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02/15/11 03:07 - ID#53618 pmobl

A bit more accurate

I'm having way too much fun with this. So I grab my crotch and I say "Hee Hee"!!!

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02/15/11 02:51 - ID#53617 pmobl

I had to....

I got my android avatar. He has my widows peak and everything lol. Oh goodness these next couple weeks are going to be nuts!!!! I'm going to be in three cities in two weeks, kinda feel life I'm on tour hahaha. Its going to be Chicago, then back to buffalo again to move my shtuff and then flying down to new orleans to wurk for mardi gras. Mardi gras is over in the 8th of March then I'm back to buffalo for good. First thing I'm gonna do when I'm back is shop my ass off smoke a fatty and play video games for a day straight. See you all soon love you Buffalo!!!

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02/10/11 09:25 - ID#53585 pmobl

people like me?

Alot of you ask probably don't know this but I was born with 12 fingers. Been looking up articles about such other cases. This is a paragraph from one of them. You probably don't know, but there are six digit people around. It pops up sporadically. There is one tribe where this happens a lot: the Waorani in Ecuador, a normal-sized people that has some among them that exhibit giant characteristics, such as six fingers, six toes, and double dentition (not all of them). They are a tribe of particularly violent South American aborigines called the Waorani. They were extremely violent: Fully fifty per cent of all deaths in the preceding five generations had been the result of homicide as the Waorani engaged in a continuous and deadly internal vendetta. Medically, the Waorani turned out to be something of an enigma: they had no trace of cancer; no cardiovascular disease; no high blood pressure; no allergies; and none of the known diseases familiar to us. Like the giants of past ages, they are physically very strong and violent.

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02/09/11 09:47 - ID#53582 pmobl

Penis Days

Hokay so My penis is just as moody as a teenage girl who sparatically gets her rag. Meaning some days we get along great, we're on the same page, he's not showing off too much everythings cool. But then some days this evil creature pops up out of nowhere and wants to be seen the entire day!!!! And not in situations I really want him at his best. For example at my parents house or when I'm visiting my friends. Its not like he dosent get enough attention from me and others, he just wants to act extra and try to make me uncomfortable. The bitch. And then on others days when the situation calls and I need him to be superman, he wants to be shy and not perform. I guess I need to follow a pattern and get on a penis schedule. But then the penis wins, and I'm the man. Man supposed to be in control of the penis not the other way around. Im so confused.

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02/08/11 03:02 - ID#53570 pmobl

Tell me why should I care, I'm doing my hair

When I get stuck just thinking about you...... Back home although I'm well received, I can't help but feel sad. Some if my friends tell me lastnight that I don't seem the same. I guess its a bad thing. My mind us still in upstate New York, I'm already missing my mother and family back home, and my friends aren't the same either. These last few weeks really opened my eyes to what's more important to me and I'm nut ruining from it anymore. My next month is going to be crazy. But in a good way. I'm moving back to buffalo and then going to New Orleans for a few weeks for mardi gras. Its gonna be all night!!! Thanks to my friend I got to see while I was home, and I will see you all in a few. I'm sure with more crazy new orleans stories. Love yall ;) xoxo

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02/01/11 06:14 - ID#53531 pmobl

Oh dip!!!

TK Robinson (@boomsheeqa) has shared a Tweet with you:

"Sexstrology: A Leo is God's gift to sex"

I mean this just kinda goes without sayin. For all my estrip Leos, make sure they recognize!!! And if you have a     Leo close, who you thinkin about sexin. Go for it but beware we good at the slap and tickle.

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01/31/11 03:46 - ID#53521

Uncle TK

Its sooo werid being called that, it makes me feel old but sweet. I spent a whole day with kids yesterday becasue they all wanted to hang out with uncle TK. The oldest is 19, theres two that are 14 and they go on lower from there. We played Kinect and and of my Nephews made me pancakes it was really really awesome. Bee Tee Dubbs if you all havent played kinect yet, get on it!!! its soo much fun, the dance game is amazing!!! Made my body very sore today. Well it could have been that or the three some i got into lastnight. I still got it. One of the boys claimed he was "Bi" not gay but whatever I've heard that song and dance before. Anywho after a couple of tough days with the Fam it seems like we are all getting back to normal. I love you Buffalo. xoxo
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01/23/11 11:54 - -3.ºF - ID#53487 pmobl


It's nuts how when you come home really good things, happen and really bad things happen. It's nothing like double murder to shake things up. Kinda don't know how to think right now.not even sure if I can sleep tonight. I really love all my friends and family, and hope that we stay in each others lives happily. Just felt I should say that because I keep forgetting howlife iss short and tomorrow its not promised to any us. Grab the love you love and squeeze tight!!! Xoxo

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01/23/11 03:56 - 4.0ºF - ID#53485 pmobl

What's wrong herr???

This bitch here. I mean really???? Happy birthday Paul!!! I hope this puts you in the mood. Marcella keeps it interesting fo show!!! I had another great night in buffalo. Man I miss I guys. Thanks Terry Paul Mike and David for making it fun. Louver you guys.

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01/20/11 04:58 - 21.ºF - ID#53461 pmobl

Back in buffalo this is cool

Back home for now and it feels good. I think this estrip app is so cool!! Its been too long since I've been here and I've come at the perfect time. So to my buffalonians who I run into, I will be taking pics with my phone. I am that person now. But I, promise to be on my best behavior. ;) I hope I uploaded my pic right. Giving you FACE!!! Muwahaha!!

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