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09/12/11 08:41 - ID#55146

Well that's odd...

Avid Dallen: Hey brother how are you? 10:18 PM
Me: not bad who's this? 9:15 AM
Avid Dallen: Avid Dallen 1:55 PM
Me: Oh. You don't say. 2:07 PM
Avid Dallen: Yes say whats good 2:40 PM
Me: Alls well. Sup? 2:41 PM
Avid Dallen: Just touching basis my brother we need to have a meeting for next year concert 2:44 PM
Me: Qua? Concert? I wasn't aware I was to be informed of such goings on. 2:51 PM
Avid Dallen: Is this omar 2:53 PM
Me: Omar? Nope. Who do you think your texting... 2:54 PM
Avid Dallen: Who is this 3:18 PM
Me: Tony...:-) 3:18 PM
Avid Dallen: Tony who 3:19 PM
Me: KayShew 3:20 PM
Me: I feel like I must know you. From Prince of peace right? I don't have you in my list of FB friends, and you've gotten in touch with me via this #. So, if we do know each other, hi. If not well. Sorry for the mix up. 6:38 PM
Avid Dallen: How long have you had this number 6:39 PM
Me: Not too long. You can call it too.. I'm mostly cordial on the phone. 6:40 PM
Me: well about a year or more so long enough I guess. 6:40 PM
Avid Dallen: Ok 6:41 PM
Me: So was it a wrong # or were you trying to get in touch with me? 6:42 PM
Avid Dallen: I thought you was someone else but nice to meet you 6:44 PM
Me: Oh. Ok... cool. Take it easy Avid. Later. 6:44 PM
Avid Dallen: You too lets stay intouch 7:55 PM
Me: I guess. I mean really what do we have in common besides the ability to be nice to people we've meet in strange ways....

So I guess I have a new friend now. Wonder what he does....
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