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Category: comedy

09/14/05 12:29 - 69ºF - ID#25230

messages from above

Just so you all know…I am making my world famous cone cakes for (e:Theecarey)’s birthday party this Saturday. If you’re not there, well, read the sign.

Then stick around for my delicious treats!


Check it [inlink]ladycroft,65[/inlink] Ciao.
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Category: party

09/13/05 05:48 - 84ºF - ID#25229

stellar soiree

Ok, so mine are all the TAME photos of the night but I'm still in the grips of 35mm. Soon to change, soon to change. I'm buying myself a digital for my birthday, yesssssssssssss! Right, where do I begin? First, I want to thank the PMT crew for letting the amusement bloom in their residence! (e:Paul), (e:Matthew) [inlink]matthew,627[/inlink], (e:Terry) - thank you! Next I would like to thank the Academy....err, wrong speech. I want to thank everyone for coming. It really means a lot to me that you were there to celebrate my big three-oh! So thank you (e:Paul), (e:Matthew), (e:Terry), (e:Theecarey), (e:Leetee), (e:Uncutsaniflush), (e:Drchlorine), (e:Mike), (e:Jill), (e:Lilho), (e:Alison), Bernard, Avantica, Manish, Lori and Hong. (e:Flacidness), you were there in spirit.

So first came the scavenger hunt. [inlink]paul,3827[/inlink] Where do I begin to try to explain this great Muppet caper? (e:Theecarey) and I spent a fair chunk of time trying to sort out an interesting, yet not difficult hunt. Thank you (e:Drchlorine) for your input and assistance in creating the cds! While the teams had departed to begin the hunt, (e:Theecarey) and (e:Ladycroft) were patiently waiting at their stations. (e:Theecarey) in her hula skirt outside Kuni's and (e:Ladycroft) wearing 10 pounds of beads acting like a hooker on the corner of Elmwood and Breckenridge. That was fun. The teams never made it past clue 2. No matter, the outcome was entertaining, and that was the whole point of the exercise! This is the fight that broke out over the first clue [inlink]drchlorine,126[/inlink] It has been requested I create a new hunt, a super hunt, to take place in daylight. This one will be over the top, will require mucho cleverness and sobriety. More of (e:Paul)'s photos [inlink]paul,3828[/inlink]

When (e:Theecarey) and (e:Ladycroft) finally returned to PMT's they had much catching up to do in the drink department. Thank goodness for those melon shots, quick and easy. I still can't believe we drank that entire bottle of vodka! Not to mention the dents put in the Sapphire Gin, Tattoo Rum, Amaretto and beer. Karumba! Ok, so (e:Theecarey) has posted a pictorial history of the piñata's creation.[inlink]theecarey,10[/inlink] First piñata, ka-boom! Second piñata, Fort Knox baby! Woo-hoo! Many hours went into this labor of love and I was delighted to see that it lasted long enough to take several beatings from drunken (e:strip)pers. I even managed to swing a few kicks at it, while drunk and wearing high heels. Hee-yaw! Them's the skillz of a true Lady. When the piñata finally met its demise, it was like watching cockroaches scurry in the light. With condoms falling from the heavens I've never seen folks move so quickly. I swear I saw (e:Mike) snatch one mid air with his teeth!

(e:Matthew) and (e:Ladycroft) big smiles all around

(e:Terry) and (e:Alison) being cute as buttons

(e:Leetee)'s questionable gesture and (e:Matthew)

When the piñata battery was over we headed back inside for the little 'show'. Everyone was treated to the disco bondage broom riding water bottle spraying light show cabaret on the second floor. A lovely performance by (e:Jill), (e:Mike) and (e:Lilho). I think (e:Ladycroft) was supposed to get a lap dance but got water poured down her back instead. In retaliation (e:Mike) received a thorough soaking. Mess with the best, die like the rest. That line is usually reserved for video gaming, but when it comes to water wars or food fights it applies equally well. Even more of (e:Paul)'s photos [inlink]paul,3829[/inlink]

(e:Jill), (e:Mike) and (e:Ladycroft)

(e:Matthew) and (e:Paul) with the 'beer towel'

(e:Matthew) with his pink sea anemone

(e:Ladycroft) and (e:Paul) lounging

(e:Theecarey) and (e:Ladycroft), hot biatches!

