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Category: internet

04/29/07 08:35 - 48ºF - ID#39091

Roadrunner Redux

Yo Time Warner/ subscribing peeps,

It's not an outtage. It's the formal untangling of Adelphia and the restitching of Roadrunner. Sit tight, engineering types should be through messing with us soon. Watch the mail, the shift from to is up for this week too

Back to your regularly scheduled estrip
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Category: work

04/28/07 01:50 - 43ºF - ID#39074

Alright, who beat me up

Alright, I know I have a few more miles on me than some of you all, but damn, who knew.

Four straight twelve hour days have feeling like the loser in a bar fight. We've been short staffed and the solution seems to be to have me fill in. At 43, I'm not too old for much, but apparently I pay for it the next day. All the final pushing to get shake off the Adelphia and implement the Time Warner (especially all the Road Runner Technical goodies) are getting implimented over the past few days and should finish by the middle of next week. This is a good thing because my supervisor's supervisor is about to explode. Given her turtle like physique & demeanor, that will not be a pretty thing. The result of the changes has had me tossing modems and dvrs every which way. When my muscles stop aching they might be in a little better shape. But what price. I've picked up work tomorrow just early enough to wreck any chance of roller derby tonight and in at 7 on monday (we need your computer skills...bitch, please). They need me to be better caffienated at that hour. Can office coffee successfully run through an IV? I may just find out.

Interviewed for a slighty different position within the company that has my interest. I must have put on a good show since they already called my direct boss. Might be kind of nice to head to the waterfront provided the pay is right.

Anybody up for a matinee on a rainy day? Popcorn for lunch seems like a good thing

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Category: sports, sorta

04/23/07 06:43 - 68ºF - ID#39018

Me and Stanley

Well, his cup anyway. Occasionally work yields some cool things. The network "Versus" (the cable channel broadcasting the Hockey playoffs in the US for you non-fans) threw a private shindig for TW employees during the game last friday. Free food, comped ale and the following souvenir. Couldn't say no especially after the free food part. About nine people took this picture at once and they all pretty much suck, but can't beat the price of the souvenir.

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Category: ohoto

04/22/07 11:16 - 59ºF - ID#39010

Sunday in the Park without George

In lieu of dinner tonight, and not really wanting to go home too soon, I grabbed my camera and headed out to the marina for a hike. Got to see a few interesting sites

Iceburgs were migrating south for the summer.

I'll never be a postcard photog
And then again, maybe
Where do the wealthy store their boats until May 1st when the marina opens up anyway?

Saw ducks and seagulls making like the Jets and the Sharks over what food there was in the water. Interesting to watch until somebody did something then the whole scrum headed further out into the water.

Having created the illusion of exercise and free air, I repaired to Spot to put a proper end to the day.

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Category: potpourri

04/19/07 10:54 - 54ºF - ID#38966

Bluetooth jackoffs and other oddities

Like most of us here, I like gizmos, but the bluetooth headset wearing fools are grating on me. I used to not really care that our fellow citizens like to walk around looking like Lt. Uhura with metal sticking straight out of their ears. I guess the use of hands free stuff is good for the car drivers and such. The past week and half however, I've been pressed into service at various Time Warner payment centers and these chucklheads are popping up at a high rate of speed. People so abosorbed in a phone call they can't be bothered to pay attention to the person directly in front of them. I used to think that the biggest sin was in being too fucking lazy to reach into your pocket ( or god help us, to your belt clip) and answer the fucking phone. Has it not dawned on us as a people that just because we can take a call anywhere does not mean that we actually have to take the call anywhere.

I set a guy up with internet service without him actually speaking to me. I wandered to the front of the Buffalo Time Warner building the other day and there were no less than four people carrying on intense conversations with people who were not there. Happens all the time on Allen Street, except the people doing the talking there really have blue teeth, if you know what I'm sayin. I mentioned this to my supervisor and we agreed that if we could set em all down, you'd have a helluva round table, prepared to castigate the mayor, tell the Islanders to quit whining that it was a goal and many other issues.

I couldn't resist. As each person got to the counter, none of them got off the phone. Each clerk had to wait for lapses in the conversations or episodes to transact business.

Oy, in other news, I got invited to a short party at Pearl St Brewery tomorrow at the start of the Sabres game, get to have my picture taken with the Stanley Cup. The fact that this is exciting is a tad worrisome to me, but what the hey.

Beta testing for digital phone means I'll have a home phone in the next couple of weeks. TW is going to make a full launch in June. As soon as the prices are determined, I'll say something. Anybody with an email is going to complete the Road Runner change soon.

Lastly, how about that thursday??!?? I only got a little sun at the end of the day, but damn going from Lancaster where I was working to Wegmans on Amherst for foodstuffs was the most fun I had all week. Window down, Ipod cranking some decent driving music, hell, I was giddy just walking to the car.

My firefox weather add on says 68 and Sun tomorrow. People will be hugging spontanously in the streets. Could almost smell (e:joshua)'s grill firing up, as I got closer to down town turned out it was just Cocoa Puff Day at the Cheerios plant.

My Dad stopped by the office to leave me some souvenirs of him and Mom stocking up on Canadian pharmiceuticals. A case of Sleeman's Draught - damn fine beer, yet another reason to believe that the best liquor store around is still the Ft. Erie Duty Free.

Dad needs to stop by work more often.
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Category: potpourri

04/17/07 09:19 - 38ºF - ID#38924

Mr. State Trooper

I have to work in Lancaster today and the journey did wonders for my morale. I was cruising down the 90 doing 55ish. A doofus in a Toyota didn't think I was properly showing my manhood. He was riding my bumper and just as we past the Ogden Street toll barrier, he blew past me, bird flipping all the way. Also at the Ogden St toll barrier is a favorite hiding spot of the New York State Troopers who saw the whole thing. Said Trooper spots the doofus as we collectively make the turn to head north. Trooper waits until the turn is finished for him and cranks on the lights. I pass the stopped cars to see the doofus getting a ticket and looking properly red faced.

