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01/02/07 11:04 - 34ºF - ID#37512

New Years Revloutions!


I hate new years resolutions, mostly cause they're never taken seriously, and when they are it's usually not something that should have waited a year, but... I'm feeling giddy right now so here goes.

1. I hope to start a small government in my pants by this time next year!
2. I will most certainly get a phone before the year is over.... but only gawd knows when since more disaster has stricken since last I posted...
(hence the desire to die)
3. I will live to see my self not die!
4. I will not go to the gym until all the resolution people are gone...
5. I will make more home meals since my cooking is better than just about every girls who've I've ever date (ok, Becky's quesadillias were kinda svelte but she was just a mean person so she don't count)
6. I promise to shave vycious at least once more, possibly this time with a small half-Asian girl assisting me. (cause it's funny!)
7. I promise to make my computer work, or blow it up with dyn-o-mite (yes the Jimmie Walker kind).
7. I promise to give (e:vycious) his number seven back... which he really shouldn't be that upset about not having since it's kinda lame.
8. I promise not to make resolutions that are stupid or not entertaining to at least one other person, since really they're just comic relief for the richer, thinner, more productive selves we all keep locked tidily away in the sticky oubliettes of our minds...
9. I may have a cheese sandwich in the next 10 minutes
10. I will program a bunch of stuff...

There's my tenleven revolutions.

Ok here's the sad news... Phone still gone, now debit card gone and the wait for new phone broadens, I think I've contracted some kind of stomach flu, my compys still broken, I still can't dunk a basketball, double dutch still confuses me, and I'm waiting for my liver to end up missing, but on a lighter note


Thanks sooo much for having that shindig guys... You dudes rock. Pray for me (I mean it).

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12/31/06 04:32 - 43ºF - ID#37479

PSA: Stolen Phoney


So last night I was wasted, more than I think I've ever been off of beers and wings alone, but waisted none the less.

Ok I'm sure it has something to do with knowing the bartender at the bar you're drinking at... So, I got to watch the Sabers destroy the Canes' which I love to see since they ousted us from the cup run last year...

Got hungry, when to great wall where I remember receiving a text message and the next time I check... no phoney.

Sad tony.

I have insurance so I'll have a new phone in days, and my contacts are backed up at work so I can call you (yes you), but it's sad that I have no phone on new years...

very sad..

I can't wait for this party though. I have some extra surprises that I will unveil for (e:pmt) during the secret santa event.

allright you estrippers... keep on strippin!
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12/13/06 06:46 - 42ºF - ID#22307

Post Party Depression


When I start these I always say that it's going to be short and sweet and it's always a lie.

I had soo much fun at my party. Thank you sooo much (e:pmt) for hosting it. Thank you all sooo much for coming. I think that it was the happiest day of my life.

I was soo jazzed that I woke up at 9:00am the next day calling people cause I wanted to hang out and hear that hey had a good time.

Ok, so for me there were quite a few highlights but I'll limit my self to 3. If you were there and anything fun (or scandalous, for all you rumor mongers) happened please do tell. I need to relive these moments while they're fresh in my mind.

3. Pinata - After the bands were done and we were cutting a rug in (e:pmt)'s living room I busted out my 30ish pinata and we all pummeled it until mounds of candy and condoms showered the dance floor... minutes later on a break in the kitchen (e:paul) came in with two handfulls and one mouth full of candy and could barely mutter "there's candy everywhere in there, it's soo great!". Funniest moment of the night

2. Allison - A very cute and nerdy girl who keeps books, page makers, and highlighters for passages that she wants to remember in her purse danced with me for quite a while. I've known her for some time, but not as well as I would like to... hopfully meeting her at La Luna tonight will be worth postponing my regularly scheduled every other Wednesday.

1. Passion - A band I have admired for almost a year played and I got be a part of and sing my favorite song "Lady Fingers" on stage with, that included some of the most well respected and talented musicians in the city (Fen, Thom, Andy, ect...) and entertained the crowd at the party with all their tune (they only have one), and a stunning rendition of "We are the world". Sigh... oh man oh man, it coudlnt' get any better.

0. (e:thecarey) secretly sneaking about and cleaning up the whole affair before I could get back in the morning. (I had a cleaning crew ready to go, but us only having to replace the furniture made everything that much easier, thanks sooo much).

Ok I cheated. But Carrie deserves some accolades.

