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02/11/08 11:18 - 4ºF - ID#43285

Porn just lets me down...

This post might just as aptly be titled, "As the CO 2 levels in our atmosphere rise so do the irregularites of Tonys brain" or "Microhoo! bamboozled me again!" or "My overzeloulness has undone me for the last time" or... just read the damn post.

Yeah Porn industry way to give into BuRay.

Ok so we're on the brink of Sony actually winning one of it's many failed attempts at buying a starndard. Not scince the day so of the walkman has a Sony format been so widely accepted. (e:pmt) I'm sorry for stearing you down such a faulty path. You'd have been so much happier with a PS3, and you'd have had your BluRay by now.

This issue has me perplexed and dismayed for many many reasons.

Tax season is upon us and the possiblity of the Big Assed TV (which will be refered to as BATVHD) is skullking in the rafters, but why would nerd of my ilk want a big assed TV?

I'm rather social. It used to be an odd thing for me to miss an (e:strip) social event or any such event in the past (I just missed MGMT in toronto this weekend and I'm not even sad about it anymore, it's just a matter of course with is kinda pathetic), but things have changed. I have a bundle of joy and a bunch of women who need me to love and entertain them constantly. So, being the realist I'd like to consider my self I thought, "well Tony... you're not leaving the damn house anytime soon, " an attitued of defeat that I think is at the core of this perplexing delima. The social parts of me are crying out for relase lately and I fear I will do something irrespsoible if I don't find a decent outlet soon.

The Meggasaurs and I were talking about it this weekend, and it was easy to get her to agree with me on many parts of my argument. We has a few tussles about me not wanting her to buy me anything for Xmas or my birthday since I was saving up for the BATVHD (something about me being selfish for not wanting to let someone else buy my stuff, I get it I don't buy it, I digress). So, have support for the boob tube but I don't think that this TV wil really make me any happier. So she's down for the TV and for the PS3, but I don't' want that many nintnedos in my life. Especially when I'd rather hang out with peeps, and the nintendo that was supposed be like hanging out while playing nintendo dosn't really cut it. (I mean both of my white boxes of nerdiness. The XBOX w/ Live especially, but you have to invite people over to play Wii... and while it's cool if it happens to be there isn't not very cool if that's the point of a visit)

Eventually everyones gonna have to have a BATVHD but by that time they'll be reasonalby afforadable. I've been considering selling all my stupid nintendos (I have this love hate relationship with videogames), but with the HD Star Wars Animated series, and the Force Unleashed game just around the corner all this seems silly until you consider this amazing tid bit of information...

((e:mrdeadlier) sit down before you read this) I think I'm over StarWars.

::crickets chirpin::

Yeah (e:mrdealier) and I were talking about it and even he's having troubles staying excited for next big thing coming for the Lucas camp... so that game, Force Unleashed, which will be released on a silmiar device that plays more quitely, has decenty customer support, wont' eat your disks, and isn't owned by a company doing dumb things to compete that aren't effective (Yahoo! Seriosuly?) anyway.

So what does a nerd like me do? Tell you what. If I could work out more often, and go out and do thing I won't have done any of this, but I've made my bed, now I have got to sleep in it.

On a positive note I have about 70billion games I haven't even started playing or that I'm not even half way through. (I just got star #52 in Mario Galaxy... exciting news, I know), and the Meggiebyte got out and did some Meg stuff this weekend finally (she took some photo's round town while I stat with the girls on Sunday, I told her to call you (e:jim) ... well, after the fact, but I told her and she'll go again I'm sure).

So porn, which by the way has become so avaliable on the web that maybe I shouldn't have had any faith in them picking HDDVD. What more is I should have just not had faith in either porn or Sony to stand on any moral highgrounds since now you can get your porn in BluRay too.. Moral of our story here... even when you'd like to get excited about porn you just end up with a bigger mess on your hands than you'll ever feel comfortable with, so just avoid it and go hang out with real people.

OK something cool did happend this weekend. I saw an inconvient truth, which unlike 2 girls one cup gives me hope for humanity. Not because I think Al Gore can stop global warmiing as easily as he intevented these here internets, but because a person like him can exsist. It makes me feel like I'm living in an Asimov novle, and pretty darn proud to be a human. Even if we're all gonna die in storms big enough to turn cows into milkshakes.


PS this post is not spell checked because I wrote it in Safari on PC, silly but true.
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02/06/08 09:47 - 31ºF - ID#43210

What do you nerds think of this computer


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01/28/08 07:12 - 29ºF - ID#43055

Values of values and stuff...

This post might be a little scatter brained since I haven't posted in like a million years and I have a lot on my brain.

