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Category: school

07/06/07 08:42 - ID#39953

Any Chemistry Pros in the House?

My daughter tanked her Chemistry final, not intentionally. Part of me did want to give a 1000 lashes but she did pretty well in reversing a trend only to get sniped by the Regents final. Any Tutors out there? The fun part is dealing with the City Honors bureaucracy. They reminded me three times that registration for classes in summer is over now. I responded as only a parent could. I lied and said I was away (in reality, her mom couldn't bear to open the envelope). They asked that I come over Monday and meet with Guidance and the deed will get done.

One test can change entire dysfunctional family's summer. We were talking to her about it and I swear I could my lovely middle child checking to see if a beating was gonna happen. Much to her disappointment, her sister was all too aware so we didn't pile on, just made a plan to "Git her done" and pass the bastard.

Never thought Chemistry would be dogging me so long after having taken it.
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Category: school

05/08/07 07:38 - ID#39205

I'm having a hard time letting go

I'm having a hard time letting go of the urge to beat the shit out a music teacher. I'd never thought one would deserve it, but I now know of one who merits such treatment.

My kids school is doing an operetta, school play thingy. There is a district wide organization which helps with arts stuff in the Buffalo schools and they are overseeing this little production. I knew my daughter got involved which was great, but Number One Son tried out. He just turned 9. He and a friend went down to the "auditions." Each was sent to a group of older kids, 11 to 13 years in age. That can be intimidating in and of itself. The advisor who apparently thinks he is at fucking Julliard looked at my son and simply commanded "NEXT", giving him no instruction, no direction, just placed him on the stop. My poor boy got nervous and sort of collapsed into himself and started to cry, given that he was surrounded by no support at all which made that feeling even worse. The older kids mocked that, until my darling daughter appeared and threatened beatings all around. Lovely girl, she is capable of some intense mood swings, but upon hearing of this lioness like response, I immediately upped her allowance.

My son held it together until he got back to class until he got to his teacher and had a good cry. I'm angry because it took a little bit for all of this to get to me, but I also want to slap the shit out of the play director. If the fuckstick doesn't want to help and encourage young kids who have a genuine interest, then what the fuck is he doing working for schools. This jackass set my son and apparently 4 or 5 others kids up to fail simply because he couldn't be bothered to give a shit.

The inherent beauty of all of this is that at a school function from a couple of posts ago this weekend, I was, er, able to voice my displeasure to the school principal who had the miscreant in her office.

I believe I told her something about what kind "of a shell of a man browbeats 8 and 9 year olds for the sake of a school play."

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