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Category: nerd

08/30/11 10:51 - ID#55057



I couldn't fall asleep last night so I watched a few episodes of Elfin Lied on netflix. Now I feel like a zombie. I'm downing B vitamins, drinking coffee, answering emails and writing this post till the caffeine kicks in and I can function like a human again.

Elfin Lied

Elfen has just gotten hilariously good after 8 episodes, but its at the point where I don't know where it's going to go next.

Seems that always happens to Anime...sigh. This one hooked me because of the Gustav Klimt intro. It's kinda vapid and bizzare, but isn't all good anime?

Here's the intro I was talking about. It has some "tastefully" bare cartoon boobs in it so be careful it may be NFW for you.

Elfen Lied: Opening Credits

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08/16/11 06:39 - ID#54959

Pauls going to love this: The Enough Already

This guy is so nerdy and squirrly that if (e:Paul) wasn't (e:pmt) already he'd prolly be in love

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Category: nerd

08/16/11 06:31 - ID#54958

Teh Webz

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  • sina 11/29 05:04 I can not read or write any comment :(
  • joe 11/07 01:05 hey!
  • mrmike 11/07 12:29 hey ya all
  • Linnie 10/17 06:57 Hi Neighbors - I just bought a groovy renovated carriage house on Linwood Ave, and I'm so excited to live in our wonderful city! The large house in front of the carriage house burned down in the 70's. An article I found about the property cited that 'Matthew' on this site had posted a series of photos called 'Lost Linwood" (article was from 2012). I thought maybe Matthew was still on this site or perhaps someone could help me find the photos. I'd love to see the original house and carriage house
  • joe 09/12 01:54 well maybe the fall and setting up my computer again will get me to post regularly

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mike said to mike
How weird life is , that I now know the Capozzi's, well at least Al ...

mike said to mike
How weird life is , that I now know the Capozzi's, well at least Al ...