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Category: miscellany

05/31/08 02:05 - 65ºF - ID#44498

Random Notes

Not sure what precipatated it, but I've been getting spammed of late with Cialis and Viagara emails. No content just a blank email about "your order." This internet has a strange sense of humor.

Just looked out my window and saw one driveway with a truck removing belonging and the other with a truck unloading. Wonder if anybody is trying to upgrade.

I mentioned in chatter that I came out of work one day and it looked like somebody was trying to get the flap door of my gas tank. Had the would be thief tried to open from the left side instead of the right, they probably would have been set, but not being terribly swift all they did was bend the hinge.

Rode my bike to work one day this week and was relived that I didn't die, despite the dog walkers, door openers that populate Elmwood in the early morning. Had the added thrill of dealing with some little twerp thinking he was cool by pretending to kick at my bike while he rode past. God bless my long reach. "just kiddin, mmmister" Uh-huh.

Reeled in 40,000 dollars for the Zoo in two days last week, but I'm getting little nervous anyway. Want to get somebody nailed down for a sponsorship soon. If your companies are feeling charitable, let me know.

Going to test drive an Elantra on Tuesday, to see how the whole thing feels. If ever there was a driver who could use an extended warranty, it's my sorry self.

Skipped the first Thursday in the Square in favor of beer that I already paid for and Lost. Lost may have confused me thoroughly. I can't decide if it was kind of awesome or downright maddening. But the beer was good.

Thought long and hard, at least a minute or so, about the letter Sam Hoyt sent out about committee positions. While the possibility of seeing the mechanics of local politics could be interesting, I never straight party voted for anything. I registered democrat for the sake of a primary vote, but am rare in that I know plenty of smart republicans and easily bumfuzzled democrats and the best stuff comes when all get together to form a policy. That hardly ever seems to happen anymore.

Despite that, I got to admit I like seeing Governor Paterson come out in favor of the gay marriage legislation. I completely respect that he is interested in leading than running for relection from the get go. I'm sure his in-boxes are filling up with loveletters from Pentacostals, Evangelicals and other fundamentalist party animals, but I respect the fact that he took a position, and a sensible one at that.

On the other side of the coin, Jimmy Griffin reaffrims the rock star notion of death being a great career move. The lionization of Griffin over the past few days amazed me. I was here during his "reign" and not a day went by that he wasn't fighting with somebody. Sure the ballpark is great, but none of the "tributes" mentioned his oft-indicted parks commissioner, how he fixated on a few projects at the expense of everything else in the city or the generally confrontational nature of things. I respected him because he never spun, he just did. (In that respect, he was infinitely better than Masiello). But hell, he wasn't St. Jimmy either.

Used to love the spectacle of Artists and Models, but I'm wondering if I'm getting too old to enjoy. Got a free night and everything.

Wednesday is economic stimulus night at the Bisons (got to love an always thinking promo department) Anybody want to go and buy one, get one.

oh well, off to refill the growler for the weekend. I heart the VBM.

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Category: miscellany

05/23/08 08:26 - 55ºF - ID#44432

Random Notes from a cluster of a week

It's been a tough week and this might be what's left of my mind.

Blew up at an account executive. This woman from a local magazine fishing for business came to my office with her rep, who I knew quite well. The Exec decided that being a recent Zoo addition translated into me just starting in marketing work. She reminded me of the actress who plays the all knowing secretary in The American President if only the Exec could have been that interesting. She decided it was okay to lecture to me like I was 14 and I was taking Dad's hot rod out for the first time. One passing comment, I can let go, but after about 10 minutes of being talked at like I was "Special," I caved and voiced my displeasure, reminding her that I have done this work and that I didn't get hired because I look good on casual fridays (I do). By this time, I'm standing and my boss is observing me from across the hallway. Exec: "well, what should I do?" Me: "Walk to your car" Her rep mouthes "I'm sorry" as they leave. My boss told me that shouldn't become a habit, but I was right. Certainly not real high on the professional behavior scale, and I'm not proud of verbally chasing somebody away, but there has to be limits, especially when I'm the friggin client

I hate that kind of shit. I'm not particularly good at it, not relishing conflict and all, but sometimes you got to be ready to tell somebody to shut the fuck up. It messed up my flow for the rest of yesterday, so I went straight from work to go watch Indiana Jones. Yesterday's creative writing had to wait till today when I was just empty creatively. I had two early presentations that messed up any movie going plans on Wednesday.

Feh, ready for the weekend

Anybody else get nervous in traffic when you see a car coming up behind you and the driver is a little too into their phone conversation.

I think I journal here a lot to keep those writing skills easier to come by. Had to crank out a series of ads and my first billboards for the Zoo, a lame pun on how you won't use much gas to get there.

Minor apartment tragedy: One of the most thoughful gifts I received in recent years was at the first estrip secret santa. The lovely (e:ladycroft) set me up with a series of little items that left me very moved. One of the items was a "ONE" bracelet that became part of my daily costume. Yesterday it snapped after 18 months of use. Might have colored my bias against the travesty that was thursday. Left for work strangely upset by that. Maybe the exec paid a little harshly for her crimes, but hell she deserved it.

(e:joshua) is right on the money with Lagniappe's, just came back full of fried crab po'boy. The afterglow is a good feeling.

Still mulling over directions on car purchases. My shaky credit and I got approved for a lease on a Corolla, but I can't help but wonder if a n Intrepid purchase make more sense.

