Goonies" where the floor is disappearing. Fortunately, it is another shit storm that managed to miss me.

So much so, that my former department wants to have a conversation about me rejoining them. They have a post that is web heavy but capable of all the other marketing/graphic stuff. In essence, after all the foolishness, I might very well wind up where I should have been all along. (e:jason) might want to be my one day intern again soon.

Never a dull moment round the cable farm.......
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03/10/07 09:14 - 34ºF - ID#38416


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Category: work

03/08/07 09:27 - 20ºF - ID#38402

The No Good Horrible Very Bad Day

for some folks in my office. It's been a little manic of late. The poohbahs are training some staff on a new billing system, while others are doing clean up on the overall database, which has left just about every department short staffed.

My current desk is in a room with 11 other people, 9 of whom were fired today. They were told that four jobs are coming back but are radically redefined, basically no guarantee that they have a shot. I know the world makes no guarantees, but damn. I watched it all unfold from a distance and I wouldn't wish that on anybody. Nothing about it that doesn't stink.

Felt a little strange to know that I'm secure, got a raise (maxed out what I possibly could get in fact), & had to enjoy it quietly. The ironic thing is that while these folks have been shown the door in a sense, there has never been more work for them.

Ah, beat goes on I guess.
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Category: potpourri

03/04/07 11:01 - 27ºF - ID#38355

At the Zoo....and other animal instincts

My little dysfunctional family got together yesterday for brunch to celebrate my ex's turning 44. It was really great. I got to bond a little with my nephew and a good time was had by all. All hail the Ambrosia omelet, didn't need to eat for the rest of the day.

Post martial arts class, number one son and I grabbed his sisters and headed over to the zoo. (e:theecarey) 's post reminded me of it. And I love the area's tourist attractions when the tourists aren't here. I did learn that I'm no animal photog.

Who knew Polar Bears were that stealthy?

I being me had to catch a shot of my three favorite critters

It was a hoot, kind of like having a private showing at the place.

In other news, I got a groovy new phone that can mobile post and works great, except the lens in the camera is fucked up. Everything is upside down in the taken images so I'm off to the Sprint store to plead my case.

Still nothing new on the cable marketing front except said marketing director made a point of coming to see me to say she couldn't do anything for another two weeks. I appreciate that and am trying not to read anything into it. Although, I do wish they'd quit dangling the carrot in front of me and let me have a bite already. Didn't get much of a chance to think about it. We were very shorthanded so I got pressed into customer service on Friday, which on a first friday of the month in the city, you can imagine how much fun that was. 137 customers later, I found I had the night off from everything. I had time and money, but without the giddyap to get off the couch. A few beers and the Sabres game -- thankfully they won -- were the recipe for renewal.

I did get to a little of the Celtic Sessions at Nietzche's yesterday, didn't see anybody I knew, but it was good to get out for a little while, and the two pints put me in a good mood for the rest of the evening.

Happy Sunday ya'all, see ya round the hood maybe..........
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Category: home

02/28/07 09:19 - 29ºF - ID#38306

Rent Increases and New Leases

My apartment isn't bad, but the landlord took almost a year to repair water damage in my living room and the sun porch was unuseable during the entirety of last summer. I get a renewal notice that included another increase, including a raise for the parking garage. He must have a waiting list for that. There can't be an increase in expense there as the same two 15 watt bulbs illuminate it as when I moved in. If I had enough to do first and last months somewhere, I'd give some thought to maybe seeking other options, but I'm probably going to sign back up for another year.....sigh.
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Category: fatherman

02/26/07 11:10 - 28ºF - ID#38293

"gonna slap the nostrils clean off her"

So, Saturday the ex headed to Toronto for a show she wanted to see. Number one Son was going to crash with my ailing self once more, but the girls were going to hold the fort at the house. I gave the speech about nobody in, nobody out, call me when your grandma drops you at home, you need anything call me, etc.

The mom and I catch up sunday.

She: Did you know she spent the night at XXXX?

Me: Wha???

To our mutual eternal credit, we didn't beat the beejzeeus out of her right there and her younger sister really didn't need to have her there, but the stepping out sans any kind of adult acknowledgement has her grounded from any non parental sanctioned/involved activity for the foreseable future. I forgot leaving that leaving a voice mail for your Mom saying you were leaving makes it okay to overlook not having permission. Nevermind that Mom is an another friggin country while the figurehead of a father is just up the street. What a Fool I be? I couldn't help but smirk to myself that when darling daughter approached her mother and me on sunday morning with two friends. We didn't say anything for second till I looked at her wingmen (wingwomen?) and evenly yet with a bit of sinister tone dripping from my voice, commanded "leave now." The two accomplices nearly fell out of their Uggs exiting stage right.

All that parenting has me jonesing for some recreational adult company. I'm heading (e:Dragonlady7) 's note about the celtic themed happy hour at Nietzche's on Saturday and am trying to break the monotony of the work week a little. I started with my first students teaching computer programs (the new system application) at work today and only insomnia keeps me up now.

Sleep has been a little elusive over the past few days. I chalk it up to not being quite right. I dream pretty good, but the mental remote control has been hitting all the bad channels if you know what I mean (and I think you do).

If you missed Countdown tonight, it's worth a look at to watch Keith Olbermann have at Secretary Rice. Quite hilarious

Happy Monday, ya'all. one down...........
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