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Category: unnerd

05/08/06 03:05 - ID#22274

Fake Plastic Trees

I woke up early on Saturday to get "in line" online for tickets to a radiohead show that's coming to Toronto that very few people even knew about. Radiohead is seriously my favorite band ever and I'd sell my first born to see em before I died, ok maybe not my 1st but maybe someone elses baby.

My buddy Andy Blake has the inside scoop on stuff like this so we (Andy, his ex-gf jenny, and I) went down to UB to use their network cause Andy thought it'd be quicker and we'd have a snowballs chance to get tickets before they sold out on us.

The controls for getting the tickets weren't on the page when we got there and we had to wait until 10:00 am EST before they'd appear. We had to keep reloading the page to get the tickets, but the page would lock you out if you hit refresh to many times (more than 6x a minute), so it was going to be a mad dash at 10 on the button to get seats at all.

10:00 and 0 seconds am EST rolled around and I was frantic. I smashed F5 (a reload page short cut in both Firefox and IE) and I was rushing to fill out my info for the tickets. By 10:00 30 seconds am EST the show was sold out, and I didn't get any tickets, but Jenny and Andy did.

Yes... I was sad.

But it wasn't 10:00 am in Chicago yet so I decided to try for tickets there, so we waited an hour.

I really wanted to go to the Toronto show, but I have a buddy or two in Chi-town it might be fun. All 3 of us tried for tickets again and Jenny was the only one to get in. Luckily. I bought the tickets and we all went out to eat some grub at Pano's to celebrate

(I guess (e:jenks) saw me but was hanging w/ her parents so she decided not to complicate things)

I bought tickets but didn't have anyone definite to go with since going to Chi-town is a bit more of an endeavor than going to Toronto. I had a friend named Ben who wanted to go with me, but he just got a new job but had to take a pay cut for the better hours and is getting married so I didn't know if he could afford a concert ticket and a plane ticket. In my fit of excitement and desire to have a music fan go with me I called my ex-gf like an idiot to see if she wanted to go.

Not to hang all my dirty laundry around town, but she owes me quite a bit of money, but I didn't care as long as she could pay her own way. She said yeah, and I told her it was first come first serve with who ever wanted to go, could afford it and confirmed, and luckily Ben came through.

My ex-gf has been more nice to me than she has been since we first started dating and it's either going to be awful or really sweet to tell her that Ben's going in her stead. I haven't told her yet, but I think I should/will by Monday. I just confirmed that my Chi-town buddy Neil can put us up for the night and we're going to get there a day early and cruise the town so um...yeah I need to call her and tell her something.

I'm taking bets on weather the niceness dries up quick after I tell her she's not going with, but che sera sera. I didn't break up with her so that she'd be nice to me...though it would be nice, since I think I treated her really well.

oh gawd it's late...
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05/08/06 02:32 - ID#22273

Last days of the lappy

Yes... the lappy is leaving me. I'm up right now backing up all the episodes of Enterprise I got from (e:paul) and (e:matthew) cause I haven't watched them yet.

It was faithful for all this time, and now it's time for it to move on to greener pastures.

I'm buddies with that dude you sometimes see at the pink with the devilsticks and he dosen't have a lappy and wants to buy mine.

I figured I should sell it since I have a pretty sweet compy at home and don't ever use it since I'm such a socialite that the idea of not being around people is just a irritating as the idea of not playing with computers. Lappy + Coffee shop usually solved that, but I'm becoming a lot more well adjusted with my single bachlor life and I like my empty apartment a lot more than I used to. Not to mention I'll be buying a phone like the one that (e:paul) has to tide me over until I get the neolappy.

This install of the lappy lasted me quite a while. I still have stuff on here from my trip to San Fransisico which isn't documented on (e:strip) cause I wasn't much of a poster back then.

Soon as those videos finish I'll start the reinstall process and all the meories that me and the lappy had togheter will be wiped clean. Kinda makes me sad, but I don't wanna cry so how's about I talk about the new lappy instead?!

I'm getting one of those new mac book pros. I guess you can run windows on it and it's mac that's all svelt and macalicious so it's more than a win wins situation.

I'm saving for a really good one since it'll be my main mac machine and I want a service plan on it too. A buddy of mine said that mac service is the bizomb and I belive him. Told me a story about when he had to send a mac lappy in for service and it came back virtually a new machine.

So untill my mac mackie comes in I guess you won't be able to catch me at SPoT, and all my posts will have to come from my crazy desky that, by the way, has a silly Lan Party momaboard and a crazy strobe light case, you can probably tell why we don't hang out so often.

Yeah..., but I've got other news...

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04/24/06 04:42 - 47ºF - ID#22272

Of Mongeese and Men

Thanks to all the helpful people who decide to put their two cents in about the previous post. I really appreciate it. I think I have enough spare are change to catch the bus now...

Just to let cha'll know. I've decide to take most of the advice I was given (in retrospect). I think we're through the worst of it by now, and things will only get better, but I"ll be damed if I ever go on a trip with her anywhere ever again, (there goes Cancun). And to be a little less vague about the last bit. I think Jenny's great for the most part, but she lives in LA, and she's really finicky, and she's done some stuff that I could never forgive her for, so I will only ever be her friend, though she's been hinting at other things lately. I just hope that this trip hasn't put a big fat bent on our friendship.

