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Category: nerd

10/17/11 04:47 - ID#55327

Beat Jazz

I watched this on HULU for xbox through my room sound. Um, so if you don't have a sweet speaker set up or are not wearing headphones go get some now or you'll rob your self of an experience.


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Category: nerd

10/02/11 11:30 - ID#55228

Fixing my Buzzy Wii


I'm trying to not complain in public anymore. Espousing my woes hasn't ever really proven useful in any way other than to cause more woes, so I'm going for broadcasting solutions.

I got my Wii right when they came out cause I was up partying too late with Mitch and we knew they might have them at Target if we went. The line was short. I interviewed a few nerds about it and hopped in line my self. A few hours later I was the proud owner of a brand new 1st generation Wii.

We had a ton of fun with our Wiis since then but also since then it's started to make this horrible buzzing noise that makes me wanna smack a moose.

Apparently this is common amungst old Wiis. So much so that Nintendo isn't doing anything about them though they usually hook it up when your gear is broken.

So to find a solution I have turned to the interwebs. Here's a couple of short videos on how to disassemble the Wii and resolve the buzzing issue. If you have a mod chip lying around you can kill a few birds with one stone. I don't have a tiny lil screw driver yet, but I will grab one soon so I can get inside this thing. It's eyeglasses sized so I figure they're around to buy I just don't know where... lemme know if you know.

I digress. On to fixing this sic Wii.

Opening the Wii. Be careful. Bring a razorblade and a tiny screwdriver

Buzz Kill: Fixing the Wii. Turn one Screw, fixed!

I figured this is time well spent since (e:Terry) and TK are Smash Bros. aficionados and might be able to teach me some moves until these computer parts become a computer. #escapingStreetFighter.

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