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09/12/11 08:41 - ID#55146

Well that's odd...

Avid Dallen: Hey brother how are you? 10:18 PM
Me: not bad who's this? 9:15 AM
Avid Dallen: Avid Dallen 1:55 PM
Me: Oh. You don't say. 2:07 PM
Avid Dallen: Yes say whats good 2:40 PM
Me: Alls well. Sup? 2:41 PM
Avid Dallen: Just touching basis my brother we need to have a meeting for next year concert 2:44 PM
Me: Qua? Concert? I wasn't aware I was to be informed of such goings on. 2:51 PM
Avid Dallen: Is this omar 2:53 PM
Me: Omar? Nope. Who do you think your texting... 2:54 PM
Avid Dallen: Who is this 3:18 PM
Me: Tony...:-) 3:18 PM
Avid Dallen: Tony who 3:19 PM
Me: KayShew 3:20 PM
Me: I feel like I must know you. From Prince of peace right? I don't have you in my list of FB friends, and you've gotten in touch with me via this #. So, if we do know each other, hi. If not well. Sorry for the mix up. 6:38 PM
Avid Dallen: How long have you had this number 6:39 PM
Me: Not too long. You can call it too.. I'm mostly cordial on the phone. 6:40 PM
Me: well about a year or more so long enough I guess. 6:40 PM
Avid Dallen: Ok 6:41 PM
Me: So was it a wrong # or were you trying to get in touch with me? 6:42 PM
Avid Dallen: I thought you was someone else but nice to meet you 6:44 PM
Me: Oh. Ok... cool. Take it easy Avid. Later. 6:44 PM
Avid Dallen: You too lets stay intouch 7:55 PM
Me: I guess. I mean really what do we have in common besides the ability to be nice to people we've meet in strange ways....

So I guess I have a new friend now. Wonder what he does....
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  • sina 05/16 12:00 :) hello everybody
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  • Linnie 10/17 06:57 Hi Neighbors - I just bought a groovy renovated carriage house on Linwood Ave, and I'm so excited to live in our wonderful city! The large house in front of the carriage house burned down in the 70's. An article I found about the property cited that 'Matthew' on this site had posted a series of photos called 'Lost Linwood" (article was from 2012). I thought maybe Matthew was still on this site or perhaps someone could help me find the photos. I'd love to see the original house and carriage house

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How weird life is , that I now know the Capozzi's, well at least Al ...

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