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Category: nerd

02/19/08 02:20 - 18ºF - ID#43393

What the cow!

Ok that could have been, Holy Cow, but I think I'm going to coin a new exploitive. I'm at work looking for some you tube videos to finish up a project and I came across this.

(e:terry) and I were talking about this stuff just the other day. We made wolves in to puppies and look at what we're doing to the friggin' cows

buff assed cow

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Category: unnerd

02/14/08 05:02 - 28ºF - ID#43329

My service and duty as a freind

A friend of mine [Chris Howard] sent me this and she never sends crappy emails so I checked it out and I was amazed at what it had to offer. Basically it's a politician guide. It's not like any other page I've ever seen before, but if I had to liken it so some thing it'd probably be a page like "rate my teacher" for politicians, but once again it's low on snark and high on info.

Click the image to visit the site --

I think this page is purely information and completely unbiased, though since I've only been on it for a few minutes, could be talking from my neither regions. Tell me what you think. Please.

I was talking to (e:terry) yeterday about my taxes and we both remarked that taxes and I think the reality of politics should be taught in what ever grade you can earliest learn it in. Ok here's a little bit of snark for all you lovas' of the snark out there: I figured they don't cause the Feds love it when anybody who should get a return don't because they're too ignorant to understand tax law... I'm just sayin.

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02/11/08 11:18 - 4ºF - ID#43285

Porn just lets me down...

This post might just as aptly be titled, "As the CO 2 levels in our atmosphere rise so do the irregularites of Tonys brain" or "Microhoo! bamboozled me again!" or "My overzeloulness has undone me for the last time" or... just read the damn post.

Yeah Porn industry way to give into BuRay.

Ok so we're on the brink of Sony actually winning one of it's many failed attempts at buying a starndard. Not scince the day so of the walkman has a Sony format been so widely accepted. (e:pmt) I'm sorry for stearing you down such a faulty path. You'd have been so much happier with a PS3, and you'd have had your BluRay by now.

This issue has me perplexed and dismayed for many many reasons.

Tax season is upon us and the possiblity of the Big Assed TV (which will be refered to as BATVHD) is skullking in the rafters, but why would nerd of my ilk want a big assed TV?

I'm rather social. It used to be an odd thing for me to miss an (e:strip) social event or any such event in the past (I just missed MGMT in toronto this weekend and I'm not even sad about it anymore, it's just a matter of course with is kinda pathetic), but things have changed. I have a bundle of joy and a bunch of women who need me to love and entertain them constantly. So, being the realist I'd like to consider my self I thought, "well Tony... you're not leaving the damn house anytime soon, " an attitued of defeat that I think is at the core of this perplexing delima. The social parts of me are crying out for relase lately and I fear I will do something irrespsoible if I don't find a decent outlet soon.

The Meggasaurs and I were talking about it this weekend, and it was easy to get her to agree with me on many parts of my argument. We has a few tussles about me not wanting her to buy me anything for Xmas or my birthday since I was saving up for the BATVHD (something about me being selfish for not wanting to let someone else buy my stuff, I get it I don't buy it, I digress). So, have support for the boob tube but I don't think that this TV wil really make me any happier. So she's down for the TV and for the PS3, but I don't' want that many nintnedos in my life. Especially when I'd rather hang out with peeps, and the nintendo that was supposed be like hanging out while playing nintendo dosn't really cut it. (I mean both of my white boxes of nerdiness. The XBOX w/ Live especially, but you have to invite people over to play Wii... and while it's cool if it happens to be there isn't not very cool if that's the point of a visit)

Eventually everyones gonna have to have a BATVHD but by that time they'll be reasonalby afforadable. I've been considering selling all my stupid nintendos (I have this love hate relationship with videogames), but with the HD Star Wars Animated series, and the Force Unleashed game just around the corner all this seems silly until you consider this amazing tid bit of information...

((e:mrdeadlier) sit down before you read this) I think I'm over StarWars.

::crickets chirpin::

Yeah (e:mrdealier) and I were talking about it and even he's having troubles staying excited for next big thing coming for the Lucas camp... so that game, Force Unleashed, which will be released on a silmiar device that plays more quitely, has decenty customer support, wont' eat your disks, and isn't owned by a company doing dumb things to compete that aren't effective (Yahoo! Seriosuly?) anyway.

So what does a nerd like me do? Tell you what. If I could work out more often, and go out and do thing I won't have done any of this, but I've made my bed, now I have got to sleep in it.

On a positive note I have about 70billion games I haven't even started playing or that I'm not even half way through. (I just got star #52 in Mario Galaxy... exciting news, I know), and the Meggiebyte got out and did some Meg stuff this weekend finally (she took some photo's round town while I stat with the girls on Sunday, I told her to call you (e:jim) ... well, after the fact, but I told her and she'll go again I'm sure).

So porn, which by the way has become so avaliable on the web that maybe I shouldn't have had any faith in them picking HDDVD. What more is I should have just not had faith in either porn or Sony to stand on any moral highgrounds since now you can get your porn in BluRay too.. Moral of our story here... even when you'd like to get excited about porn you just end up with a bigger mess on your hands than you'll ever feel comfortable with, so just avoid it and go hang out with real people.

OK something cool did happend this weekend. I saw an inconvient truth, which unlike 2 girls one cup gives me hope for humanity. Not because I think Al Gore can stop global warmiing as easily as he intevented these here internets, but because a person like him can exsist. It makes me feel like I'm living in an Asimov novle, and pretty darn proud to be a human. Even if we're all gonna die in storms big enough to turn cows into milkshakes.


PS this post is not spell checked because I wrote it in Safari on PC, silly but true.
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02/06/08 09:47 - 31ºF - ID#43210

What do you nerds think of this computer


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