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Category: food

11/30/12 05:40 - ID#56943

Aztec Brownies

this met a cruel fate at my hands, another reason t o appreciate the dudes from Lloyds Taco Truck

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Category: food

01/11/09 10:08 - ID#47365

No Reservations

I really like Anthony Bourdain's tv show a lot. It's more than just food, but the culture surrounding the food. I also have a warm spot in my heart for those grilled atrocities at the Pink, the sandwiches that you know are almost ready by the four feet for flame that plume up. I know those can't be good for you in the dietary sense, but they are magnificent for the soul.

That said, maybe I've seen too much tv being made, promoted enough stuff with prominent folk, whatever, but it doesn't rev my engines that the Travel channel has come to down. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad we're getting some love and hopefully native guides will get Bourdain to places like Marco's on Niagara St, Betty's, the Anchor Bar (for the history since Duff's makes better wings) and places of that ilk. I like Bourdain's writings and the show is great as he isn't interested in kissing anybody's ass in particular. Any chef with an such a public appreciation of the Clash and Ramones is a good guy in my book, but the hubbub of a production isn't something I guess I would seek out. Don't let me rain on the parade if you are up for that sort of thing. But after one time, watching tv being produced in such locations can be about as exciting as watching somebody else play video games. Your mind can't help but wander a little. I've taken to watching other people watch the famous people, it's a more interesting take on the situation.

That said, somebody take Bourdain to Lagniappe's.
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Category: food

03/28/07 02:08 - ID#38665

Shells and Ricotta

Ah, it was a little chilly for lunch outside but a coworker of mine and I cared not. I blame (e:chico) . His journal about cheap eats got me thinking and we put those thoughts into action. Really good Italian lunch can be had if you stop by Chefs (and wait for the light to change) and keep going down Seneca to Ditondos. For $7.00 I got enough Shells and Ricott to feed me and well a younger hungrier version of me a second time.

Cheaper, quicker and flat out better than Chefs (bread is a little better too). I've lived here close to forever and never understood the Chefs hullaballoo. DiTondos has a nice little porch that almost makes you forget you are on Seneca St.
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