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Category: unnerd

06/27/06 05:04 - ID#22282 pmobl

I have a crush

OK So cold stone Ice cream cannot taste as good as the lines out side their doors suggest.

After dodgeballing this monday (and every monday in case you find your self bored) Andy, Jenny, Kim Schuster and I went for a scoop since it's just down the block. Waiting in the rain chilled air covered in sweat didn't seem so appealing so we went to a tiny mom and pop down the street... Oh right my crush.

Aside from my longstanding Jenny soap opera (which will continue as she accompanies me to my cousin Tina's wedding in a few weeks) I have a dodgeball crush... OK it's prolly not so accurate to call this a dodgeball crush. I've known this girl for quite a few years but, shes really good people, and cuter than hell. I probably shouldn't work myself up over this and just ask her out, but its kind fun to get worked up over a crush. It's been so long since I've had one, but that's a story for a different post.

Here's a pic of a packed out Coldstone. I'm still not convinced they aren't selling crack. Place looks like a soup kitchen...

Here's the icecream store...
there's someone in line who should be jogging, but I wont' say who


oh you crule (e:peeps)! it was me... I should have been jogging!

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Category: unnerd

06/20/06 03:45 - 73ºF - ID#22281 pmobl

Everthing In Its Right Place

I'll let Thome speak for him self


Ok... it's kinda grindy, but it's great quality considering it was recorded on my phone.... yeah. Radiohead was great.
Gather Tracking Number: 0871240001150903551

This is for anyone who'd come back to listen to the song above again. Here's a special treat. The set list they played was totatly fan oriented (no radio releases), and they played a few new songs, one of which I captured most of. Have a listen, or get it on Gather.

Completley New Radiohead Song!


(e:paul) if/when you get any flack for this just take it down right away.
Gather Tracking Number: 0062759001150903879

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06/21/06 05:47 - 74ºF - ID#22280 pmobl

What Octopods Do In Their Spare Time

I recorded this at that ocotopus project show that was here on papa's day, before Radiohead. It wasn't as acusticly organized as the Auditorim Theater but this is some good music. If you like bands like RATTATAT you might dig these guys. I tried to get a video but bad light is the death of this phone. This is only a 30 second clip, and um you're going to wanna turn this down it's really loud:


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06/03/06 09:34 - 60ºF - ID#22277

Delayed Holiday

Hagngin' Wit My Peeps

Lampin' By da Falls

Flossin' Wit da Fishes

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