Ok... I just finished reading a ValueTales book about honesty, and I'm feeling amazing. So, in the spirit of the book I have a few things to report, and some questions to ask.

Isn't the lil Confucius on the cover super cute?

I haven't been posting half cause I'm super busy, and half because I know Meg reads my posts kinda religiously (hi honey). I used to come here to dump my brains out so that you all can help sort things for me since I sincerely value the perspectives of others and I think that airing any kind of problem out helps to solve it, but I also realize the kind of person Meg is and that she probably wouldn't feel comfortable with you all after having all of our underwear flung in your faces over these here interwebs, and she likes you guys, and so do I.

Still, after reading this book I was compelled to post something since it brought up a lot of questions in my mind as well as some fun conclusions that I don't think you all deserve to miss out on, and I could use some help.

A while back Meg did her best to explain science and religion to the midget (I know that's a terrible nickname and diminutive people the world over can send their hate mail to itsjustanickname@noreply.jez ) and Mya rung out with absolute certainty, "I pick GOD!" We shrugged and went ahead to support her decision by buying her a children's bible (my mom is pleased as punch).

Look how cute those bible people are

We've read a ton of these bible stories to her and I know their entertaining, but she has so many questions that I know when I heard these stories the first time I didn't get answers to, and that she still looks at us for some simple explanations to.

To boot, she's a very strong willed and cocksure person. She does cruel things to people, as any child will, and I haven't run across a story in the bible to help me help her with the character flaws (since that's my job). Maybe one of you peeps who know the bible better can help out with that. Still nothing has addressed this topic more directly than this ValueTales book.

A factoid For all you you who are into Larry the Cucumber who are thinking what I thought when I saw the words and font, ValueTales(mid 70's) came before VeggieTales (late 90's), but I digress...

The value tales have impressed me with the Honesty title, and I'm going to pick up the rest of the books in the series after seeing the titles and who their about.
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01/02/08 05:39 - 14ºF - ID#42727

Meanings of meanings...of neon bibles

Ok here's some lyrics to a song you can hear by watching one of the videos at the bottom of this post. Don't let the images influence you. If you want a purely musical performace of the piece try the first video, if you want the recorded version so you can understand the lyrics better check the seond. The first one is, IMHO, much more amazing since it's played in an elevator and the snare drum is a pages being torn out of a magazine.

The name of the song is Neon Bible, and though I'm not feeling particularly feisty in a religion/anti-religion sense, I'm asking you dear peeps what you make of it.

I'm really interested to ask that here where I know there are two Christians that frequent this site who's perspective please and delight me (that's right (e:mrdeadlier) and (e:drew)), but because I like the general perspective of most of you peeps on (e:strip).

So without further ado the lyrics to the Neon Bible:

Vial of hope and a vial of pain
In the light they both looked the same
Poured them out on into the world
On every boy and every girl singing

It's the Neon Bible, the Neon Bible
Not much chance for survival
If the Neon Bible is right

Take the poison of your age
Don't lick your fingers when you turn the page
What I know is what you know is right
In the city you see only light

It's the Neon Bible, the Neon Bible
Not much chance for survival
If the Neon Bible is right

Oh god, well, look at you now!
Oh, you lost it, but you don't know how!
In the light of a golden calf
Oh god, I had to laugh!
Take the poison of your age
Don't lick your fingers when you turn the page
It was wrong but you said it was right
In the future I will read at night

In the Neon Bible, the Neon Bible
Not much chance for survival
If the Neon Bible is true

I've read many prespectives from the general public here .

Some you tubey goodness...

The MTV version

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12/26/07 11:51 - 32ºF - ID#42652

Holiday in Cambodia

So it looks like a bomb went off in my living room. The other dudes on the team with midgets have similar stories, the likes of which I just stole that line from. I received an email from one of them that asked what the best prices for a bulldozer would be around this time of year so he could get all of his daughters presents home...(ok, I embellished that report a tiny bit), here's my response:

Maybe it's cruel or unusual to leave my girlfriend to that mess, but here I am at work waiting for a meeting that no one is going to show up to, but I'm in a state of zen like peace.

This morning in bed with everyone (Mya, Fern, & Meg), Mya looks to me and says in sincerity only expressible by a four-year-old in deepest distress, "Tony, what am I gonna do with all that stuff?" It was kind of priceless... Well Meg's got her parents there to help her clean up a crime I consider them full accomplices of, though I'm sure she'll insist they don't (I think I am, at best, an accessories since Meg did all the shopping. "I don't know where my credit card was officer...") I'm playing house hooky... heh!

