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Category: family

02/24/07 04:22 - 20ºF - ID#38267 pmobl

Cookie, is that you?

So uh, I'm at another birthday party. this time its for Del's daughter Chloe. She slept most of the time but all the other kids had a good time.

Cookie monster showed up... couldn't find Del anywhere or else I'm sure he'd of gotten a picture with him too. Ok Del is inside the suit! His time inside consisted mainly of freaking out babies except for the cute on in the green shirt) and getting harassed by adults. Yeah I told del that his pic would be on the interweb seconds after he donned that outfit

If I can find it on my data card I)l upload me givin' cookie some luuv..

Oooh the later picks are from Shari Millers party last week at Lasertron. We played a game of Cyber sport which is like hyper lacrosse for parapalegics (sp?) Mario also made an orange anna nichole smit grave site cake... it was saddly delicious


Cute as a button



I wanted to pour a 40 on this cake

Birthday girl


Cookie Luv

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Category: nerd

02/22/07 06:13 - 36ºF - ID#38246


It's no mystery that Paul is the super fantastic and it's hard to even stay in his wake without falling over sometimes, but I have to say for being some who's directly under the brunt of it it's perdy outstanding to behold.

So, I hate blogs, which you'd know if you read any of my first few, but um, I like people, so that's why i post here.

I'd never do a blog on my own, but my collegue and good friend Paul has writen some perdy darn sweet bloggin' software that I"m sure you're all aware of, but that's not much news.

I have owned and some real server space for quite some time and haven't done anything with it since I was really green at all this stuff when I bought it, but I've been turning over a new leaf.

I plan to do a lot of stuff with the site but I won't flap my jaws until I have something to show, speaking of, I figured if my site was gonna have a blog I would just use this one, so I have. (e:paul) 's got an API up there to the left w/ the turtle and such and I figured I'd pop it on my site for good mesure.

Yeah, seems maybe kinda lazy, and sometimes I feel like he's got too many people riding on his shirt tails, but the way I figure it if he puts something out there to be used, it's for reason. Since I'm back there too I try to be as much of a help as i can, so hopefully someone using this chunk of functionality from his site will be worth while to helping make the site better, and the traffic I generate (if my page and (e:ejtower) 's page ever get done) will add to the fun here too...

If you have your own site and a journal here, help him out and use this api, he wrote it for you! Least that's how I figure it.

Ok the sabers are on in under an hour and there's much preperation to be done.

As Yet Unstyled
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Category: nerd

02/09/07 08:33 - 14ºF - ID#38085

All My Nerdiness at Once with Zeal!

I have never been to Conneticut, but I think I could even convince (e:vycious) to go to this. It's called Play! A Videogame sympyhony.

After watching one of his lil videos I just wanted to find out who composed that Mario Brothers music (cause it's really amazing if you haven't noticed by now, try playing any of it on any kind of instrument you would hurt your self), and I wound up finding about this concert series that is touring the world with the best videogame music of all time played by a real symphonic orchestra.

I'm sort of a band geek from way back as well as a button masher, so this would prolly make my balls explode! Hell one of my favorite albums is the Actraiser soundtrack. If you ask iTunes it'll prolly say I've listend to that record over 200 times.... I mean if you ask me it's perfect programmer music. Most programmers are ex or current button mashers, the music was desinged to play in the background while you did complicated things so you can listen while you program, and it's complex and beautiful, as soon as you get humans to play it it's overwhelmingly ..... oh gawd I'm such a nerd.

and if you liked that you dirty dirty nerd
you get a little more dirty
and a lot more nerdy
for free...

Future Sex Robotz-HOTel cORAL esSEX

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Category: baby

02/08/07 09:22 - 18ºF - ID#38076

Message from the Vortex!


I haven't posted in a while.

There's so many new faces around here now too.

And Carolinian finally has a new pic, and I really like it ( on the moooooooooon ).

Hmmm... I have some very fantastic news to report but I can't spoil me and IMK2's bet before she breaks looses big. Still, I'm very tempted to.

My house search has begun, and I've been busier than holy cow.

I have a huge project at work all of a sudden too.

I haven't gone snowboarding this winter yet and (e:iccrus) has been stalkin' me since he and are the only people we know who snowboard around these parts, and we will... soon. I promise my fine feathered birdlike person.

OOh, my vortex! You prolly saw her at (e:pmt)'s new years party or (e:paul)'s bday party. I've meet a girl and she's ultra fantastic. Her name is Megan and she joined the site, but she's no compy so she hasn't posted just yet and cannot add to the funderful drama that is estrip just yet.

She has a munchikin named Mya who's often times more than even I can handle, but that keep things very interesting. Yeah, she's super fun too.

Le MunchinMatt Silfer 2007

Rob finger just got a mac lappy and it's super fantastic amazing and everything I thought it would be. It runs pretty fancy windows stuff really well. I'm gettin' one, no questions. I want it bad like a junkie....

There is a potential that we might get work lappys (a nice mac lappy) which would be just perfect since all I'm going to do on the thing is work on work stuff after hours anywho. (Hey not all of us have an estrip to bounce on our knees, but I'll figure something out).

Ok (e:peeps) I missed reading ya and getting feed back. I'll not stay away so long next time,and I'll keep you posted.

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Category: family

02/22/07 12:07 - 29ºF - ID#29652

One Armed Scssior


This will be brief because I don't want to be up for too long. I have to go to the gym in the morning and I need to be spree so that I can have a good work out.

But here's the real meat of this strangely titled post peeps. Have you ever been wrong about something you've argued for and felt good to realize that you were wrong?

Not just something paltry like weather to put the peanut butter in the fridge or the cupboard for storage (the cupboard of course silly... you'll rip the bread when it's cold!), but something serious and meaningful?

I don't think it happens often in a persons life, it may never happen to you. If it weren't for everything in my life being the way it is right now I don't think it ever could have.

Try it out the next time you have a real pot thrower with someone. Try considering that you could be wrong. Don't give in, really think about things and listen and ask questions that help the other person construct their argument, and ask them to do the same for you.

Cause really, when you're in the thick of one of those you might find your self defending ideas you don't believe in your self unless you take a minute and really think. If you don't you could pass up becoming a better person.

It's moments like this that I'm the most grateful that Paul is an endless slave to this website and that I know I'll be able to record my thoughts, and will be able to share them with you peeps and anyone else who happens into this chunk of the interweb.

Had a big rough talk with the misses as is wont to happen to a couple of people in any circumstance, and I learned a lot of valuable things. I'm not going to get much more specific, it'd take longer than I want to be away from her to do, and I'm not up on airing out my underpants online. Those underpants are for a select few to ever see or smell. I just wanted to remember this day, really, this moment as well as I could... or at the very lest leave a road map to it so that if I ever encounter it again it'll invoke the same calm that I'm feeling right now.

I write to remember.

One Armed Scissor by At The Drive In

Dissect a trillion sighs away
Will you get this letter
Jagged pulp sliced in my veins
I write to remember
'Cause I'm a million miles away
Will you get
this letter
Jagged pulp sliced in my veins
I write to
I write to remember
I write to remember

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