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08/18/06 12:24 - 70ºF - ID#22285 pmobl

snakes on a mutha fuckin' plane

it was awesome
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08/13/06 01:56 - 73ºF - ID#22284

Anything But Clothes Party!

Ok Ok Ok.

I haven't posted any thing for a while, but my reasons for not posting are more because I have too much to do than nothing to post about; which in the long run is kind rude since if I were to post about these things in a timely fashion you peeps might even be able to join me in my crazy Buffaloinan escapades, but I digress...

Anything But Clothes 2006.

Let us not mince words. This is a naked party. My friend Rebecca, one of Buffalo's own Strip Teasers put me onto it, and I now share my wealth of knowledge with you my (e:peeps). Apparently this party has been going on since as far back as 2003, and it's annual, and it's exactly what you'd imagine. People show up in very little to nothing on, as long as what ever the little is isn't clothes.

I wore a Victoria Secret bag as a mini skirt w/ a trash bag top. Some other girl had on doilies and tea bags, some dude was dressed as a tin foil robot, some guy only had metal signs on, my friend Jenny wore some table mats duct taped together for a top and a beach towel. We were all wasted, except for Jenny who couldn't quite grasp why it was sooooo much fun to be out dancing in some backyard on Elmwood with your gibblets off in the breeze for her blasted sobriety, but I think she still had fun. Fen of Knife Crazy was spinning some sweet old school 80's soul/dance tracks and we sweat away a few pounds inside our plastic bags and tinfoil.

I cannot say that I didn't have any anxiety about going to a naked party. Earlier in the night my friend R-E-L (I refused to spell her name Arial, because it is not pronuced that way. It is produced like you see it R-E-L and she frustrates when you say it any other way), who, pound for pound, is the most fun and attractive girl I know in Buffalo right now, was hipping me to the party since she'd been there before. She was rather non pulsed about going to a naked party, and or knowing naked partying people. She knew about the party because her recently ex-boyfriend used to date Rebecca. She'd remarked, "Oh, that's those naked people. They always end up naked at the end of the night". Which didn't do anything to cure my anxiety, but informing my friends about it and having them pressure me into going worked just fine, thank goodness, cause it was quite fun. I have some pictures, but they are in Jenny's camera, I'll put em' up if they're not to hideous.

Speaking of how fun and attractive she is, she's usually at the Midnight Mass, which is a rolling bar that start at 12am Sunday Night/Monday Morning every week. Pretty much a replica of the Critical Mass that some kinda national cycling pests association sponsors, but with booze on Sunday nights. I've been to a few and they're kinda awesome. We meet at the Essex Street Pub and commence to getting hammered until everyone shows up and then head down to Holly Farms to buy more beers and such. The trip leader then picks a far flung place for us to trek to and we're off! Drinking, and smoking and rabble rousing, and stopping traffic w/ our 75+ cyclists girth of moving obstruction. It's kinda, no, its mega fun, but I can't party that hard anymore. I've gotta come to, and do some stuff that lasts, and/or improves me.


The crush is over. I found some not so cool stuff out about her, and I just don't have a crush anymore. I guess it was fun while it lasted, but that short spat w/ luv just didn't satisfy. I need a real bay-bay.

On the upside I reconnected with this really awesome girl from a tiny ways back and we went on a few dates. I really really like her, but looks like she's leaving buffalo.... sigh. So if you have any spare cute (not hot) girls that like slightly nerdy ex-rockstars with noodle hair lemme know. I need one.

PS. There's still Dodgeball every monday at the YMCA on Delaware every Monday at 8:00 call me if you're interested, or just show up.

PPS. ...and there's Buffalo Kickball every sunday at 2:00 @ LaSalle Park. We want more teams under the Buffalo KickBall Umbrella, though right now it's just pick up games so everyone's welcome in any number. If your were to bring a team you'd only need about 9 peeps to make a whole team, so if you (e:peeps) and/or non-epeeps wanna come down and enjoy some kball by all means get there and make your presence known, and/or freind that profile on myspace so that you can be updated on the goings on .

Next week we travel to Toronto to play the Toronto Kick ball League (they have several teams).... soon, we'll take on Brooklyn kickball, and after that...THE WHURL!

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