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06/19/06 10:03 - 69ºF - ID#29538

Good kids

gave me a Spot card for father's day. Nothing like walking into a meeting this morning with a Mucho Grande House Blend permeating the institutional java everybody else was sporting. A week of doing that may help my disposition. Good kids. That kind of stuff wouldn't happen off Hertel.
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06/18/06 12:45 - 87ºF - ID#29537

Sunday Afternoon

While trying to coax the website into letting me have the Dave Matthews show from Wednesday night, this arrived in my email:

    If a dog were your teacher
These are some of the lessons you might learn...

When loved ones come home, always run to greet them
Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride
Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face
to be pure ecstasy

When it's in your best interest
practice obedience
Let others know when they've invaded your territory
Take naps and stretch before rising
Run romp and play daily

Thrive on attention and let people touch you
Avoid biting, when a simple growl will do
On warm days stop to lie on your back on the grass
On hot days drink lots of water and lay under a shady tree
When you're happy dance around and wag your entire body

No matter how often you're scolded
don't buy into the guilt thing and pout
run right back and make friends

Delight in the simple joy of a long walk
Eat with gusto and enthusiasm
Stop when you have had enough
Be loyal
Never pretend to be something you're not

If what you want lies buried
dig until you find it
When someone is having a bad day
be silent .....
...sit close by.

...and nuzzle them gently.
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06/18/06 10:46 - 82ºF - ID#29536

This schmuck of a Dad

got his Father's Day present early.

I've written about my son before, but the daughters sometimes get shortshift and I apologize to them about that. Don't want to be accused of playing favorites. Anyhoo, since my separation and now divorce, every Friday involves all of em coming to my apartment at least for a night. This one was no different. We went swimming and did dinner and whatnot and generally hung out. It was pretty great.

Saturday, I told my sister's SO that I would come over and help him move some furniture for a yard sale he was having. Came back to the apartment and slowly me and the kids got the day going for real. We went over to the sale so the kids could see their aunt and pick out some stuff. After lunch we headed back to the pool. My son met a friend of his there and the invite was extended to go see Fantastic Four at the friends house. Who am I to say no to more "clobbering time."

It was me and the girls. It's been an educational dynamic for me. Sometimes they've been punching the clock, "When are we going home?" That sort of thing. Yesterday, it was what's for dinner and unspoken hanging out, with a little bit of laughing mixed in. Pretty great . I must be doing something right.
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06/15/06 09:46 - 75ºF - ID#29535

The old guy is listening to good stuff

My dignity was taking a beating today. It was Father Son Day at my son's Tae Kwan Do studio. When your eight year old extends a personal invite, you can't say no. I acquitted myself fairly well. I got through it all and am reasonably sure I wasn't turning purple during the stretching exercises, it just felt like it.

I know the instructors were babying us, which is fine as they know who does the paying. Afterwards, we got some dinner and repaired to the pool, ipod boom box in tow. Said IPOD now contains the mix provided to us all by (e:Jenks)(thanks again!). There is a shallow circle where I was soaking and watching my son swim off the last of his energy for the day. I set the Jenks mix as the soundtrack, which got an approving nod from the lifeguard.

A trio of kids came down to swim and were shooting the shit. As they got in, they took note and one little twerp actually said "Hey, the old guy's got good tunes." I felt my own grey hair stab me like a dagger, turning me into one of the villians from Scooby Doo ("I'd play it louder if it wasn't for you meddlin kid!").

As my son and I were getting ready to leave, I couldn't resist. I got the question of "Hey Mister, who schooled ya on the tunes?" Without missing a beat, I replied "it was something a doctor prescribed for me."

Thanks Jenks, I got cred....for the moment
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06/14/06 09:42 - 69ºF - ID#29534


I wasn't ready to settle in earlier. I had a bite to eat and hopped in my rust bucket over to the water. I went over to Bird Island Pier and took an post dinner stroll. There's a little incline that slopes toward the water. A few neighborhood kids were falling into the water and there was one kid who took his BMX bike off the side, caught a little air and went right into the water. Now, the practical Dad side of me wants to say the obvious: "Are you out of your natural mind?" You could drown or lose your bike. It also looked kinda fun. A passing tour boat dropped a wave unexpectedly in my lap. I took that refreshing surprise as my cue to head out.

