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06/26/06 11:06 - 71ºF - ID#29546

Edgefest and Other Things

Just another manic monday...

I think I prepped for my interview as best I can. I have the list of questions as set as they can be. I have the long list of stock responses properly clear in my mind. Writing them out long hand seems to help my aging mind and thanks to three free Heinkens at Edgefest I'm good and relaxed.

Speaking of Edgefest, I met up with a younger colleague from work and caught a few bands. He bailed on me right before 30 Seconds to Mars. I hung out to see what the fuss was about. I wound up thinking they were pretty good. Lots of folks flying through the air. I never thought of the convention center capable of mosh pit hosting til tonight. It was a nice sight to see. The whole crowd reminded me of why I originally liked going to the Pink. The age span was vast. It went from teenagers to folks in their 50s. I was pleasantly surprised by the nice vibe and got to enjoy the company of (e:Ladycroft) and (e:imk2) (as well as daughter of same). I had a good time hanging out with you guys. Hope I didn't cramp your style too much. I did get the benefit of someone else's loss. An autographed 30 Seconds CD was laying on the ground having fell out of someone's grasp. I stood and looked at it and inspected directions. Nobdy was coming for it, so I gave it a home.

My boss sent me an email saying I won a $250 gift card in the finality of a promotion we've been running to mark the end of Adelphia so there are toys and at least some decent beer in my future. I'm hoping these are positive omens for tomorrow at 5. Only down side is that my son is getting belt tested at the same time. I was anxious to see Mr. Happy Go Lucky show his stuff with the Nunchucks before the judges, but I'm promised lots of pictured as his mom and I liked the sound of the raise I'd get if I get this job.

I must be on somebody's radar. I asked a woman to the movies -- An Inconvient Truth -- earlier -- she said yes.

Maybe that discomfort I felt earlier was a horseshoe in the right place instead of gas.

Must be a sign....
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06/25/06 07:51 - 70ºF - ID#29545

Sunday night......

It's a little peculiar but I'm taking comfort in that Grey's Anatomy repeats are back on. I could use a little mind candy.

Had to laugh a little. I took my son to the pool right before the really hard rain started to fall. As it did, the lifeguard started shooing us all out. It was kind of funny to see upwards of twenty people running for cover from the rain when they were all already in swimsuits. Got to get out of the pool so you don't get wet.

Can't believe it is almost monday again, weekend rolled quick. Aside from interview news, my kids all flew into their next grades which is good. Nobody has to attend school this summer except me. I'm resuming my masters work at St. Bonaventure at Hilbert in August. Not sure my aging brain is ready for that.

I was getting caught up with the rents and was bemoaning the drainings on my recent paychecks and trying to be a big boy about it. When we were leaving, my mom slipped me $40.00. While that doesn't accomplished much, it made me feel good.

Ordered heelys for my darling middle child's birthday in two weeks and am promptly broke again. Good thing the Edgefest beer is free.

Speaking of which, my job entails drowning in the occasional piles of swag and whatnot. The bulk is crap for promotions or just crap. I did offer to beta test the HD TV set and xbox 360. My boss just gave the look that said stop being an idiot.

Have a good week, everybody.
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06/23/06 02:24 - 74ºF - ID#29544

I am an internet God!!

Well, not really, but I'm not dead yet professionally. I just got a call to interview for running a division of the next cable company here. The digital pow-wow is set for Tuesday. So, who knows maybe there are second acts in things other than politics. I tend to think it's more like Michael Myers of Broadband, just when you think I'm dead, I'm up again.........

More to come, think happy thoughts
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06/22/06 11:35 - 70ºF - ID#29543

Too much U2?

I love the band but this takes Bono down a deserved peg. Too damn funny. Enjoy

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06/21/06 09:32 - 69ºF - ID#29542

An Inconvenient Truth

On my to do list is check out Al Gore's movie. I picked up the book and if he spoke with this much passion during the 2000 election, it might have made Florida a non-issue. Thanks to (e:AJAY), I've gotten hooked on Throw Away Your One of the more entertaining archives was Keith Olbermann's (one of my favorite tv guys) interview with the former V.P. Together, they get you thinking without talking down to you. Neat trick that. Check them out.

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06/20/06 08:24 - 70ºF - ID#29541

My thighs hate me

At least for the moment anyway. I got my bike out for the first time this season. I decided it would be best after getting the bike ready and myself stretched that I might as well get fully back into biking in EV. That meant taking on Elmwood like a bicyclist should, in the street.

I do have a helmet and wear it, but on my fat head, I look like an irish version of the Great Gazoo from the Flintstones. With some sunglasses on, I looked liked Gazoo's handicapped older brother. Flintstone!!

