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Category: family

09/26/07 02:31 - 71ºF - ID#41333


She's out! After a lot of squishing and pushing at 1:56 am.


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Category: family

09/26/07 01:11 - 71ºF - ID#41332 pmobl


In the deliver room help ol Meggypoos with the last few dregs of babytime.

They doped her up right before she started serious laborso she can't feel a thing, which is nice cause shes no good with pain and bad cause she don't know when shes doing well.

We've been at this since early this morning when I sent a text message to a few peeps. I didn't sleep last night, I was sent out by the meg to enjoy myself on HaloHoliday know the final hour was nigh. Halos great this babys even better..what a great bunch of days. Now if only that house would close.

I saw the babies head for a second a while ago and got a lil teary eyed. Didn't think I had that in me. We have the bday cam and lil phone cam handy so U peeps will be the first to know what she looks like.. ok my break is ending to to go help this baby finish her trip...

wish us all luck.
and pray.
cast a spell.
do a jinx...
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Category: unnerd

09/09/07 06:34 - 66ºF - ID#41020 pmobl

In A Ditch!

So, I am franticly preparing for the oncomming pooper, and we're setting up the crib when we realize that the crib my ma picked up for me dosen't have 3 of the 4 pins that the instruction cautions you against not omitting.

The Meggasaurus and I were swiftly off to the walmart she bought it from. I know, I know. She bought it before I could object.

The crib was really too big to transport with other humans so Meggypoos was following me on the 290, when I started to slide. I didn't want to regain my footing since I think we were both going too fast and she'd of smashed into me so I let my car slide off the road...

2 hours latter were still sitting in the car waiting for Volkswagon roadside assistance. I guess you should wait till the weekday to get into an accident.

Here a shot of the Hitlermobile in a ditch...

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