I may get going since I just found out about the basement sink clog that started 2 days ago. I'm waiting for my brother to get in touch with me, until then I'll hold down the fort, and only leave in an extreme case.

Merry, Happy, Joyful, Jolly Festivus (WIKIPEDIA - Festivus) to all. May your grievances be heard by loving ears, and bounce off of the hardened hearts of the rest-of-us.

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12/19/07 07:22 - 33ºF - ID#42580

Life as a Cocoon


I'm up at 6:44 am, and I've been up since 5.

Fern can be a tiny terrorist sometimes. She got hungry and decided to set off all of her alarms at once and we went from green to yellow alert in the blink of an eye.

Lots of screaming and 3.5 ounces of Target brand formula later and she's back to her usual curious self. Twisting around in my arms to see what I'm looking at while I try to check out some awful thing that I followed from digg to entertain me while my spawn feeds.

"Eeeh... she's a baby, she won't remember this. Hell, she don't even know she's got feet!" Well, that's what I tell my self right before my fatigue settles in and I get into a serious discussion with a 2 month old. "You have to go back to bed! You can't watch this..."

Hmm... the baby's growing. I didn't even realize how much until I looked at my estrip pic of her. She used to look like a bogger compared to how she looks now. She's heavier too. She's seriously half the height and just under half the weight of her 4 year old sister, Mya. I joke with Mya and tell her that I'm half troll (I use my crooked pinky finger as proof), but the way this baby is growing I'm starting to believe me.

There's other things in my life though. I swear. Um, I think. The baby has changed so much about what I can do, that it's almost like she's changed who I am. Though I know that's not true or fair. Hmm, I'm sure this paragraph might be misconstrued as a regret, but it's not... It's really just an observance. I'm still me in here. I just have my priorities arranged differently.

That's one of Meg's biggest gripes too. She hates being stuck in the house. Sometimes she goes out of her way to get outta here and I don't blame her. I love my house too, but if I felt like I could never leave it I think I'd rather burn it down than be in it one more minute, but isn't that what this period is all about? Living in a cocoon like state until the babys big enough...? I hope so. I need to find out. The one thing that I always defer to after banging my head on the wall is "Maybe I'm wrong about this, maybe I need some new insight".

All in all the baby's too young to leave with a stranger. Sometimes I fee like she's too little to leave with anyone. I had my mom babysit a few times. Each time leaving her with the kids for more and more time until things got a little wobbly. My mom's great, and she's no freak. She raised me...ok, I understand that that doesn't really support my argument, so just believe me, kay? The last time I left her with the kids Meg and I went to see Beowulf at the IMAX 3D and then did some skippin' around the town with my friend Jeremy,. When we got back my mom was passed out on the couch (not the air mattress we set up for her) in a (prescribed) drug induced stupor while the baby wailed on the monitor.

In my moms defense, she needs the drugs. She's missing a vertebrae. Some kinda freak accident involving a mentally retarded character with the PC label of "consumer", her spine, and a clock radio. Every time I hear the story it sounds more and more like something Rob Zombie would have directed. Anyway, I guess she needs help sleeping. I wish I'd of put 2 and 2 together before that night, but everyone is fine and we had a good time.

As the baby struggles to sit up on her own, and with news like "..your baby held her own bottle for like 20 seonds... it was cute, sorry I just had to call you..." the shell on this cocoon is getting more and more brittle.

I don't know I have friends that have kids and understanding friends that don't but I want more of a life for my self... I think, maybe. I don't know.

I'm doing a band with Nick Vega from work. We have a show January 4th at Neitchez, and the set list looks kinda tight. Mostly covers some orginals too though. I haven't been on stage in and age, but after a couple of practices we'll see if it's worth coming out to see this old goat do some tricks for the fair going proletariat again.

Till then...this is muja signing off from inside the cocoon.

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09/26/07 02:31 - 71ºF - ID#41333


She's out! After a lot of squishing and pushing at 1:56 am.


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09/26/07 01:11 - 71ºF - ID#41332 pmobl


In the deliver room help ol Meggypoos with the last few dregs of babytime.

They doped her up right before she started serious laborso she can't feel a thing, which is nice cause shes no good with pain and bad cause she don't know when shes doing well.

We've been at this since early this morning when I sent a text message to a few peeps. I didn't sleep last night, I was sent out by the meg to enjoy myself on HaloHoliday know the final hour was nigh. Halos great this babys even better..what a great bunch of days. Now if only that house would close.

I saw the babies head for a second a while ago and got a lil teary eyed. Didn't think I had that in me. We have the bday cam and lil phone cam handy so U peeps will be the first to know what she looks like.. ok my break is ending to to go help this baby finish her trip...

wish us all luck.
and pray.
cast a spell.
do a jinx...
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09/09/07 06:34 - 66ºF - ID#41020 pmobl

In A Ditch!