(e:Drchlorine) did in fact get locked out of his apartment. I felt bad. I couldn't hear my phone ringing over the screaming fiasco taking place in the kitchen or I would have driven the keys over to him. Apparently the blue koosh ball was reenacting the part of a sea anemone ...but I think it's better to let (e:Matthew) tell that story.

The silliness continued on a downward spiral when (e:Leetee) started placing dollar bills in (e:Terry)'s pants.


This transpired into a lap dance for (e:Theecarey) and a lengthy chocobo goat song. Then I got a short but lovely massage from (e:Terry). Thanks for that, I was in great need!
(e:Theecarey) and (e:Terry)

By early morning folks had either departed or went to bed. (e:Paul), (e:Mike), (e:Theecarey) and (e:Ladycroft) turned the fancy room into a rave scene. 10 million glow sticks strong baby.

(e:Mike) acting all gigolo

Check out the super fly Elmwood strip sign! (e:Paul)'s photo

Next thing you know it's past 6am. Where does the time go when you're having too much fun?

(e:Theecarey) and (e:Ladycroft), hot biatches that have been photoshopped.

Hopefully I've included links for all the various photos associated with the 'ultra mega platinum first class birthday bash'. Sorry if you missed the stellar soirée!

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Category: comedy

09/09/05 03:10 - 66ºF - ID#25228

did you say hockey pucks?

I got my tickets for Henry Rollins in the mail today and opened them up to make sure everything was in order. I noticed the small print on the back and couldn’t stop laughing as I read it. If you don’t know who Henry Rollins is, well, he’s a pretty intense man. This is actually his spoken word tour, ‘25 Years of Bullshit’, not a Rollins Band concert – which is what makes the disclaimer all the more entertaining. Here it goes: WARNING! You are at your own risk with respect to the dangers incidental to this event whether occurring prior to, during or after the event including specifically (but not exclusively) the dangers of being struck by hockey pucks (I’m sorry did you say hockey pucks?), sticks, balls (no comment), or other equipment (oh my!), by spectators or players or by thrown objects (is this still true if I am the object being thrown?). WARNING! Despite enhanced spectator shielding measures (are we all going to be issued a full suit of armor at the door?), pucks, balls and other objects may still fly into the spectator area. Serious injury can occur. Stay alert at all times (but I so wanted to sleep during the show). If struck, immediately contact an usher for assistance (based on this description, if I’m struck by anything, I’ll likely be unconscious). Ciao.
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Category: dreams

08/31/05 12:58 - 66ºF - ID#25226

remove right kidney

I had a dream last night. It was very frightening. I have dreams all the time where I'm being chased by people, and more often than not I have the super-hero like duties of rescuing someone amidst the chase. It's adventurous, sometimes scary, but usually very cool in the fashion of a La femme Nikita episode. Last night was different. I was afraid. In my dream I was kidnapped while walking on Elmwood. A black van came to a screeching halt just as I was passing Spot. About a dozen heavily armed special ops dudes jumped from the van and beamed me in the head. I was knocked out cold. I woke up on a hospital gurney. I was being rolled down a cold hallway, the pattern of fluorescent lights blinking overhead, I realized I couldn't move. I was strapped down with full suicide gear. Now in my time of need, no one is there to assist. Why am I always playing the role of the super-hero and now that I could really use some help, there's no one. No one but a team of freaky looking doctors with perverted grins as I'm wheeled into the operating room. "This is going to hurt", says the man in a white coat with a grey comb over. "Nurse, tag the right arm". "Yes, doctor". She snaps on a bracelet, it reads, 'remove right kidney'. A wave of nausea overcomes me. I start screaming and yelling, "You can't take my kidney, and it's the only one I have left!" The doctor cackles and raises a scalpel. I awoke in a puddle of sweat. Ciao.
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Category: events

08/20/05 01:05 - 74ºF - ID#25225

holy tomato factory batman!