Journeyed over to the marina and caught a great view of the sunset and headed home, spiritually renewed, ready for what tomorrow may bring.
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06/13/06 07:41 - 69ºF - ID#29533

Found this in the camera

On a recent foray to Becker Farms, I found that there is actually a draw bridge up near Gasport. Here's how to take the picture from your driver seat

And this is what happens when your hand slips
The farm rooster was not amused by last year's father's day gift
Tastes like chicken

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06/12/06 06:53 - 65ºF - ID#29532

Monday, Monday

A few leftovers tidbits....

My daughter came up to me last night and decided that she and her sister have come to the conclusion that I've been alone too long and they think I need to get a girlfriend (rest easy (e:women), I'm too bloody old). They're pretty smart and left me with a warm fuzzy (okay I started snifflin' on the walk home). They worry about me on that score (sniff, who knew). Even more comically/touching, they had a few candidates in mind. Just when you are wondering who's radar your showing up on, surprises abound.

My car is fucking with me. It started making a noise that suggests brake pad fell off, with the grinding and the whatnot, but now it's not doing it. So, I'm not sure if it is the clutch, the brake or all in my head.

I gave a ride to one of the women I work with and because of it, wound up being half an hour late. Privately, I'm thinking where the fuck is the husband, the kid with car, but I try to be a person (don't always succeed, but I'm in there trying) so there I was at 7:45 waiting on her. I'm supposed to work at 8 which is when she showed. After she got taken care of, we came in at almost 8:30 which is when the monday staff meeting is supposed to occur.

Threw me off for the whole day. Everybody has to deliver a report on where you are/going for the week and I usually scribble a few notes so my ad-libs are good and scripted, but I winged it because of the lack of time. Felt like I was making it up, ya know.

I think not leaving the office at lunchtime left me in a state. Same carless woman wanted to know if I could cruise her back and not wanting to risk wrath from our boss for cruising in late and leaving early, I hesitated on the answer. My phone rang and she called her kid. I feel like a bit of a heel, but my other colleague said not to sweat it.

Hoping the voices in my head get laryngitis...
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06/11/06 04:41 - 64ºF - ID#29531


It just seems that way. I caught a few eyefuls at Music is Art today. These are canvas works that are getting prepped by the North Street Stage.





It was also great to catch Dragonlady and Zobar. I hope they made the most of Dragonlady's mental health day. I really enjoy the variety of the stuff we saw. I later caught a phenomenal 11 year old drummer on the small stage


Sadly, Allentown is one notch away from selling "sofa sized" paintings. I remember when it had some soul. I go for the people as the art varies. For every unique piece, I saw 12 that should be confined to Linens and Things.

Still a good time. Perfect Sunday, slept in, lazed around, caught up on some of the stuff on my dvr, read the paper, caught a nice variety of tunes and devoured a late lunch of Duff's wings in the VIP area (good to know people). Going to the ex's for cake to finish celebrating our daughter's b-day. I can almost handle the onslaught of the work week.
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06/10/06 08:00 - 59ºF - ID#29530

Music is Art and other tomfoolery

Weekend has been pleasant. All you soccer fans have gotten me paying attention to the World Cup. I had to work a few hours at Music is Art this afternoon, then spent sometime wandering about. I like it much better than Allentown, which is in a cycle of rehashing itself year after year. My only qualm with MIA is that you hear a band you like and it starts to cook and then they leave. The stages are constantly revolving with the next band drum kit setup. It was interesting to hear/see Lisa Loeb in such a intimate setting. Since I work for a sponsor, I got a VIP bag, which consisted of stuff that I spent the week hustling for on behalf of Music is Art. Life is sometimes very circuiious. It's fun to go and people watch, attendees are of all shapes and sizes and persuasions.

I could have sworn I saw E; Metalpeter from a distance, but didn't get a chance to catch his attention.