Made my morning and we're just getting started.

Hopefully an omen for the day.
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Category: feh

04/15/07 01:35 - 33ºF - ID#38902

Another self-pitying personal post

Can't say you weren't warned

Lot of death lately. A couple of peripheral people in my life are gone or feeling the effects of losing somebody close to them. That combined with my recent posting about the passing of my former Anderson Place neighbor has me feeling, well a little morbid. My now former dad-in-law is in week 3 of chemo. His potential mortality has me thinking. It makes me want to pull over on my way to work and kick the folks smoking under the Roswell No smoking banner in the shins.

This has hit my ex even harder. I'm doing my best to help, but I'm coming to the fact that I signed my lease to leave the house formerly known as mine 3 years ago today. In the six months that immediately followed, I got to deal with the useless response from family members, at one point, she told me that she "wanted the family of her, our kids, and her partner" to find their way with the initial holiday season. Given that I didn't stray, that I took crappy jobs at night to support her and be there for the kids, I was dumbfounded. Point of that anecdote, other than to gloat that the partner is no longer in the picture I guess is to illustrate that despite being generally cool with each other, I resent the circumstances that brought us to this point. I think I'm pretty much over it all, but occasionally something can stir and piss you off all over again. I thought it would be best and easiest that I move (and it was), but it sort of felt like that me guilty in some way. I've struggled at times to remain Dad and buy into the logic that we were just broadening the sphere of people who care for the kids. I mentioned to my eldest that I didn't think a certain person held much regard for me. She, being an enlightened child, replied that I shouldn't sweat it, the certain person is like that with everybody.

Alas, it has made me wonder if I disappeared who'd notice, but when you think hope is evaporating, conversations can reveal a lot. We cleared the "table" of a lot, how things progressed too fast at the house after I left, steps we take together for the kids, etc.

I'm not quite sure where I'm headed with this. Figured getting it down would be better than having these things rattle around in my head. The first bad divorce realtionship send me an email the other day to say hi and I guess that triggered the flipping pages of my mental rolodex.

So, I'm trying to help and be a stand guy and help her when her transitional lesbian relationship takes up with a mutual friend, both of whom insist it's not a relationship from next door to the kids. They are pissed off at me because my kids know them both well, so I made them come clean to kids.

I'm such an asshole.

end of pity
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04/12/07 10:41 - 36ºF - ID#38872

The Don Imus Nonsense

Interesting take on the whole soap opera, written by an African American Columnist

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Category: weather

04/11/07 08:54 - 31ºF - ID#38850

A Sure Sign of Spring

Saw the Elmwood "White Lady" twice yesterday and once today on my way to work. Pretty sure I saw the "Buffalo Shall be Judged" Holy Roller outside the Allentown Trading Company this morning on the way to work.

Kinda wished I had my camera with me. I just drove in via Washington St and as you got closer downtown. You could see a veil of frost on the top of the HSBC arena that faces the lake. It would have made for an interesting pic. Alas.

Beatiful thing about (e:strip) -- getting turned on to something new. Stumbled across (e:joshua) 's myspace page and became a fan of Warren Haynes' acoustic work. Went on a mini itunes shopping spree to collect the awesomeness of it all. Knew the great electric stuff, but my ipod is happy to have a bunch of new tunes.

off to work, great day, peeps
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Category: rant, sorta

04/10/07 08:47 - 36ºF - ID#38842

"I fathered Anna Nicole's Baby!!"

Having stumbled through journalism school and almost home on the Masters, and generally being a bit of a media junkie, I've had a lot of food for thought lately.

Last week's reporting of who raised the most money campaigning for president made me wonder if all the national media outlets (aside from the Onion and Utne Reader) have gone around the bend. The thing that ultimately pisses me off a little is that such reporting basically annoints candidates as viable and to a degree influences voter choices. And before I incur (e:Joshua)'s wrath for picking on Fox again, it struck me that MSNBC (home of the newly color blind Don Imus) was worst at this. They were continually harping on how much the money tally means for Obama versus how much it means for Clinton. Should other candidates reorganize? etc. Since the republican tallies weren't quite as high, MSNBC didn't spend a whole lot on those candidates. Mitt Romney raised the most (the hell kind of name is Mitt?) and they ignored him preferring to overanalyze on Guiliani & McCain. If I haven't bored you to tears yet, you might wonder what difference this makes. All it means is that they can all afford to keep campaigning (shocker there) long before we wanted them to. It's funny because of none of this has anything to do with what any of these people would do as president. It's literally reporting because there is nothing else to say, but continued reporting like that could prop up somebody not worth propping up (cough, John Edwards) or deflate somebody unnecessarily (carping on McCain for being weak as a fundraiser hardly seemed important

(e:jenks) mentioned her love of TIVO. I hold mine in similar high regard. Mine offered up Bill Maher's last show on HBO. Maher was asking about the candidates in talking with Chris Rock. Rock's initial answer was he wished "Gore would get in it soon. He's more qualified than all the others out there." Not sure, I agree, but an interesting take nonetheless.

Don't remember a presidential campaign getting this ramped up so soon. When I was in school the first time, I made a good buck working for all the news organizations who couldn't be bothered to come near St. Bonaventure and the surrounding area. They all hired the week before. If we are voting in February, it would be cool if they (the candidates, the news organizations, etc) would cool it till the fall at least. We're not going to find anything out in the interim.

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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...