Thanks again everyone and (e:pmt). You guys are the best. And thank you all once more for making my party a success!
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11/30/06 11:02 - ID#22306 pmobl

Shaving Vycious -


I was supposed to go to a movie today with (e:vycious) whom ever he was going to invite, whom ever I was going to invite, (e:imk2), and (e:des) today . We had some passes for Van Wilder, but um.. I uh. lost the tickets somewhere in the course of cleaning out my car. (A looser is me)

So tonight was almost like any other night that (e:vycious) would let me use his basement laundry facilities and we'd hang out and play video games while we got wasted, and then Erin came over and all hell broke loose!

(e:vycious) needed a back shaving and at first I was thought why would I shave my freinds back? Then I said to my self, why not?! Isn't that what friends, and little camcorders in your phone are for? Besides (e:vycious) is very hobbity in many ways (he's got very course wirey hairs that spring from the most uncomely of places, so he feels) and shaves on the occasion to mask his true nature from the rest of human kind...

So with Erin behind the camera we commenced to make this here video. I've transcribed just below it.

Afterwards I found out that the blades were dull and there was a loose tooth on it which made it bite quite a bit so none of the ow's are fake (sorry (e:vycious) ), and after some sincere apologizes and (e:vycious) 's review of the video he approved it's being posted since it's pretty damn funny. He's quite a sport that (e:vycious).


OOOH.... Don't forget about the 2 estrip parties that are coming up. enknot Birthday and (e:pmt)'s Xmas Bash! Details about the birthday part are in my previous post and i'll keep you all posted here.

enknot: I am now. e n k n o t, going to shave vycious' back, come and see his hairy assed back

enknot: clippers... how do I get this on? Is there a switch? I can't figure it out. Oh, here goes. Oh yes,

vycious: ow!

enknot: shut up

vycious: ow! ow ow ow!

enknot: you fuzzy son of a bitch

enknot: you hobbit bastard

vycious: ow!

enknot: why dosn't it shave?

vycious: because it's battery operated

enknot: you've got evil hobbit hair

vycious: a.. hooowwooww. I'm going to go to work tomorrow and I'm going to be bloody. ow ow!

erin: come on, be nice... [giggles]

enknot: I am being nice!

vycious: that really hurts..

enknot: Say my name bitch!

vycious: ow

enknot: Say my name

vycious: it's really hurting...

enknot: I've gotta get. I've gotta get this hair offa here dude. Otherwise it'll be on there, and you don't want that

erin: you gotta be nice though [giggles]

vycious: ow, ow.

enknot: yeah baby! Yeah! [ smacks ].

vycious: ow. ahh I'm bleeding.

enknot: He's all red..

erin: you gotta be nice though [giggle]

vycious: [gibberish] ah what are you doing to me here

enknot: I'm shaving you!

vycious: what are you doing to me here?

enknot: I'm shaving you

vycious: you're like mangling me!

erin: you're shaving against the grain dude

enknot: Oh, sorry.

vycious: I thought you said your dad was beautician

enknot: Yeah, it doesn't mean I'm genetically good at this shit dude

enknot: Look at that it's like a mound of hair

vycious: ahhh easy!

enknot: It's really him. I didn't just find some bum off the street

vycious: I'm not a bum!

enknot: Shut up bitch!

vycious: ahh!

enknot: That was an action shoot

enknot: Say my name

vycious: you are hurting me

enknot: Say my name

vycious: you are really hurting me

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11/30/06 08:42 - ID#22305 pmobl

Party Party Party! My BDay Party Dec 9th

This is an ad! For a PARTY!

There will be a Party of estrippian porportions! December 9th, 2006 at your favorite mansion, the (e:strip) mansion!

There will be 2 Bands and a DJ or 2. There will be no cover but some shot for sale (to cover the entertaiment and venue), there will be merriment and a noodle haired estripper who's nearly 30!... me!

The bands include

1. The Chezch Mates and
2. Passion

and no other than DJ Twist who plays the craziest dance music, and possibly an 80's set by Fen!

You can hear the passion album for free at , and you can make me very happy if you just show up and have a good time.

Lastly there will be a twister room if I can secure 4 twister boards in enough time and ensure (e:pmt) that it won't get too crazy (yeeeeeah) and a other fun games (like killer, and mumball!)

Wear something nerdy, or some pajammies, or your birthday suit since it's my birthday.

