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Category: holiday

04/24/11 10:49 - ID#54144

Happy Easter

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Category: holiday

04/18/11 08:59 - ID#54088

What if Moses Had Facebook

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Category: holiday

04/17/11 06:56 - ID#54075

Sponge Candied


Never been a big booster of sponge candy, but as seen at the Broadway Market today, if this doesn't impress, you need a checkup.
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04/17/11 05:35 - ID#54073


This came on while driving around near the Broadway Market today, made me happy
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04/16/11 02:29 - ID#54060

Busy month this week

Been one of those weeks, both my ex and my office's p.r. coordinator were gone for the bulk of the week. That alone threatened to yield some interesting moments. I posted something to that effect on facebook. One of the local reporters called me up to tease and I told her no tv until the dishes were finished. This, as the kids were fixing their homework in production.

Excited for the start of the outdoor music season, as the Dark Star Orchestra and Elvis Costello will be at the waterfront the final weekend in June to get things going. I saw DSO at the Town Ballroom last month and made a damn fool outside of myself, a grand time to be sure. I liked Elvis's talk show which proved his band and he still have it after all these years.

I survived the "red-ring" of death on my xbox and finally got all geeked up with the help of a new router. I got the xbox to see the router and the desktop and vice versa, which when done seemed like an awful lot of trouble to stream "Anchorman" from Netflix, but what the hell, it was still funny.

Brief Yelp like notice -- Boomerrangs on Niagara is a new favorite, good cheap crabcakes and cool refreshing adult beverages. Can't beat that.

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Category: music

04/06/11 10:31 - ID#53993

Feel Like a Number

One of the cultural touchstones of my high school years was the weekend in 1980 when Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band played the Aud shortly after school started. They came and sold out three nights in the Aud. Nobody had ever done that before. Whenever a big concert came to town, you had to sport your souvenir t-shirt at school the next day.

I was thinking about that as I’m set to check in with Mr. Seger when he plays Saturday Night at the HSBC Arena. At a little more that 30 years, it is the longest gap in seeing an act for me for the second time and made me reflect on the differences in concert going.

I went to the Saturday night Seger show after a group of friends and i pooled our money at the then outrageous price of $9.00 each and connected up at the National Record Mart in Eastern Hills Mall. You either went there or to 210 Delaware depending on who was presenting the show. As there was no online, there was no pre-sales, no fan clubs, just show up, pay your money and you take the ticket that was available. The net effect of this was it caused the minimum wage earning employees of the record store to act like it was they who were special. WE were the ones goin to the show there, biznitch!

For our troubles, we were able to park in the Aud’s main lot (where the Baseball Stadium of many names now stands), where every car top seemingly displayed a case of Miller High Life. Our seats were in the very last row of the oranges, about as high and as far away as you could be and still be in the building, but you were in the building, man!

So, a lot has changed in the intervening years, especially the cost to get in the building. Recent pictures of Bob look like a hybrid of Grizzly Adams and Kenny Rogers, but then again dark nrown is a color my own hair is not. By the same token, I’m looking forward to hearing a few things that haven’t been radio staples as Mr. Seger has never lost his place on the rock radio playlists.

It will just be nice to hear them in person, after all, it’s been a long wait. And yeah, I got a shirt, they were $8 and our history teacher was impressed.

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