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Category: holiday

12/31/07 02:08 - 33ºF - ID#42694

Blank Slate for the New Year

Where were you when 2007 began?
At PMT's

Who were you with?
The divine populace that is (e:strip)

Where will you be when 2007 ends?
A little unclear

Whom will you be with when 2007 ends?
Your guess is as good as mine

Was 2007 a good year for you?
Somewhat, got professionally righted, the other stuff is a work in progress.

What was your favorite moment of the year?
Taking my eldest down St. Marks Place -

What was your least favorite moment of the year?
Schlepping to Roswell for the wrong reason altogether

Did you keep your New Year resolutions of 2007?
Didn't make any

Do you have any New Year resolutions for 2008?
Not going there

Did you fall in love in 2007?
Hell, a second date would have been cool

Did you breakup with anyone in 2007?
I didn't have anyone to break up with

Did you make any new friends in 2007?

What was your favorite month of 2007?
Nah, they all looked alike

Did you travel outside of the US in 2007?
Only to Toronto to get them to adopt Buffalo (the Springsteen concert was just a ruse)

How many different states did you travel to in 2007?
Two - Pennsylvania and Jersey (Can I pick hotspots or what)

Did you lose anybody close to you in 2007?

Did you miss anybody in the past year?
Fewer to miss, but that makes it harder

What was your favorite movie that you saw in 2007?
No favorites really, but I enjoyed Superbad, Simpsons, Juno, Walk Hard

What was your favorite song in 2007?
Not sure, liked "Windows in the Skies" by U2 a lot

What was your favorite album in 2007?
Nothing really grabbed me and monopolized my cd player -- spent a lot of time with "Orphans" by Tom Waits.

How many concerts did you see in 2007?
Not many, 7, I think

Did you have a favorite concert in 2007?
Neil Young at Shea's

Did you drink a lot of alcohol in 2007?
uh huh (hic) (burp)

Did you do drugs in 2007?
Only Advil

Did you do anything you are ashamed of this year?
Nah, I spent much of the year under the proverbial radar

What was the worst lie someone told you in 2007?
"We're friends, right?"

Did you treat somebody badly in 2007?
Not intentionally

Did somebody treat you badly in 2007?

What was your proudest moment of 2007?
Quitting my job and getting the former employer to sponsor the new one

What was your most embarrassing moment of 2007?
Too many mortifications to list

If you could go back in time to any moment of 2007 and change something, what would it be?
No going back only forward

What are your plans for 2008?
Making it up as I go

See some of you at the party tonight
happy new year (e:strip)!
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Category: random

12/27/07 07:25 - 35ºF - ID#42664

Christmas Wrapping

Talk about your critical reentries.

My poor ex was trying to enjoy a quiet cup of tea yesterday when the old folks drove their explorer into the river. 10 feet away, I'm appreciating that she had her minivan wrapped around her. Watching that and being the link to the coast guard left her a little shaky. I didn't find about it till later, but spent the night with the kids, eating pizza, assembling more christmas booty. Gave her a chance to collect herself without everybody going "mom, mom!"

She told me that she didn't sleep last night much. Me neither. Both together and separately we've taken the kids down there plenty of times. I'm thinking the old man driving hit the gas instead of the brake and then shit happened.

Shit, indeed.

The holiday was nice till then. Had a good time with my folks and sister on Christmas eve, the ex and the kids on Tuesday for brunch and back to the folks for dinner. Despite economic travails, the kids made out pretty good. Didn't get much, didn't want much other than three happy kids. Got that.

The news from the San Francisco Zoo made a quiet week get a little more interesting. I had to become an expert in tiger holding dimensions in a hurry for the benefit of the socratic wisdom that is Buffalo media. Stuff like that puts you on your toes, almost too on edge. A little paper called wanting a schedule of events for January and February, not caring about the other news. My neck was tightening expecting a question in the vein of "Can it happen here?" When he said thanks and hung up, I almost felt kind of gyped. Had the speech already.

Got my quote in the Times though, so I guess I'm a star.

I have my parking pass and assignment for the Ice Bowl and I'm looking forward to it, despite it cutting into my new year's. I am left with the question "Is a hockey game that won't be played for another 5 days so important it overshadows the Bhutto assasination?" That is some deeply warped priorities in terms of News coverage. Another section of the world imploding or the pregame entertainment to a hockey game? Decisions, decisions, must suck to be a news director.

I will be taking a camera along for my duty at the hockey game, but the hype is a little excessive, but I guess that is why they call it hype.

Got away with telling my boss she is full of shit today. She told me November is a quiet month for Zoo activity, we all know what happened there. Last Friday, she joked that my phone would need dusting off from lack of use. If only.

