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05/31/12 02:50 - ID#56503

The old man and the wet kickball field

Silliness I tell ya.

It is possible to be getting too old for some things. I've been playing kickball leagues behind UB for a couple of weeks, but I think my season is over. Last week after visiting my dad in the hospital (he got out the next day), I ran home, changed, and hauled over to the field to join my team. It had been raining, and I almost thought it would have been cancelled.

Probably shoulda been.

It's the goofball league so nothing gets taken too seriously, but I scrambled, played poorly the first game, dropped a couple of easy catches. But in the second game of the doubleheader, I started to find my game. I made a few plays. I got on base a few times. The team was winning, fourth trip to the plate.

Connected! Sure fire extra base hit, until.....I planted my left foot to start running and it felt like somebody hit the back of my ankle with a sledge hammer. I collapsed like lawn furniture and I think looked back at one point to see what did hit me.

I'd never felt the muscles in the bottom of my leg tighten so fast before. Everybody must have known because I was surrounded in a heartbeat.

"don't put any weight on it" "quick, get some of the beer and that duct tape" and I was on the bench. It wasn't throbbing or anything, so I didn't think it was the end of the world, but I stayed put till the end of the game. When it finished, I hobbled to my car, thanking god that I had the good sense to have automatic transmission. The more you hobble like that, the farther away the car does seem.

To make sure I didn't screw anything up to bad, I drove over to immediacare. When the rest of your team is headed to Gecko's to drink, it is a lonely drive. I checked into the Hertel Ave facility and got xrayed to see pulled ligaments which are slowly returning to normal.

But, I think my season is done.
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05/17/12 09:26 - ID#56461

Angie O'Gram

As we speak, my dad is at the new Gates Building undergoing an angiogram. Most medical people I know use the word procedure when it comes to stuff like that and I think that is good. Not only do you bill less on procedures than surgeries, the likelihood that they are no big deal is a faster reality too. In all likelihood, he'll probably be home this evening, but anytime you hear anything heart related it does catch your attention a little bit.

I'm not concerned in the grand scheme, as the old man started complaining after his third 15 mile bike ride last week. That's pretty damn good for 75, considering I'm not sure I can do that now.

The siblings are the basket cases. My younger sister had a boyfriend that went through open heart surgery so with her level of calm, it is a good thing she is in Harlem. The old sister is here and looking for stuff to kvetch about, so I might need to run some emergency chloraform downtown to knock her out. The folks are fine, it's the imaginations that run amuck.

There's a work happy hour tonight and the old man said to, I'm going
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05/14/12 04:35 - ID#56455

Drive, He Said

My eldest daughter is learning to drive. She is doing really well. Like any new driver, she has some things to work on, but is doing pretty good. Watch how folks maneuver around Western New York, I had a bit of an automotive epiphany. And funny enough, it’s not her I’m worried about.

In watching how everybody drives like it is all about them, it makes you wonder. Pity the poor devils trying to parallel park on a busy street, as nobody waits. They pull around the poor guy trying to concentrate on his parallel parking. So you got that to think about while the impatient guy doesn’t seem to give a hoot that he pulling into territory that you know, might have a car coming in the other direction.

I just took my son to the movies over the weekend and we’re coming out and this woman is parking her car very snuggly up to mine, so I basically can’t leave. I, of course, raise an eyebrow. She gets out and says “I didn’t hit your car.” I reply “Well, you didn’t buy it dinner either, could you please back up so we can leave and you can horde both spaces?” She attempts the stink eye but does give me the room to at least leave the parking space without the aid of rubber gloves.

Pulling up Main and Goddell, a Hotel van driver weaves a tapestry of obscenity at me when I chose to stop at the red light. Apparently, I should have gone through to the light and taken my chances with the traffic coming off the 33.

Maybe it’s me.

I was running some saturday morning errands earlier and it did seem like idiosyncreasies amuck on the roads today. Apparently, if you are going to eat at Pano‘s, you have to park in their parking lot and road rage when you try to leave it. It seemed to be a theme. And watching the same scene geting replayed at the Co-op was kind of hilarious.

(Folks, just take a space on the street, it’s the weekend and it would do your fat ass good to walk more than 10 feet to each establishment)

Maybe it’s me.

I took in the Auction benefiting Give for Greatness (the arts group) over on Amherst Street Saturday morning and had to drive around the shapnel of a fairly fresh accident at Delaware and Amherst, and nearly got pegged by somebody making a left, from Amherst, who was so semi-circling it, he was mostly in our lane. About a year ago, coming off Amherst harmlessly on to Delaware, I was ticket fodder. No such look this weekend.

Is the nanosecond saved by making your left turn a semi circle worth it?

Is anybody really that in a hurry?

“Can I drive Dad?”

Yeah, sure, just watch out for everything
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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...