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05/28/10 03:41 - 66ºF - ID#51742

Prince of Persia

Let's not forget that this is a kids movie put out by Disney and a video game movie to boot...or maybe we can turn a blind eye to that and enjoy it as a unique historical fantasy action movie. Which ultimately i feel like it was.

This movie was a spectacle to behold. There was so much action that those who lack enough attention span for cohesive plot to develop won't be caught twiddling their thumbs. It suffers from that fractured feeling that non animated kids movies sometimes have, still it was alarming well glued. Something that's a bit of a feat of storytelling if you ask me. They managed to pack as much action and as little story in as possible and there was a pretty well rounded message and plot still. Unbeknownst to some this film was based on a video game and gamers are notorious for wanting more action less story so it might suit them well.

I think Jyllenhall does a great job delivering some really tacky one liners that couldn't be spun as funny or witty to most, which I think is a necessary evil when making a film that's supposed to entertain Sponge Bob fans who honestly laugh at knock knock jokes.

I saw it with a friend, and after 20 minutes I wished I had Mya next to me so that I could vicariously enjoy it as well as I should through her. Maybe I will take her if it's like playing at a double feature drive in or something.

All in all I give it a 4 1/2 stars out of 5. Losing 1/2 a star only because the jumpiness that losses adults could have been more cleverly placed, but still being a fun enough action film with killing that I wouldn't wanna cover my kids eyes during. Yes see this not Iron Man if you have littles.

Go see this film if you've got littles that like adventure. Or if you love adventure tales, or historical fiction and magic your self.

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05/25/10 12:28 - 70ºF - ID#51725

Dolla Dolla Bowl Yall!

Ok, so tomorrow there's 0.75$ bowling at Classic Lanes, which if you're being thrifty is a cheep night out. Only thing cheaper is a date with me, so why not do both at once and really save aaaaand have a good time?

So what do you say round 10sih?
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Category: nerd

05/20/10 05:00 - ID#51690

Sprint HTC Hero200 Android 2.1 Update

After several virtual machine crashes and download debacles I've finally gotten my phone updated.

The update makes the phone a bit faster, and slightly better organized, give you access to a few more kinds of apps (google navigation, finally!), and has some cool HTC Sense updates. All in all worth the hassle

I accidentally found out that the update was published while calling sprint about an MMS message error on my phone so I freaked out and was distracted all day trying to get it installed and I mean alllll day.

The estimated time to download the 118MB file was bout 3 hours the frist time I tried to get it, and my impatience and ignorace failed me when I decided to restart the download a few times. Soon the time crawled up to over 5 hours and then I started to get ludicrous estimates like 14 hours and 2 days. By the end of the day and this morning when I check last the traffic didn't seem to be slowing.

There have been hacks and cracks for the update for weeks. I know some Sprint employees and I'd seen the update running on his device 3 weeks ago which lead me to question why they were waiting so long to release it.

I had to go to sprint yesterday for my mom and I found out the reason why they were taking so long with the phone update is because they wanted to wait for the Sprint HTC EVO launch, but I bet the pitchforks and torches convinced them otherwise.

Now everyone's bustling to get the files and the internet is broken over there. I decided to be a good Samaritan and post it on my dropbox. i don't want a million emails, but if you message me on my twitter @enknot then I will add your email address so you can grab it. Takes a few minutes there.

Note about the update. You need windows to do it (unless you can find the rom nugget without the .exe installer), and don't try it from a virtual machine. I was using VM ware fusion 3 with windows XP and right after it deleted the firmware on the device the system crashes to the blue screen and locks when it tires to reboot (tried it twice made me crazy).

Ok you humans. Good luck, have fun.

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05/20/10 10:44 - 60ºF - ID#51687 pmobl


estrip android action!
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05/11/10 02:38 - 52ºF - ID#51539

Good Move or Bad Move?

Good move or bad move?

Q: You've just left the stage and wow'd the crowd, but you're no rock star, it's just Karaoke. The bartender is a cutie and she's caught your eye. YOu go and chat her up a bit, and she's kinda receptive and you ask her out to:

a. lunch
b. dinner
c. have a drink

If you were the bartender what would you prefer, and which of these if any would be an insult?

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05/10/10 01:32 - 51ºF - ID#51536

Turn off XBOX live auto-renew


I have an xbox and xbox live, and it was previously set to auto renew. I needed to turn that off and after finding that there was very little ease to this process I decided that I should publish it some where: So here goes:

1. Log in to by clicking sign in at the very top of the page
2. Click marketplace at the top near forums and sign out
3. from the "My Account" drop down click membership level
4. On the summary page it'll tell you the kind of membership you have and list your renewal status. If it's on click Off
5. Forage through the two pages plus pages of marketing they have when you try to turn auto renewal off
6. finally check off in the radio box
7. read their weepy (so sorry you're gone) message and rejoice

I left a nasty comment about how dirty a deed it is that they hide and obfuscate common functions and settings from users and shove "pay for ???" in front of you at every turn.

Ok... oh here's where you can buy 12 months of xbox live cheaper without giving them your credit card number:

Here's some pictures to help you along.



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