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01/28/08 07:12 - 29ºF - ID#43055

Values of values and stuff...

This post might be a little scatter brained since I haven't posted in like a million years and I have a lot on my brain.

Ok... I just finished reading a ValueTales book about honesty, and I'm feeling amazing. So, in the spirit of the book I have a few things to report, and some questions to ask.

Isn't the lil Confucius on the cover super cute?

I haven't been posting half cause I'm super busy, and half because I know Meg reads my posts kinda religiously (hi honey). I used to come here to dump my brains out so that you all can help sort things for me since I sincerely value the perspectives of others and I think that airing any kind of problem out helps to solve it, but I also realize the kind of person Meg is and that she probably wouldn't feel comfortable with you all after having all of our underwear flung in your faces over these here interwebs, and she likes you guys, and so do I.

Still, after reading this book I was compelled to post something since it brought up a lot of questions in my mind as well as some fun conclusions that I don't think you all deserve to miss out on, and I could use some help.

A while back Meg did her best to explain science and religion to the midget (I know that's a terrible nickname and diminutive people the world over can send their hate mail to itsjustanickname@noreply.jez ) and Mya rung out with absolute certainty, "I pick GOD!" We shrugged and went ahead to support her decision by buying her a children's bible (my mom is pleased as punch).

Look how cute those bible people are

We've read a ton of these bible stories to her and I know their entertaining, but she has so many questions that I know when I heard these stories the first time I didn't get answers to, and that she still looks at us for some simple explanations to.

To boot, she's a very strong willed and cocksure person. She does cruel things to people, as any child will, and I haven't run across a story in the bible to help me help her with the character flaws (since that's my job). Maybe one of you peeps who know the bible better can help out with that. Still nothing has addressed this topic more directly than this ValueTales book.

A factoid For all you you who are into Larry the Cucumber who are thinking what I thought when I saw the words and font, ValueTales(mid 70's) came before VeggieTales (late 90's), but I digress...

The value tales have impressed me with the Honesty title, and I'm going to pick up the rest of the books in the series after seeing the titles and who their about.
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01/02/08 05:39 - 14ºF - ID#42727

Meanings of meanings...of neon bibles

Ok here's some lyrics to a song you can hear by watching one of the videos at the bottom of this post. Don't let the images influence you. If you want a purely musical performace of the piece try the first video, if you want the recorded version so you can understand the lyrics better check the seond. The first one is, IMHO, much more amazing since it's played in an elevator and the snare drum is a pages being torn out of a magazine.

The name of the song is Neon Bible, and though I'm not feeling particularly feisty in a religion/anti-religion sense, I'm asking you dear peeps what you make of it.

I'm really interested to ask that here where I know there are two Christians that frequent this site who's perspective please and delight me (that's right (e:mrdeadlier) and (e:drew)), but because I like the general perspective of most of you peeps on (e:strip).

So without further ado the lyrics to the Neon Bible:

Vial of hope and a vial of pain
In the light they both looked the same
Poured them out on into the world
On every boy and every girl singing

It's the Neon Bible, the Neon Bible
Not much chance for survival
If the Neon Bible is right

Take the poison of your age
Don't lick your fingers when you turn the page
What I know is what you know is right
In the city you see only light

It's the Neon Bible, the Neon Bible
Not much chance for survival
If the Neon Bible is right

Oh god, well, look at you now!
Oh, you lost it, but you don't know how!
In the light of a golden calf
Oh god, I had to laugh!
Take the poison of your age
Don't lick your fingers when you turn the page
It was wrong but you said it was right
In the future I will read at night

In the Neon Bible, the Neon Bible
Not much chance for survival
If the Neon Bible is true

I've read many prespectives from the general public here .

Some you tubey goodness...

The MTV version

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