So, I am franticly preparing for the oncomming pooper, and we're setting up the crib when we realize that the crib my ma picked up for me dosen't have 3 of the 4 pins that the instruction cautions you against not omitting.

The Meggasaurus and I were swiftly off to the walmart she bought it from. I know, I know. She bought it before I could object.

The crib was really too big to transport with other humans so Meggypoos was following me on the 290, when I started to slide. I didn't want to regain my footing since I think we were both going too fast and she'd of smashed into me so I let my car slide off the road...

2 hours latter were still sitting in the car waiting for Volkswagon roadside assistance. I guess you should wait till the weekday to get into an accident.

Here a shot of the Hitlermobile in a ditch...

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08/24/07 07:06 - 84ºF - ID#40715

Silly Billy

Ok, so paul asked me to comment on why we've...ok I've abandoned ASP and well it got really long in the tooth. I figured I'd just post a blog and link it so I could come correct my typos later. If you want to comment to this post just go back to (e:paul,40711), yeah... here' um my Response:

ASP classic (not .NET) is not a complete web language. There are things that PHP address and can handle that you need to code in a "different" (Visual Studio 6 at least, which is very similar but not the same at all) language to do in ASP classic. To boot you at times need to create server objects and install them which makes your code only work on that (friggin' expensive) box and and which just ruins your flow.

Ok, don't get me wrong, I'm not an ASP hater. I have much love for the language it's cute and quaint and how I started to learn progarmming, but I'm gonna throw some more darts atit right now.

ASP is kinda dying. A language is only as usefully as it's ablity to solve problems for you, and if you don't know how to accomplish those goals off hand you have to find the documentation to help you. Yeah, It's horribly documented. If you ever need to find anything about it that's not in an outdated overpriced bargain bin book that's likely out of print the best places tend to be fringe web sites that are dying one by one. The best of which 4GuysFromRolla have been slowly sliding off of the Classic bandwagon and into .NET land, so soon the language will be completely dead.

The language is horiffically dated. It came about well after OOP was invented but somehow didn't see the merit of becomgin fully OOP. It has some OOP qualities, but ASP is really not an OOL. You can instantiate classes, and it's a lot easier to organize your code this way but the language is not designed for it, nor is there any IDE that will let you take full advantage of it (even so much as Zend does PHP). As a result you end up spending more code on small tasks which in part ruins the fact that the feature is even there.

Really, PHP is isn't even as good, as ASP is bad. I'm not flaming ASP classic, it has it's uses, but it also has it's limitations are there are far too many, namely that's not as well suited for the web than languages that have come after it and that were competing during it's height. I don't think that you need to go to PHP to move ahead with web development, but certainly can't stick with ASP or even ASP.NET. If you check out the history of the language you'll see that it has always been a last ditch effort by MS that was never fully realized. I think they (MS) bought it off of an 3rd party to compete with SUN or someone when they come out with a web language that could be run on servers other than Windows, and was never fleshed out until .NET which is still not a very good web language.

The earliest versions of ASP.NET are completely different animals than the later, which leaves you with quite a bit of abandon work that you had to pay $500 to develop at each stage. because this language is the first attempt by MS to put a full fledged product for the web into the wild.

Their primary goal was to promote their flagship platform, the Windows desktop, for a very long time. Coming around to web centric thinking was hard for a company the girth of MS, what's worse is they didn't want to abandon their years loyal customer base or force the army of developers who were making their companies by a suite of windows products from servers to desktop applications, etc and so on. So what did they do? What does ASP.NET smack of no matter what language you program it in? (You can use c#, j#, or ASP for the .NET web platform) Desktop computing. They tried to allow desktop programmers to use their current skill set to program the web, which is stupid. I like to compare desktop and web programming like I compare American and International Football. Both are sports, you need to be athletic for both, but players from either sport would do poorly in the other. No amount of equipment /.NET will help you play well enough. You just need to retrain and

All of the "features" of that platform are if you pay much attention to it (and, ok most of this is opinion, but look at it your self and tell me what you think) capture to desktop programmers. Most .NET coders don't ever get to see HTML or JavaScript (weird right?). They didn't even get AJAX in their platform until it was past fad, which is absolutely crazy since MS was the company to first include the XMLHTTPRequest object (or what ever its' officially called). I've watched other developers senior to me who've tried to stick with MS get lost in the quagmire of what it'd like to present to the world a cutting edge web tech.

The web and the desktop and 2 different animals. MS is learning that the hard way, don't get left behind with them.

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