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Category: work

10/20/12 09:48 - ID#56846 pmobl

Weekend duty

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Category: work

10/20/12 09:39 - ID#56845 pmobl

another day at the office

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10/20/12 11:00 - ID#56838

Catching Up

That past month of so went by fast. Work has been so event heavy, even when I've had sometime to put thought to screen, it's taken a bit of making my mental remote control to stop to know what.

Got to celebrate my Dad's 76th birthday last Sunday between Zoo events last weekend. Given his triple bypass in the Spring, it was a good thing to kick back, yell at the Bills and be thankful. It also tempered my own guilt at not making it to Purchase for younger daughter's Family Day. The ex and her partner and number one son made the trek and repeated my spoilage from the end of September. Not a huge deal, but I felt a little low at having to work three different Zoo events over the two days. But, that too shall pass.

Sick of the election season already, wish we could just vote. Nobody is saying anything worth listening to, nobody is asking questions that matter, and nobody is answering them.

Got to check out Mike A's Lounge in the Lafayette last night with some old and new friends, liked it a lot.

I screwed my ankle in the early summer, bad pulled the muscles right behind my achilles and the good doctor folks said that takes time to recover from, patience being the best thing with nerves. While that has never been my strong suit, some of the women in my office give me the "You've been limping" for awhile. They never ask if it hurts, am I okay, that bit, so when I got the "You've been Limping..." schtick the other day, I finally groused, "Yeah, my doctor says I need two to three old bitties a day yelling at it for improvement." Shut em up it did. Apparently, could be as much as six months to totally get over it wasn't enough for the office moms.

The second date from two posts ago, didn't turn into a third....and so it goes.
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