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Category: life

08/28/11 03:02 - ID#55045

A Hard Time

Needed to get this out somewhere. I picked up a friend of the female persuasion a couple years back. We dated for a bit then cooled off, met up after a few months then cooled off, chatted occasionally and started doing stuff once in awhile and during last winter became involved again only to have it go off the rails shortly after St. Patrick's Day.

Saved a friendship which is nice, if a little odd, but it worked as she was my main music seeing partner for summer tunes. Neither of us was involved and I'll admit to occasionally wishing for another chance, but such is life.

About two weeks ago, she became involved with some guy. Trying to be a friend, I tried to say all the right supportive things.

Now, back in June we bought tickets for last night's Great Big Sea show, and she offered a surplus ticket to the new dude. I asked if this was now a date night and I'm in the way. No, no, it is a music night.

All well and good, but I get this feeling of dread even before arriving last night. Dude is sitting on the porch so I being a grownup went and said hello. My friend appears and gives me the usual hug, no big deal, but pulls out cigarettes. This is new, only being an occasional smoker. It was like watching somebody play a role.

My music loving partner talked through the first 1/3 of Great Big Sea. I had to walk away a couple of times because I felt my head hurting.

You ever look forward to something then really tread it. My friend was there in body, but its inhabitant was all about impressing this person. Part of me understand that but watching somebody you know turn and twist their usual persona is something I don't understand.

I guess what has me most upset is this feeling of I don't know, abandonment, that relagated me to third wheel and concerned that my friend is gone.

When you don't many to start with at this age, that is a harsh thing too.

So, I'm not sure what to do. Have I be getting used all along? Do I react any further? Pretty sure if I go to the Machine at Artpark on Tuesday, I think it won't be in their company.
Sorry, need to vent somewhere than other to my ex
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Category: random

08/27/11 12:06 - ID#55034

"Oh Me, Oh My"

So, summer is winding down. I hate that. I guess all seasons have to, but for whatever reason, Winter seems like to loiter like a bad party guest, rummaging for more dip in the fridge when you just want to go up to bed. My informal exercise program this summer has included laps of the Erie Basin Marina and the Central Wharf. It was interesting to note the stage for the concerts was away for a time before returning for the last stand this weekend. I've partaken in the local outdoor shows with greater abandon this year and I've had a lot of fun doing it. It's a bit of a double-edged sword. Some arrive for the music, some arrive to just be there, and some just arrive.

While there are already a couple of nice indoor shows coming up for this music buff, the Great Big Sea show is something I've been looking forward to since June and somewhat of a curtain closer as well.

I like a good fun band outside, but the idea that one last trip to Artpark for the Machine's Pink Floyd tribute show might need a jacket is an idea that I'm not quite adjusted to yet.

I know, anticipation of fall is a beautiful thing, but I just want one more beach trip or to in, before we call it a season.
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Category: random

08/22/11 06:46 - ID#54999

Cloud Nine

Nice, late September feel to today. Took some time to go play in some usual haunts









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08/14/11 09:39 - ID#54944


I took my new Nikon camera with for some wandering around on the marina and broderick park. I think I might have spied (e:matthew) by the Miss Buffalo.




Summer must be winding down for the stage to be put away until the final concerts come in two weeks. and winding down is a sucky thing for a season to do unless it is Winter.
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Category: random

08/09/11 02:00 - ID#54912

Monday, any other day of the week is fine, yeah

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Category: work

08/07/11 03:34 - ID#54899

Elephant Parts

I'm not exactly in love with my Iphone these days, thinking of running to Sprint and getting an EVO on the comparative cheap, but occasionally, you get a keeper.

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Category: random

08/07/11 03:32 - ID#54898

Exploring the Canals

While waiting for the B52s to join us in Lockport, my main musical partner in crime and I took a wander in the nearby locks.




And there was lots worthy of further exploration, but the Iphone is only so smart. Point being, go play tourist and wander.

You find cool stuff that way.
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08/07/11 10:42 - ID#54893


Happily, and as per usual, made a bit of a fool of myself at the B-52s show in Lockport. They are still a lot of fun after all these years. I read a little of some band grumbling about the perfomance space and really couldn’t care less. They played a nice set of music and the majority seems to have a blast. I know I did.

I couldn’t help but laugh as there were a few folks watched the show, with an either a stonedfaced expression or a little peeved. What you see is what you get with the B52s and seeing those folks with such zombified expressions, made me laugh even more.
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Category: ranting

08/03/11 08:57 - ID#54852

The Summer Wind

So, spanning the world…..

Really disappointed in the President and pretty much Congress in general. All the theater, the stupidity, yes, Tea-Party led foolishness around the debt ceiling produced a crappy bill, defunded the FAA and 70-80,000 construction workers on FAA projects as well as infrastructure projects are out of work. Who are these people all these guys are claiming to represent? Bet all of the legislators made their vacation connections on time as the Speaker does need that tanning time.

Over 100 teachers got laid off in Buffalo this week, but we are shopping for an administrator? um, wha? If there are underperforming schools, you’d think the superintendent might take a direct interest in that. That shouldn’t be the kind of thing you farm out.

So, WNED bought WBFO this week as UB sort of lost interest in the radio station. Jeff Simon repeated in the Buffalo News his old laments about the death of jazz radio in Buffalo. As my Dad and I discussed, that story is so dead, it has a tombstone. I’m a little more interested in keeping the great blues shows they have on now. Sure, it would be great for jazz, big band, oldies all to find a place on the airwaves, but WBFO’s audience share bounced up when they turned into a NPR repeater. Since it is public, perhaps a little thought would go into what is next. And, while I’m at it, perhaps WNED might attract a greater listen share if the on-air staff wasn’t so reserved. I’m not saying morning show antics for a classical music station, but perhaps if the announcers weren’t seemingly talking down to people, teaching them, more people might tune in.

I think we ought to have an NFL lockout until this time every year. It was a little more exciting seeing all the compressed movement and actual news, maybe just a ban on reporting next spring. The splurge of news made the Bills seem interesting. Let’s not kid ourselves folks. It ain’t a playoff team in St. John Fisher this year either, but it could be fun. At least the uniforms have improved.

Took in the “Outer Harbor Fest” over the weekend and it was a noble effort I suppose. I found myself lamenting all this great space, all this potential for water access (A Beach in the City, For the the LOVE OF GOD, that is the big project!! make that happen and stores will trip over themselves.), and that made the lame band, food and lousy rides seem even that more pitiful. A well-intentioned sound guy tried to pep us all up with tales of the thousands who were there Saturday evening, but the 30 or so of us there Sunday afternoon were a little skeptical. My son did give the fried dough high marks, so I guess that is something to build on. It bugs me as that space has sat for years now and something could happen. Witness the wharf, mimic that and good times can happen.

Here’s the view from adjacent the temporary Tilt-A-Whirl. Maybe Gallagher Beach ain’t the space, I’m sure there are engineering issues, but could you imagine if there was more water access for those of us who don’t own boats? Could fix a lot.

As this week has shown, there is plenty in need of fixing.
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