I had a nice start to the day. My eight year old is mastering nun-chuks and I couldn't take my eyes off him during his class this morning. Something about entering the Tae Kwon Do work out area sucks the happy go lucky out him and he turns all business with those things. The transformation still grabs my eye.

Took his big sister shopping as she has this nasty growning thing going on. Despite her initial mortification of shopping with her dad (ick, eww), proper jeans were secured. Me, I'm listening to the strange noises coming from my car. I want to say break pad, but I also want to say "Uncle!" It's a bill this paycheck to almost paycheck doesn't need. Already scrapped going anywhere for vacation this year.

I accepted an offer to work on event staff during the Bills games this fall. Little committment with some football tossed in. They are still looking for bodies if you're seeking easy money.

Damn I need to get out more....but I'm too tired...sitting here at the pc, my chair just got too comfy.
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06/09/06 10:25 - 56ºF - ID#29529

The Bush White House!

Thank you for calling the White House switchboard. Our new voice

activated system will help direct you to the proper office."

"If you are calling to complain about the mishandling of the war in

Iraq, press one."

"If you are calling to complain about the abuse of prisoners and the

White House's endorsement of torture, press two, and then say the name

of the torture site that you wish to complain about (and please note for

the sake of the voice mail system that it is pronounced Abu GRABE, not

Abu grahb)."

"If you are calling to complain about illegal spying on American

citizens and the abuse of FISA laws, press 3, but do know that these

calls will be recorded."

"If you are calling to complain about the disastrous mismanagement of

the hurricane Katrina recovery, please press 4, and your call will be

directed to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. If you wait for

more than 48 hours without anyone picking up the phone, hang-up and send

a letter. We have been assured that all letters will receive a prompt

reply within one year."

"If you are calling regarding the administration's unwillingness to

enforce immigration law, press cinco, por favor, or direct any thanks to

your local chamber of commerce office, which can explain why we like

cheap labor that can't vote and where you may be able to find willing

illegal day laborers in your local area."

"If you are Jack Abramoff or any Saudi prince, please call the private

line * it is always open."

"If you are calling about the Medicare prescription debacle, please

press 6. If you are having a medical emergency, you should proceed

directly to your local emergency room, although please understand that

your health coverage may not pay for the visit and you can no longer get

out from under the bill by declaring bankruptcy."

"If you are calling about the ballooning federal deficit or the recent

hike in the debt ceiling to $3 trillion, pleas e press 7, unless you are

Bill Clinton calling to brag about the surpluses under your

administration, in which case we don't want to hear about it."

"If you are calling to complain about the White House's efforts to block

stem cell research, please press 8, and then say the disease that you

are most concerned about that may ultimately be cured through scientific

research. If you are a scientist calling with new research findings or

important clinical data, please hang up, we don't want to hear from


"If you are calling to express concern about global warming and our

efforts to roll back environmental laws, please press 9, unless you are

a government scientist, in which case you are forbidden to talk without

first clearing it with the oil lobbyist we hired to screen and edit your

research. He can be reached at Exxon 4-2611."

"If you are calling to complain about the President's efforts to

"privatize" social security, please press 1 and then the pound key, and

your call will be redirected to representatives at Merrill Lynch, who

will explain the virtues of putting all your savings in the stock


"If you are calling about the need for more prayer in public schools or

any other faith-based initiatives, please press 10 and Reverend Falwell

will be with you shortly."

"If you are calling to lobby for more Supreme Court Justices who will

block a woman's right to choose, please stay on the line and the

President will be with you immediately."

"If you are calling about all the tax breaks for the wealthy, press *1

if you have ideas for more loopholes and are making more than a million

dollars per year; if you are earning less than a million per year but

have ideas for how you may help the wealthy, press *2; if you are

earning less than a million per year and just want to complain that all

the burden is now falling o n you, please call back in a couple of years.

If you voted for President Bush and are now concerned that over 12% of

the U.S. population now falls below the poverty line while the top 1%

has wildly increased their wealth, please understand that we are not

laughing AT you*"

"Press zero at any time if you would like to hear these options again.

Thank you for calling the White House. It is our pleasure to serve you."
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