You know, it's been kind of cool to be seen deftly swatting away the calamity. Not bad for a one man band this week

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Category: holiday

12/24/07 09:02 - 26ºF - ID#42632

When Sunday is like a Monday

Got to tell you. I have a new definition of a tough day at the office. I worked my final football game yesterday. It was blowing pretty good by the time I got to Orchard Park. Once the game got started, the rain was coming down heavy and sideways. I actually had to interrupt a "spirited discussion" between two people who had disagreeing senses of entitlement as to where to stand in the freakin hallway.

Customer: "I paid to be here"

Me: "No, actually you paid to sit out there"

Ever was it thus. Full out storm driving home, despite me hiding in the Orchard Park borders store for a half hour. I got home to find that my block was one that lost power. Goddamn!! Went over to Spot to wait it out. Usually a CocoMoco is a god like beverage, but having it in a paper cup didn't do it justice.

Drove back, still no power, but screw it. I grabbed a flashlight and scaled my three stories (Always keep a flashlight in your car kids). Got out of my football garb and wrapped presents by candlelight. My daughter said it was just like the pioneers did. I could only respond with "look what happened to them."

I suppose wishing for Saturday's weather would have been too much so I am grateful it at least wasn't a night game. I am working the Ice Bowl so some pictures may have to come of that. It may cut in to how crazy I can get for New Year's, but it's the price you pay for being a star.

Did the last bit of xmas shopping on Saturday and got estrip secret santa help from my eldest. We got the last little bits of family stuff done, parlayed a great suggestion from darling daughter for my (e:peep) secret santa, and celebrated our success at Louie's.

So, here it sits, Christmas Eve and I'm at the Zoo till 1. Reading the lovely (e:imk)'s journal entry about secret santa and this little community of (e:strip) made me well up a little. It's a beautful thing, this little group of ours. Best present I got last year came from the NYE party at the 24 (won't be the same with (e:Ladycroft), or nearly as fabulous).

Hope it's a very fine holiday for you all


May all the presents be the right ones. Keep it safe and happy and see ya New Year's Eve
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12/21/07 09:03 - 23ºF - ID#42604

Holiday cards!

Due to my increasing age, and decreasing ability to send cards on time, here is my card to cover every Holiday ..
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12/16/07 07:38 - 18ºF - ID#42545

Only in Buffalo

would a guy do a 180 in his Prius trying to get into the Zoo Today. It was an impressive move worthy of the chase scene in The French Connection, but I'm not quite sure taking the chillens to the Zoo for Breakfast with Santa should be preceeded by tossing their cookies.

I wasn't real happy about having to go in today to oversee this event. I was amazed people actually came. Lesser cities would have said fuck it, but not us. People will take their fool lives in their hands for the sake of a paid for pancake.

Cracks me up. I was in Wegmans last night about 10:00 and the cashier wanted to know if I was stocking up because of the storm. I replied I was stocking up because I was out of food. Place looked like a nervous, storm panicked mob hit it.

Thankfully the Zoo brunchers chowed and ran and I was home on my couch to watch the Bills game by 1:30. I was less fascinated with the outcome somewhat as it was interesting to watch them play in a near Blizzard at times. They lost so it means the little dweeb who bosses the game day staff around can shut the hell up next week.

Driving home was a treat. My lil red gomobile was getting it's bumper ridden by some schmuck in a Jeep. He nearly took out the light post and Elmwood and Forest since he was in such a rush. I must have drove him nuts driving all crazy like.

He nearly hit the first chucklhead I saw, peeling onto Elmwood at a fast enough clip he nearly when into the Mobil station ass-first. Wasn't the oddest site I saw though. Having to be at the Zoo early, I came north on Nottingham to avoid the S curve, all you could see on the money houses were plow marks where the affluent had already summoned their "Mr. Plows"

Oh, to have that kind of cash. I've always wanted to get plowed on Nottingham, but that's a story for another day.

Stay warm, peeps
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12/13/07 11:32 - 27ºF - ID#42500

Ever See a Snake Yawn

Me, neither till yesterday when the python decided the live segment we were working on bored her.


Pretty sure I just saw a Tiger catching snow flakes too. There are some seriously cool aspects to this work
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12/10/07 09:20 - 29ºF - ID#42452

A quiet pint and straight into night

Ooh, Baby it was cold outside at the Bills game yesterday. I was good and multilayered but it felt good to get back to the sanctity of the lil red gomobile. The game was nicely uneventful for me. One of the suites was nice enough to keep the hot beverages flowing fairly regularly. I shared the cookies with the Sheriff's. Best make friends in the right places you know. The drive home was a little worrisome as the stadium is in the top of the famed snowbelt so the possibility of snow, rain and ice made the 219 an interesting sojourn back into the city.

I had an enticing invite for Saturday night, but wimped out as I had to be at the stadium sunday morning by 9 or so. That meant actually getting up at a semi responsible hour. Next time for sure, peeps

I did partake of the Celtic Sessions at Nietzche's late Saturday afternoon. I highly recommend it. A quiet two pints and an hour and half mental vacation was a nice mental soother that I guess I needed.
The fact that the old duffer behind the bar knows how to properly pour a pint was nice too. He drew a shamrock in the foam of the second one. It ain't showing off if you can do it. I guess.