Miss (e:theecarey) 's vision in these pages

Indiana Jones was fun. It ain't Raiders, but what could be. Whatever Harrison Ford and Karen Allen are drinking, I'd like some, please.

A three day weekend couldn't have come at a better time.

Eat, drink and be merry ya'all

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05/23/08 07:42 - 45ºF - ID#44426

Wonder what Simon thought

I'm not much of an American Idol fan but this was one of the better acts.

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Category: film

05/19/08 07:57 - 48ºF - ID#44394

I'm a bad geek

Two passes for tonight's preview of the new Indiana Jones movie were tossed on my desk a few days ago and after watching a large portion of the Sci Fi showings, I made plans to go, easily done since who is free on a Monday evening. I drove over to the Regal after work and saw people in line at 5:30 for a 7:00 show. I was going to exchange my pass for a ticket and go drink at Wild Wings for an hour or so.

I walked in and thought this is ridiculous. The movie is going to play for next few months, including downtown on thursday where the popcorn is so much better. What is to be gained by shoehorning myself into an overstuffed theater? Not a damn thing, only thing to be gained by going to a preview is that Jeff Simon might be in the next seat hating whatever is going on on the screen. I know of no one who would be impressed by getting in tonight. Give me the real butter of the Market Arcade.

Instead of fighting for a seat I didn't want all the badly, guinness and wings at the Anchor Bar were a much better solution.
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05/16/08 01:49 - 59ºF - ID#44367

Hi, I'm Troy McClure

And you might remember me from such crappy Zoo commercials like "The Lemurs ate my Ice Cream" and "No, monkeys really aren't coming out of your butt." My job sometimes has me doing some very silly things. At some point, I'll have to dish about being Johnny Bravo at a Bisons game.


Rare multiple post kind of a day. This is beyond cheesy and I only got to write part of it, and you can tell when I have to shift from one paper to the next. It aired a couple times on Star 102 on Wednesday. I think I'll keep my day job.
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05/16/08 11:44 - 57ºF - ID#44360

eye rubber

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Category: random

05/15/08 05:04 - ID#44351

Allergies suck and other random notes

My allergies ramped up this week and for the past two days, I feel like I've been underwater and not in a good way. I tried walking the ring road at Delaware Park at lunchtime and with all the beautiful flora, I looked like a bad break up happened to me on my stroll.
This, too, shall pass...

Skeery driving in this morning. I turned off of Amherst onto Colvin going the Park and this white SUV is following me. I'm sort of groaning anyway as all the walkers who come to the Park for a prework walk all come to that end so there is precious few places to park. As I'm cruising to the last available spots, this SUV is filling my rear view mirror, enought that I'm getting a little afraid that if I stop my little red buggy quickly, I'll be a mitsubishi pancake left in its wake. I see a space to pull into and escape unscathed. Worse part was she wasn't looking for parking, she was just using the park to turn around on Amherst St. I get out of the car and promptly drop a bottle of orange juice which rolls down the curve of the road, under my car and is floating like the good ship lollipop on the other side of my car in the mud puddle by the grass. If that doesn't say omen, I'm not sure what does.

Thank god it's payday so the day recovered quickly. The Zoo runs a fundraiser in July called Wines in the Wild. It's a pricy mini Taste of Buffalo with some spas thrown in for good measure. The chairman was all proud that he got one of the golf stores to come and set up a "Golf Simulator" at this years event. I guess you hit a real ball and then computer generation shows what "happens" next. He was rubbing that in my face, so I responded in kind. I got one of the video game stores to come in and set up a station for people to play "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band" between stuffing their faces. I think my contribution will be better received.

I took my son to see Iron Man and it was a lot of fun. I was smart enough to be the only guy over 30 of the many to bring a kid with him. To achieve intellectual balance, I went to see Chicago 10 at the Amherst. It will probably be gone tomorrow, but it was an interesting take on late 60's politics. I can say I had some brain food before I go to a special preview of Indiana Jones on Monday.

As soon as I figure out how to post an mp3 to play, I'll put up the cheesy commericial I recorded. It aired on Star 102 a couple of times and since I only got to write part of it, I sounded a little much like "Troy McClure."

Good tv tonight -- got the DVR set to earn its keep, catching Earl, Office, Lost, Grey's and American Chopper while I head off to help fight the No Child left Behind policy. There are some flaws inside them good intentions and stupid me, said I'd write a statement for next week's Buffalo School Board, just got to find some other sap to read it.

Partook of a growler of Alexander Keith's from the Village Beer Merchant and it was quite tasty. Now, that I have the growler fee paid, I may have to head back for a refill.

Think I may have stumbled into a relationship, too -- so far so good.

Good's starting to outnumber the bad.....

Keep passing the open windows, ya'all

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Category: holiday

05/11/08 04:52 - 65ºF - ID#44310

Happy Mother's Day

Good times, watch, chuckle knowingly

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Category: work

05/06/08 02:36 - 63ºF - ID#44255

Gratuitious 400th post

Another Zoo baby pic (posted by indirect request of (e:hodown))

Before the rains came Saturday, we had a little fun. When the rains did come, I learned an important fact. Wet purple is not a good look for a man of my years, but check out old frosting face (no,not me)


Never saw a Rhino charge before, but the two ton mother could book. She was a little excited for cake. She charged the cake, skidding considerably to stop herself in time. Who were we to say no?


Too effin cute.

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05/05/08 10:00 - 50ºF - ID#44238

Sunday in the Park Photo Dump

Went wandering around Hoyt Lake and Glens Falls, came back with a few interesting images.











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