I just picked about 6 dozen Romas from my garden. Seriously, who wants tomatoes!? Tell me, I'll make a personal delivery to your doorstep! (e:Leetee), you're a veggie, I'm sure you'd make use of them eh? It's either passing them out to folks or I'll have to host a tomatillo party. Who wants to get messy!?

No details yet, but save the date of September 10th. I'm having my 30th birthday party and (e:Lilho) is having her housewarming. A collaboration of the events is probable, but still under construction. Stay tuned for updates. It's sure to be a positively smashing evening!

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08/19/05 09:42 - 69ºF - ID#25224

to be or not to be

I saw Hamlet last night with (e:Jason). Another outstanding performance by Paul Todaro! He kicked ass as Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet [inlink]ladycroft,21[/inlink]. Now he's kicking more ass as Hamlet. The voice effects for the Ghost was sweet. You've only got 3 shows left, so make sure you check it out! Ciao.
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Category: ghosts

08/11/05 03:33 - 83ºF - ID#25222


Ok. Watching Ghost Hunters at 1am all by yourself in a large building is not cool. Well, yes it is cool, I like to scare the crap out of myself. I swear I saw a kid run by the lounge door 5 or 6 times. Man I love the human brain, it's absolutely amazing! I wish I had a video camera, I could make some crap Blair Witch junk around here. Hey, (e:Mike) - get your tail down here! You could have one of your soap opera folks get trapped by demons in a deserted building, haha. Ok, back to work it is. Ciao.
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08/10/05 03:48 - 87ºF - ID#25221


So I'm all moved in to my new 'apartment'. It is way creepy. I am entirely alone in this big dorm building. In fact, the only other person on the entire campus is a night time rent-a-cop! Plus it's about 10,000 degrees up there which makes hallucinations all the more likely. If anyone wants to come out and visit me in the next week, I've got the place all to myself. I've got a big screen tv (well, not ME..but the lounge), pool table, fooseball... I must admit I did have a little fun running up and down the halls doing cartwheels and singing really bad showtunes. Just for kicks. Ciao.
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08/11/05 02:42 - 84ºF - ID#25220

i'm spent!

The wedding is done. Hurray! Here’s a blurry pic of the happy couple.
Here is a pic of what we did to their truck. Every last inch of the interior was wrapped in aluminium foil. Nice.

Today I spent the day moving and I’m whipped. I didn’t really have much but when you’re working on a week of 15 collective hours of sleep, it’s draining. My junk is all over the show. I’m coasting on fumes baby! I made this list.
You know you’re spent when:
1.You can’t remember why you just opened the fridge door.
2.You ask your little sister 15 times where she put your bag.
3.You try to call your own cell phone and wonder why the hell no one is picking up.
4.You try to put a cd in the player upside down.
5.You fall asleep while playing Mario Kart and run straight into a wall.
6.You feed your dog twice in 1 hour.
7.You run all your errands in your pajamas.
8.You shampoo your hair with conditioner and condition it with shampoo.
9.You try to shave with the plastic cover on the razor.
10.You answer the question: “What did you think of the wedding” with, “She likes Poland Spring water because it has texture.” WTF???

Catch you kids latas. Have a good one. Ciao.

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Category: opinion

08/06/05 11:19 - 71ºF - ID#25219

life's garden

'To know someone here or there with whom you can feel there is understanding in spite of distances or thoughts expressed – that can make life a garden.' –Goethe

That’s what I’m talking about. It’s not about being PC, it’s not about tolerating differences, it’s about respect and understanding. My life is a garden; you’re all welcome in it. Ciao.

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