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06/28/12 11:19 - ID#56572 pmobl

A woman I work with...

This might be one of the cooler work pictures I might ever get to take.

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06/23/12 11:08 - ID#56562

He's a freshman

Now how this happened, but the renowned number one son graduated 8th grade this week. In a week of milestones, his older sister graduates high school on Monday, so allow me a rare moment of hey, aren't my kids cool

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06/18/12 10:18 - ID#56555


The stuff you have to do sometimes.

The Xbox died after a lengthy run, and a few repairs, so I've decided to trade in the peripherals and games and go gently into the goodnight for a bit, or at least treat myself to a Wii perhaps.

To do Netflix and download from their library of marked up software, I signed up for a gold membership, which means nothing really, only you can't escape it.

In calling "customer service" despite having all the financial information, the lovely people at Gates World insisted I know the security question for the Xbox Gamertag, not the Charge Card Holder. This might be the dumbest security measure I've heard in the age of paranoia. Fortunately, I picked up the Xbox used from a good soul, ((e:Terry)), and round two wrapped up tonight and they stopped billing me. I think I'll use the savings for HBO or something.

Thanks Terry and watch out on them thar internets, ya'all
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