My on-going list of grief with the Buffalo News took on a new twist. There is talk of moving the final bills home to primetime and they started it. I don't want to work another primetime. The game is set for the 23rd. I have to work the 24th, but many folks don't which should maximize the level of assholishness. That combined with the fact that they are playing the Giants, close enough for some fans to make the trek up here does not fill me full of Christmas cheer.

My dad-in-law (his title since my divorce) got the pathology report you don't want to get so at some point the ex and I get to have a way too grown up conversation with the kids.

Being a grown up can suck

Things I do for extra cash...

How was your weekend?
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12/07/07 09:40 - 26ºF - ID#42424

Been a week, that's for sure

Well, been a week for the books. Patience and self-esteem have been working overtime. I've been getting reminded about various "Feifdoms" at work. It became clear that applies to everyone except me. Had to play angry old man a little to remind who's in charge of the message.
Reminded darling middle child to do as her mother asked the first time and she responded with a curt "Mind your own business." She then complained to her mother that I had no right to interfere since I didn't live there. I walked into the other room to avoid throwing her through the kitchen window. My ex to her eternal credit reminded the lil' tyrant that he's your father and is supposed to be in your business.

Just that potential reminder that I am somehow less of a parent because I don't reside with them on a full time basis managed to discolor the rest of the evening as I took her sister for shoes. Sux to be punished for doing nothing wrong.
Speaking of which, the payless shoe store on Delaware smells like feet, like a perpetual open bag for corn chips. I don't know if it is all the faux leather in the place.
Ate mashed potatoes for dinner last night. Is that bad? If it is, I don't want to be good.
Got told by another woman she'd like to be friends, which is cool, but that there is someone special in a long distance relationship she is carrying a torch for. You're telling me this now? Why?This after we gone to a few things together for the sake of having somebody to go with sans overatures, ya know?. I'm just confused. That's what I get for trying in my own age bracket. Just too down to earth for my own good.
My Mom is getting largely successfully treated for vascular arteritis, soundling and looking more like her self. She's a little worried that her one eye has been a little slow to come back, thinking that it might be the start of the something else. Can only wait and see....
My dad-in-law get pathology news later today. Time to get some of ailing up and off the mat.

Just in case I need to fall on it.

Have a good Friday, peeps

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12/05/07 11:40 - 22ºF - ID#42403

How can you not love the Onion

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12/03/07 10:14 - ID#42377

A Special Place in Hell is reserved....

for the people who have their Christmas cards out already. I'm lucky if I mail any with any more frequency than one out of every three years.
for people who think the family newsletter is a riveting concept.
for people who think the family dog merits a column of her own. I am related to some deeply messed up people.
for the security guy who wouldn't let me into my kids school yesterday to get my son's backpack after the chimney fell down last week. In and out in three minutes, would it really have killed him.
for the woman who after watching us clean up after a "Breakfast with Santa" event yesterday load up on leftovers because "they are only going to feed this to the help." Not quite sure who she was going to feed with a plate of 20 sausage patties, but the site of the removal did stun me into silence behind my coffee mug. Beyotch wouldn't get her raggedy children out of there for another half hour after that. The Chef was asking me: "You want I should turn the lights off on em." Good thing I only have to cultivate customers. If I had to like them, this might go another way
for the schmuck board member who decided that we need to meet on the same night of the estrip holiday dinner. It's at Stillwater's, but still. I used to live in the apartment building that is their atrium so I'm curious. So my chair will be empty that night. Duty calls.
for the cheap bastards who show up at the Unitarian Church on Music Sunday to get their fill of classical tunage. It could be a really great setting, but it has gotten too big for its shoes. An orchestra joins the church's own fine choir. A potentially great morning of music is regularly tarnished by people who should know better crowding church members out. My daughters reported stuff getting sat on. A friend lost their seat to somebody who just shoved their stuff out of the way. A little respect, folks. c'mon. I know Kleinhans is pricey, but behave yourselves.
for the gaggle of mornons and knuckleheads who wrote the Zoo's website (Hey, I'm a webmaster now!) during our recent drama wishing my fate be the same of the polar bears at the Zoo they haven't visited since 1979. I've actually had no trouble at all with the surrounding silliness, but some of the hate mail and blogging on the News's website has taken mean spirited.
for the peee-tah spokes wench who started all the foolishness. Made my life interesting. I have absolutely no problem with somebody registering a complaint based on something they've seen with their own eyes. This all started from a Freedom of Information act report, not from a visit.
for anybody who takes Buffalo talk radio seriously.
for the polyester-clad press box usher at the hockey game saturday night. I had a pass you saw it, so piss off.

I don't have a box of hammers handy to smack the above so the rant will have to suffice.

Happy Monday, ya'all

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