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01/14/08 05:53 - 32ºF - ID#42881

To get a job at ATT you must be a moron

Copy of my recent im conversation with a ATT customer service agent:

Richard: Welcome to AT&T online Sales support. How may I assist you with placing your order today?
Jessica: hi, I have a question about purchasing a phone. Currently I am an ATT customer
Jessica: Ive found that the phones online are much less expensive than in stores
Richard: Great! I'd be happy to help you.
Jessica: however when I go to purchase a phone online im required to pick a plan with the purchase
Jessica: is there a way to only purchase the phone?
Richard: Yes, this is the case. Do you have a wireless phone with us now?
Jessica: I do
Richard: And you just need a replacement phone?
Jessica: thats correct
Richard: Unfortunately, customers are not able to do an upgrade online. You will want to visit one of our local stores to get a new phone for your service.
Jessica: thats what I was trying to avoid
Jessica: but thank you
Richard: Sure, sorry.

Things I find wrong with this conversation:
I stated I'm already a customer, when he asks if I am.
I state that I'm not looking to go to the ATT store.
He gives me the complete opposite answer of the person I just spoke with on the phone at ATT.
Oh an they've also informed me that I have exactly one day on which I can downgrade my plan (if you know me you know I avoid the phone ike the plague). Also the woman on the phone told me to just buy the phone and then pick a new plan, but somehow it won't be billed if I don't activitate it. That sound so shady. This is exactly why I buy a craptastic phone and use it until I get messages like"no sim card found" "invalid battery" or my phone just shuts off randomly.

In conclusion I hate ATT and I hate phones.

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01/11/08 03:54 - 39ºF - ID#42841

If you don't find this funny

please let me know ASAP so I can discontinue our friendship.


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Category: presents

01/02/08 10:58 - 15ºF - ID#42722

Im a jerk

I got back to work today to find a few gifts from co-workers at my desk. Now I know you're not suppossed to look a gift horse in the mouth or something but..

I got this as a gift:


It's so not me. I've never been one to carry engraved keychains with pictures of loved ones. There's space for 6 pictures. I have 2 problems with that feature:

1. There aren't 6 people in the world I like enough to carry around pictures of.

2. How do you get pictuers that tiny to fit into it?

So yeah I'm a jerk, but I hate this key chain.
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12/12/07 03:13 - 34ºF - ID#42491

RIP H to the Izzo Part II

A few weeks ago H to the Izzo was lost to a tragic subway incident. He is survived by H to the Izzo Part I (who is currently in critical condition).

I was going insane (literally) with out any music in my life. I mean NPR is great, but nothing can replace a little JT bringing the sexy back. Thankfully Sarah Ho shares (unlike me) and gifted to me H to the Izzo Part III. I just loaded him up with some tunes and I can not wait for my commute home (I can begin ignoring all humans again).

Viva la H to the Izzo!
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12/10/07 05:00 - 33ºF - ID#42458

Do not read if..

You can not resist cute Japanese useless junk.

I made the mistake of clicking from this article:

to this website:

and it was all over. All the sudden I found myself wondering how I've lived to be 30 years old with out ever owning:


He is Nittle Chin and he speaks to you. I have no idea how big or little Nittle is or what he says. All I know is that he only costs $13.73 plus shipping and handling.

Also I've discovered:


The discription for this was:

"You make your ariginal animals (boys?) by getting together the other parts! All 7 types and 1 secret, you can enjoy new figure world!"

Seriously there's a secret. I must own all 7 and unlock the ariginal secret!! And each one is only $4.71. It's almost free.
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Category: weddings

12/03/07 12:25 - 32ºF - ID#42379

Best Wedding Ever

This past weekend I went to the best wedding I've ever attended. It was such a stark contrast to the last wedding I went to where the groom came to the table drunk and went on and on about how he wasn't allowed to invite his friends and he really didn't want to be married.

This wedding you could clearly see how in love the couple was. Everyone had such touching stories about the bride and groom. They said their vows just as the sun was setting behind them over the NYC skyline. It couldn't have been more perfect. I don't think I've ever been so teary eyed!

See pictures below for the pictorial story of the Benelle wedding (Ben & Danelle):

save the Date. can it be any more adorable?

Seating assignments. Subway style.

Cate's famous cupcakes. Subway style.

View of the skyline as seen from DUMBO

Name cards. J-Ho. I loved them.

First Dance.

End of the night. Well almost the end of the night..

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11/28/07 03:51 - 34ºF - ID#42320

Holiday Party

Every year my company throws an over the top Holiday Party. Last year my sister said she felt like she was at the Emmys. I'm not really into it because they require us to dress up. If they threw like a jeans and beer party I'd be all for it. And the wives are there which makes it not as fun. You can't get wasted and have inappropriate makeouts and/or flirtations. Either way I plan on sending out a memo to my office faves that says:

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11/15/07 03:26 - 40ºF - ID#42145


According to New York Magazine if you're looking for the next new place to live it's:


That's right. They say forget Brooklyn, as a matter of fact forget New York City all together. Move to Buffalo now before the gentrification takes over and makes it took expensive. I'm going to hold off and wait for global warming to kick in. The snow scares me.
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11/14/07 05:28 - 54ºF - ID#42118

Douche with Lysol

Really Lysol can clean your vag and save your marriage? If that's the case I vote for dirty vag and being single.

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Category: work

11/06/07 03:04 - 34ºF - ID#42007

Maybe things are different in Italy

I work with this gentleman who is from Italy. He is uber high maintenance. On top of this sometimes he has the most odd requests. Like this one I just received:

Quick question: the brother of a client passed away. Do you have a sample note I could use or maybe suggest two lines?
Do you say something like....
I was just told from Dave about the major loss you had in your family.
My deepest condolence to you and your family.

Do I have a sample note? Hmm, let me look in my files labeled "sample notes for death". Dude I have a hard enough time coming up with something to say off the top of my head, let alone coming up with things for you to say. My suggestion is just ignore it. That's what I do. Or you could go to and use something like this:

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