Anyhoo, after providing the Spot/Brodo crowd with reason to doubletake, I got from Lexington to Forest without one single motorist flipping me off (must be doing something right) and did a quick 180 and worked my way back. Not wanting to push it, I headed back downn Bryant, past the old Buffalo Rome and Just Pasta when my thigh muscles wanted a word with me. In short, they insinuated that if I didn't start taking it back home, my back was going to have a difficult thursday and I was going to make a noise everytime I got out of a chair. Not being one to argue, I headed back for the apartment.

Tomorrow night, I'll try and distract them and go a little further, gullible bastards, they fell for the same trick last year. I'm not out for anything crazy, just trying to maintain and feel a little better, a little more often.

By next week, I'll get brave and hit the cemetary and park where the really crazy drivers are.
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06/20/06 11:33 - 69ºF - ID#29540

The survey

1. How did you find out about/why did you become of estrip?

By accident, I was meandering around the internet and literally stumbled on to it. A journaling site within my own neighborhood, it merited further exploration.

2. How "out" are you about having a publicly accessible online journal. Do your friends know? Does your family know? Do your co-workers know? Does your boss know? Do you use your real name? Do you use your real photo?

I'm pretty out. It's my real picture, Mike is my real first name. My boss asked me about the bumpersticker. I'm hiding, but in plain site

3. How many epeeps have you met real life? Haven't counted totally, but I've had the good fortune to meet Vincent, Paul, Matthew, Terry, Enknot, Jenks, imk, Ladycroft, Dragonlady, Zobar, Mike, Uncutsaniflush, TheCarey, LeeTee, Metalpeter, and a number of folks I'm forgetting, but I do apologize. It's a great group of folks

4. How has estrip changed the way that you meet people, on and/or off line? Not really, you do learn about people from how they write and being a little more open to new people and ideas will get you more in the return. I suppose I'm reaping the benefit of other peeps web experiences and learning from them in terms of everything from the web to new music to not being so tunnel vision like when I enter spot.

5. How has estrip affected you love life? Not yet but hope springs eternal

6. How many of your friends have joined estrip because of your influence? No, I kind of like keeping you guys to myself

7. Are you from Buffalo/do you live in Buffalo?

1. What type of hardware or software purchases have you made as a result of using estrip?
None yet, I have both kids and a divorce attorney that have eaten into my gadget budget

2. Have you used the mobile version of estrip? Why or why not? Not yet as my cell phone is on the lame mostly just a phone side

1. In what way has estrip changed your Internet surfings habits? Describe the amount of time you spend on estrip, when you use it and about how long? Estrip is a fixture of my surfing habits. If I'm killing some time or just want to see what thinkin is going on, I stop in

1a. How many journals do you usually read per day?
Hard to say, a dozen roughly.

2. In what ways has estrip changed the way you perceive your local community? No, it reinforces all the nothings that brought to this neighborhood initially.

3. How has journaling about your life affected the way you spend your free time? Nah, it gives me a place to expand my thoughts after all the people have left

4. Has estrip changed your living situation in any way?

5. Do you find that you mediate/document more of your experiences now that you share them with others? Not really

6. Has publishing on estrip affected the way that write? I've always fancied myself a decent writer and this venue hasn't dictated how I do that.

7. Do you have other online journals? If so, with what service and has estrip affected your usage of that journal? Not anymore.

8. Have you ever gotten in trouble for using estrip at work?
One of the benefits of working for an ISP. Those who've seen it think it's pretty cool
9. If you have stopped using estrip, why? N/A

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06/18/06 12:56 - 87ºF - ID#29539

Dads and Photoshop

This is what happens
when your Parent
is a
Graphic Designer

(a parent with a wide range of political and entertaining views)










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06/19/06 10:03 - 69ºF - ID#29538

Good kids

gave me a Spot card for father's day. Nothing like walking into a meeting this morning with a Mucho Grande House Blend permeating the institutional java everybody else was sporting. A week of doing that may help my disposition. Good kids. That kind of stuff wouldn't happen off Hertel.
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06/18/06 12:45 - 87ºF - ID#29537

Sunday Afternoon

While trying to coax the website into letting me have the Dave Matthews show from Wednesday night, this arrived in my email:

    If a dog were your teacher
These are some of the lessons you might learn...

When loved ones come home, always run to greet them
Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride
Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face
to be pure ecstasy

When it's in your best interest
practice obedience
Let others know when they've invaded your territory
Take naps and stretch before rising
Run romp and play daily

Thrive on attention and let people touch you
Avoid biting, when a simple growl will do
On warm days stop to lie on your back on the grass
On hot days drink lots of water and lay under a shady tree
When you're happy dance around and wag your entire body

No matter how often you're scolded
don't buy into the guilt thing and pout
run right back and make friends

Delight in the simple joy of a long walk
Eat with gusto and enthusiasm
Stop when you have had enough
Be loyal
Never pretend to be something you're not

If what you want lies buried
dig until you find it
When someone is having a bad day
be silent .....
...sit close by.

...and nuzzle them gently.
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