Hmm if you have any game suggestions comment me up...
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11/27/06 08:41 - ID#22304

Black Friday

It was an amazing night of triumph and mirth, shopping and dropping, interviews and intercourse... ok not the last bit : ), but I did get a nice hoodie.

I must at some point in text describe the night, perhaps do a transcription of the vocals on the interview and the quitter video...

All in all I had a great time, I stayed up with Matt and Thomas until sometime the next afternoon, and came home with a new video card for my compy (eventhough I haven't played games on my computer in over a month!).

Next post will be about my party at (e:pmt)'s on December 9th. It'll be my birthday and the beginning of my last year as a 20 something, happiness and sadness all at the same time. I hope to see you there. Till then check out these silly videos and images

I topped it all off with a movie with (e:jenks) (Bond... James Bond). What a great weekend

Best Buy... 4:00 am day after thanksgiving. These Zombies are full of turkey

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11/27/06 08:25 - ID#22303

Chicago Redux Photo Gallery







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11/19/06 06:49 - 36ºF - ID#22302 pmobl

2 Day Pass

Andy. Turn right at the top of the stairs on the O'hare side of the Blue Line Western station. Next to the first bench you cross will be this emergrency device. The pass is between the panel and the backing fixture. (Look above the letters 'P' & 'U')

Go early. I don't know how long it can remain undiscovered.

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11/18/06 11:07 - 40ºF - ID#22301 pmobl

Cruising the Red Line

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11/21/06 07:18 - 39ºF - ID#22300

Egos and Journals (cont..)

[this post is really a response to (e:jenks,275) ]

What about community?

I think that the word ego has an inaccurately negative connotation. Far too often the extreme version of this trait is implied whenever it is mentioned. That's not to say that ego has never gotten out of hand. As with all things, ego should be applied in moderation. Being human kind of fudges this rule from time to time which is where the urban legend of assholes comes from, but that's another story.

Without waxing philosophical too much here allow me to explain (note: the following text is rife with pontification on topics which the writer has little to no formal training in, and should be taken with at least 1 grain of salt).

We might be able to agree that ego is roughly the realization of self. If we want to connect that to another hair brained idea we could say, "how you identify, define, and comprehend your self is a direct indication of what communities you are and are not part of (basic folklore theory)." Lastly, community is a basic part of the human condition. It is at least a part of being a life form that can communicate. (Side note/broken fact: Scientists have found that Elephants, which do communicate very much, have the ability to comprehend self. They put some dumbos near mirrors and the floppy ears did things that made the scientists believe that they {the elephant standing near the mirror} recognized the elephants in the mirrors them selves).

So could we even be a community if all of our members had no sense of self, or ego? I think not.

Alex, you are not an asshole, you're probably the most self scrutinizing individuals I've ever meet, and if you have an imbalance of ego, it's likely a negative balance. Your demeanor is actually quite delightful to behold actually. You're very pleasant, not, I repeat, an asshole, and yes you have an ego. But you need one, we all do. It's natural. It's necessary, not weird, or awful. People do this kind of thing all the time, we just do it online (sound all cyber sexy don't it?).

We'd be doing this if we were all standing around in a school yard, or near an office cooler, but we aren't and can't gather that way. If there was a way for us conduct two-way communication during the drafting of a journal entry I'm sure we would do it, but there isn't and that's what the chat is for (thank you (e:paul)). The only way we can gather and share the information that makes us who we are ((e:stippers)) is online. We aren't the only community that is gathering in new seemingly self indulgent ways. Look at the nerds that go to Star Trek (ok and Star Wars) conventions. This kind of think was unheard of in the days before mass transit was readily available to the middle class. A lot of those folks don't even bathe, how's that for self-indulgent. What about knitting circles (an oldy but goody)? You can't say that there's only pure moral pulp floating around at functions loving dubbed, "the Stitch and Bitch" by its members. We're not even the only kind of group that gathers online either, just ask (e:vycious) about the xbox live folks, a corporation generated community (and that's not to knock corporation generated anything, just point out a unique quality). I don't think you can get any more self indulgent than spending upwards of 3000$ for devices that are designed to entertain one person at a time (what do you mean my computer cost that much too? shut up!).

So the egotistical act of talking about your self in your journal is really not so egotistical at all. In fact if you want to measure ego I think that examining if one posts about one self isn't the most direct route. You should really examine how.

Note: I am the sweetest dude ever, and if you don't think so you should be kicked off of estrip, ex post haste.


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