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Category: traffic

07/31/07 08:08 - 62ºF - ID#40323

Yield doesn't mean "Goafuckinghead"

Knew Monday was going to live up to its name as I was leaving for work. I entered Gates Circle to catch the 33 by Elmwood.. Apparently, coming from the other direction on Delaware the notion of stopping a little and then entering the circle (Basically, waiting your fucking turn) was applying as a oblivious fuck in an SUV decided to go faster right in, anybody else be damned. Jerkass scared the shit out of me. Wasn't driving angry till then.

I get to my current office and had to seperate two customers who were actually grumbling out their place in line. One of my colleagues screwed her wrist up and couldn't lift anything. She was trying and doing the best she could, downside was all that stuff came to me and that spoiled rotten overprivileged middle aged fucksticks don't know how to behave.

I actually yelled "Do I have to pull this store over?" I guess with enough elan that no one said a word. I love my job.

Going home, I felt like I had a finished a 15 round fight. Cruising back via the 290, I watched as two separate SUVs (Must be something about them that cause brain damage) slip right in front of a Semi to make their lane change with about half a car length to spare.

Very grateful that there was some Labatt's in the fridge.
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Category: omens

07/26/07 11:54 - ID#40262

It's gonna be a good day.....

Didn't sleep very well last night, which there is nothing unusual about that, but I had a big interview this morning. Trotted out a nice light grey suit. Ipod cooperated and played some nice upbeat stuff through traffic. The interview went well and was free of the bullshit questions and actually talked about the job instead of my greatest weakness (blue eyes and a killer smile). Makes you want the job just because of the freedom from the nonsense. Interview finishes with me getting enough time to get home to change before the actual work day gets going. I hit the road and the Allentown Trading Company is stocking Aero Bars. Rapture! I know you can get em elsewhere, but seeing them (an awesome candy bar) on the shelf was a sign.

Got back in the car and the IPOD cranks up my u2 Buffalo Bootleg for the jaunt down the 290.

These are positive signs.
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Category: monday

07/23/07 09:32 - 62ºF - ID#40217

Grumble, grumble

For the past six years or so, the ex and I have been splitting the cost of a membership at the Holiday Inn on Delaware. They have a pool club that for a flat rate you get unlimited swimming pool access from 10am to 10pm, Memorial Day through Labor Day. It's not a bad deal and we can get cooled off with the hassle of the border or packing cars like you're temporarily moving. Basically, throw your suit on and go. The fact that the hotel bar delivers out to you helps too. Previous summers had us ordering LaNova for dinner and getting drinks from the bar.

I do wonder about the buffoons who own the place. They had a watermain break near the pool that put a serious crimp on operations out there. Shit happens, I understand that. They are getting ready to open the pool for what is left of the summer. Since two thirds of their usual swimming season is shot, the Hotel isn't going to run a pool club since the fucksticks in management couldn't come to any kind of consensus on how to price it. Two thirds of the season is gone. Deduct two thirds from the price, doesn't seem that hard to me. That sort of logic made me the befuddled male I am today. It's that sort of muddleheaded thinking that just pisses me off. You'd think they want to cultivate previous pool club so we all come back in 08.


In other news, here's a sign that I spent too much time fixing computers of the weekend. Simpsonized myself
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Category: news

07/19/07 09:05 - 66ºF - ID#40168

NYC Chaos

My sisters are both long time manhattan residents and probably wouldn't be happy in any other city, each resenting that the other is on their turf. That said, whenever stuff happens they've got a story about it. The Steam eruption happened right outside my elder sister's design firm. She got shooed off her balcony by an air quality guy this am.


They saw the "Big fun" start, but nobody in her place could be cool to run a camera. Can't say I blame em. Boss got her a car service home tonight though.

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Category: humor

07/19/07 09:01 - 71ºF - ID#40163


I know "Paris" is old news, but this seems like one of the few appropriate takes on that whole embroglio.

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Category: random

07/15/07 07:36 - 71ºF - ID#40115

Battlin' fests

Took a tour of the Italian and Canal Fests today. The Italian fest is so trapped in time I'm pretty sure they are serving cannoli from two years ago. I had to work it for Adelphia a few years ago and hadn't been back since so after finishing all my domestic responsibilities I took a stroll. And it might have been 2005. It's all in the exact same place. The only going achieved was a little badly needed sun on me and a reinstatement of my waryness of any carnival ride still attached to its delivery truck.

