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12/23/05 07:37 - ID#22260

I need to title to publish

boy Paul, this thing get's crazier every day.

I'm going stir crazy...

yes... crazy

I need to get out mor...err at all.

I havne't even gone christmas shopping (that's right christmas not xmas! jerks!)

I don't spell check

I sit in bed all day and write programs

I guess this is ok since it will soon be interspresed with graphic designing things (...poorly).

this is my life, and I'm not ashamed to share it....I'm not.....

gawd I'm such a senic (how ever you spell that overhyped word)

Ok no more bloging..... bloging...pfft

here's my new handle
:Þ razzberries for everyone
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12/16/05 08:07 - 33ºF - ID#22259

my growing instablitity

all of this webbiness and my burgeoning antisocial demeanor are causing me to become more and more productive.

the and familiar site's are under way.

i know you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, but that's OK....

i will soon show you all better than I can tell anyone....
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12/16/05 03:10 - 32ºF - ID#22258

why I hate blogs

Ok ...I don't, but I'm a bit dismayed.

I came to this page lookin' for some php quick php advice, but it dosn't seem that paul is about.

Oh well I guess this one will have to wait untill tommrow....
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  • sina 05/16 12:00 :) hello everybody
  • sina 11/29 05:04 I can not read or write any comment :(
  • joe 11/07 01:05 hey!
  • mrmike 11/07 12:29 hey ya all
  • Linnie 10/17 06:57 Hi Neighbors - I just bought a groovy renovated carriage house on Linwood Ave, and I'm so excited to live in our wonderful city! The large house in front of the carriage house burned down in the 70's. An article I found about the property cited that 'Matthew' on this site had posted a series of photos called 'Lost Linwood" (article was from 2012). I thought maybe Matthew was still on this site or perhaps someone could help me find the photos. I'd love to see the original house and carriage house

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