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12/31/06 04:32 - 43ºF - ID#37479

PSA: Stolen Phoney


So last night I was wasted, more than I think I've ever been off of beers and wings alone, but waisted none the less.

Ok I'm sure it has something to do with knowing the bartender at the bar you're drinking at... So, I got to watch the Sabers destroy the Canes' which I love to see since they ousted us from the cup run last year...

Got hungry, when to great wall where I remember receiving a text message and the next time I check... no phoney.

Sad tony.

I have insurance so I'll have a new phone in days, and my contacts are backed up at work so I can call you (yes you), but it's sad that I have no phone on new years...

very sad..

I can't wait for this party though. I have some extra surprises that I will unveil for (e:pmt) during the secret santa event.

allright you estrippers... keep on strippin!
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Category: unnerd

12/13/06 06:46 - 42ºF - ID#22307

Post Party Depression


When I start these I always say that it's going to be short and sweet and it's always a lie.

I had soo much fun at my party. Thank you sooo much (e:pmt) for hosting it. Thank you all sooo much for coming. I think that it was the happiest day of my life.

I was soo jazzed that I woke up at 9:00am the next day calling people cause I wanted to hang out and hear that hey had a good time.

Ok, so for me there were quite a few highlights but I'll limit my self to 3. If you were there and anything fun (or scandalous, for all you rumor mongers) happened please do tell. I need to relive these moments while they're fresh in my mind.

3. Pinata - After the bands were done and we were cutting a rug in (e:pmt)'s living room I busted out my 30ish pinata and we all pummeled it until mounds of candy and condoms showered the dance floor... minutes later on a break in the kitchen (e:paul) came in with two handfulls and one mouth full of candy and could barely mutter "there's candy everywhere in there, it's soo great!". Funniest moment of the night

2. Allison - A very cute and nerdy girl who keeps books, page makers, and highlighters for passages that she wants to remember in her purse danced with me for quite a while. I've known her for some time, but not as well as I would like to... hopfully meeting her at La Luna tonight will be worth postponing my regularly scheduled every other Wednesday.

1. Passion - A band I have admired for almost a year played and I got be a part of and sing my favorite song "Lady Fingers" on stage with, that included some of the most well respected and talented musicians in the city (Fen, Thom, Andy, ect...) and entertained the crowd at the party with all their tune (they only have one), and a stunning rendition of "We are the world". Sigh... oh man oh man, it coudlnt' get any better.

0. (e:thecarey) secretly sneaking about and cleaning up the whole affair before I could get back in the morning. (I had a cleaning crew ready to go, but us only having to replace the furniture made everything that much easier, thanks sooo much).

Ok I cheated. But Carrie deserves some accolades.

Thanks again everyone and (e:pmt). You guys are the best. And thank you all once more for making my party a success!
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