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08/11/04 01:13 - ID#22257

way too late...way to soon

I feel like writing a song, but instead I will type to you...elmwoodies.

I'm really tired and I must sleep tommrow I make muscles @ the crack of dawn, yawn.

I just saw a man tame a shrew...maybe I saw you, maybe I should...go to, bed sleepyhead...yeah ;)image
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Words: 51
Location: Buffalo, NY



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joe said to joe
Never send a man to do a grandma's job...

sina said to sina
yes thank you!
Well, since 2018 I am living in France, I have finished my second master of science,...

paul said to sina
Nice to hear from you!! Hope everything is going great....

paul said to twisted
Hello from the east coast! It took me so long to see this, it might as well have arrived in a lette...