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Category: weather

01/08/14 12:33 - ID#58555

Stormy (Blizzzard edition)

That really has no ring to it at all, but it is what it is.

There are no pictures here as there are plenty elsewhere, just a couple of thoughts as I listen to my landlord do the driveway plowing.

I have a found a few things out over the past few days including: I have absolutely no patience for those taking to social media to whine about what they did or didn't get in their front yard. You didn't get four feet on your sidewalk, too flipping bad. That's a burden for a lot of folks including you. Go outside, make your snow angel in the plentiful snow we got and zip it. One person's frolic could mean serious issues for those surrounding you. You have sunshine and pavement in your neighborhood! Mazel Tov and shut up too. When it is as cold as it has been, there are folks who've had to struggle with minimal heat, icy conditions, snow totals that might be beyond their abilities to move it. So, knock it off.

As George Carlin would say, here's another group of guys who should be slapped with a bag of hammers: the goofs comparing how this blizzard doesn't stack up to other blizzards because of snow totals or whatever meaningless statistic. "Only 18 inches of snow, that's no blizzard they write, back in the day, 77, that was a blizzard." I know plenty of folks who have been or will be shoveling in this crappy wind chill would like a word with ya, Sparky. I mean, if you've lived in the Buffalo Area for a significant length of time, you've been through something like this before at some point, but each one is different, weather being funny that way. The local guys I watched pretty much got it spot on, but hearing some wags on social media attempt to joke about one storm versus another and how "this was nothing" is exasperating. Bet the plow drivers, triple a folk, and police groups doing travel ban duty don't think so. Some of these storms like 77 had body counts. This one did too. So, I don't get overrought when this type of weather gets here, but I take it seriously, despite the fact the phrase "Polar Vortex" sounds like something the Enterprise ought to be orbiting.

It seems there are few folks griping about preventative measures, like cancelling schools before the storm itself starts. "We didn't do that in my day." Well, your day might have been stupid.

We were fortunate as kids. My mom had no problem overruling the school superintendent. I was half tempted to have her call the NHL about the Sabres-Hurricanes game yesterday. You're lucky, Bettman, mom is on speed dial.
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Category: weather

01/03/14 09:17 - ID#58531 pmobl


Dont need a thermometer

its cold

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i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...