Canal fest is another matter. Maybe it's being down on the water, maybe it was the entire bag of sugar inside my lemonade (it was really good), maybe it was hitting two baskets and coming home with a three foot tall Homer Simpson, but I liked it. I hung out on the one bridge between the goings on, watching the boats, quietly appreciating the women in same and felt very peaceful. Proper funnel cake has that effect.

The aforementioned tasty lemonade
Seagulls in search of fried dough nuggets
An unenthused Walgreen's, at the rate the new stores have been opening, this one should have had a sidewalk sale taking place
Curb your duck ( I think that is me and my shadow taking their picture from the bridge)
The view from the river bridge (essentially neutral turf between the Tonawandas)
Oh to have a water bike. What a good thing

In spite of the fact that the band was playing Pink Floyd songs (Nothing wrong with that, just didn't seem uptempo for carnival fun). It was worth checking out.

Since it is close to where work is these days, I may make a mid week return jaunt. It's a parade of mullets to be sure, but it's a hoot to people watch.
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Category: sports, sorta

07/09/07 11:15 - 76ºF - ID#40028

Classy Sports Move

I have new found respect for the Philadelphia Phillies. While playing at Colorado, an impressive rain storm blew in and the flying tarp made the news. The grounds crew was getting bitchslapped everywhere and all the Phillies players (the away team!) joined into help anchor the tarp and help the crew get things out of control. I thought this was insanely greatl considering they were the away team, they were winning, and the game could have stopped there. They were just folks helping other folks. It's what we need to see more of in pro sports. The home team with one exception was in the club house. Colorado fans were cool by applauding the effort. Check out the video if you haven't seen it already

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07/08/07 08:38 - 78ºF - ID#40015

I'm a Bad Buffalonian

In lieu of buying coupons and wandering around Niagara Square today, I opted to just spend the same amount right at Fat Bob's to get it fresh instead of from under some warming lamp/torch. It's a little antisocial I know, but the taste doesn't seem to do it for me anymore. I know it's only part of the experience, but something about it just doesn't do it for me. I'm saving myself for the canal fest funnel cake and lemonade I guess.

Had an odd experience at the zoo. The ex bought a member card. I've used it with the kids a few times without fail. Today, the rep started checking the last name and the address and refused entrance since my first name didn't appear on the card. My driver's license still has the house address so you'd figure she would do 2+2, but no. "We want you pay admission ." I already did jerkass!

Did the Canal Concert last night (well, part of it) from the other side of the Canal last nght and it was pretty cool. I remember seeing the Psychedlic Furs at a bar in South Buffalo when Pretty in Pink came out the first time. I think I've aged better, but what the hey, you couldn't beat the price.

It's a quiet night and that is okay. I've been on solo duty all weekend. The Ex was gone, her parents were in Detroit, mine are in VA for a show opening. Twas me and the youngins all weekend. Was cool, but I had the thought that if I collapsed at all, kids would have no one to call. Weird the things you think about sometimes. Made me feel like I need a trip to compensate for all the field trip facilitating I've been doing.

IF I had any money or benefit time, a toronto sojurn at the least may have to happen.
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Category: school

07/06/07 08:42 - 63ºF - ID#39953

Any Chemistry Pros in the House?

My daughter tanked her Chemistry final, not intentionally. Part of me did want to give a 1000 lashes but she did pretty well in reversing a trend only to get sniped by the Regents final. Any Tutors out there? The fun part is dealing with the City Honors bureaucracy. They reminded me three times that registration for classes in summer is over now. I responded as only a parent could. I lied and said I was away (in reality, her mom couldn't bear to open the envelope). They asked that I come over Monday and meet with Guidance and the deed will get done.

One test can change entire dysfunctional family's summer. We were talking to her about it and I swear I could my lovely middle child checking to see if a beating was gonna happen. Much to her disappointment, her sister was all too aware so we didn't pile on, just made a plan to "Git her done" and pass the bastard.

Never thought Chemistry would be dogging me so long after having taken it.
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Category: holiday

07/05/07 12:20 - ID#39923

Soggy bottom holiday

Wet day yesterday, but I didn't really mind. Fireworks in Niagara Falls are going to go off on Friday and I might drag my guys up for that. Nice not to have cope with work yesterday.Got my other bike working and made repairs to the youngins as well.

Amazing how we all needed to do laundry yesterday. My building had a waiting line so I ventured to the Auburn/Elmwood mat and got it done in no time.

I enchewed fireworks and watched Die Hard with a Vengence on cable. (e:theecarey) was right. Excellent dumb fun.
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