Getting back to enjoying my self, I've been avoiding talking about anything with her really and enjoying my self with my other friends who came on this trip, and some new acquaintances. To speak of them, we went to Haneuma Bay this morning, which is this really sweet coral reef nature preserve today. This trip to the bay will make 3 times on this trip, but I figured since I bought some snorkel gear I'd better get full use out of it. We have 4 underwater cameras full of shots that I promise to put some good pics up from. I got a shot of a sea turtle, I hope it came out OK, but even if it's blurry it was sweet to see him doing his thing right before I nearly drowed in the ocean.

Yeah I freaked out when I was on my way back to shore. Apparently swmming with the current is more easy than swimming against it, and when you're 30+ feet out to sea...ok bay, with huge scary fish and really sharp coral reef with cute but poisonous little sea urchins in it you um...well you freak out.

My freak out didn't last long, some surfin rescue dude came to save me, I felt like jabronie, but it was to be expected and no one really gave a poop, so now I'm telling all of you don't laugh. stop. stop now. The bay is not super touristy, and it will never be over crowed cause they stop lettin' peoples in when the parking area is filled up. It's only a dolla to park, and 5 bucks to get into the preserve, but you've never been on a cleaner beach with clearer water and with more to do besides volleyball. It's really easy to get there you just take the H1 east out of Honolulu and there's signs right away, but like i said, get there early (like 7am, which is 1pm Buffalo time, but you know what i mean).

Right after we came up from the bay we saw bunch of mongeese stealing crap from the trash. There are no indigenous fuzzy mammals on Hawaii, but the mongooses were brough here to take out the snake population, and they went crazy, and now Hawaii has a mongoose problem. But they are super cute. Nope no squirrls (werid huh?), they do have geekos however. Apparently a gecko will steak out a tree or some such (even if it's fake) and live there for a grip. We stopped for ice cream and there was one lampin on this fake bush outside of a curiosity shop next to the ice cream parlor. I like the lil lizards, but um I don't have time for animals what whit my workaholism. But, If I did ever get an animal I might get a gecko and I would call him george and he'd be my friend.... uh, here's that shot of the leezard...check him out...

He's concerned about your car insurance premium

We still have the illegal "Stairway to Heaven" hike to do, and some parasaling if that'll ever happen. I guess there's this moutian with so many thousands of stairs in it so it's kinda easy to hike since the trail is a buch of stairs, but it's tough cause there's a friggin' thousand of them. The view is supposed to amazing, and if it is I'll be sure to get a lucky shot.

Ooh, one more animal story before I bust out. The first day we got here we were targeted as tourists (how'd that happen) and this really friendly local weedled 5 bucks out of us. She wanted 5 buck per person having pictures taken with her brids, but um...well she was a schist-er so we only gave a five spot even for all of us Here's one of the photos we took...

A happy Jenny, being ripped off

OK you (e:strip)pers I have many many many more photos but I won't over do it. Hmm... here's one more for the road, a really rare shot of the Hawaiian tree sneaker.

Not even a pun, but just as bad

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04/23/06 05:39 - 47ºF - ID#22271

Complications with the Moon

So this is how nerd I am.

I'm sitting here deciding on whether this will be a post about my trip that, amazing setting besides, is getting frustrating because of the company I'm in, or to finish wrtting the first chapter of my Star Wars story (yes I write Star Wars stories, I'm a big fat nerd and I love it).

Ok, I guess this posting getting done while the events are still fresh in my mind would help. Really peeps, I just need to let off some steam, and getting some answers wouldn't hurt either. I amost had the vacation of my life and the moon had to go and throw a huge monkey wrench in it.

Really this post will be more of a series of questions. If you feel that you can do so legitimately please answer any one of them.

1. How does one deal with a girl who is in her um...cycle. Since it seems if you're too stand offish they are moody, and if you're too involved they are pushy. Ok, I know that saying that a girl could be either of those during her time to her is tantumount to suicide, and that that both of those statements are generalizations... but if you can answer that question it's a valid one.

2. I have sisters, ok, and as far as I know women know when (generally) this sort of thing is going to happen (ie every 28 days). They also must know that they can be a bit more irritable when it does..., so why the hell would any girl ever book a vacation with just friends, or even some girl friends, or whatever on or around that time? Is being in your cycle ever something that would stop you from oh say going vacation where you'll be kooked up in a room with other people that you are certainly not accustom to dealing with on a day to day basis.

3. Do you think that the way someone behaves during that time is a accurate depiction of their character? Like I said I have sisters, and they can be tough to handle around then, but things typically clear up by the time it is over. It's not to entirely different than when someone gets drunk and loses control. It just seems a lot more directed, and vindictive. I understand that they just had a rough time with their emotions because of the changes that is going on in their bodies, and after years of expiring this second hand I like to think I kinda understand, but do I? Is it them who's acting that way, or is it their condition that's making them something that they are not ....exactly?

Ok the next few questions will be more about me than my curiosities about women and their biology, and more about something I posted about before. Jenny.

4. If you had a really close friend that you dated once before end up being probably one of your best friends ever do you think that that's

a. A pathetic excuse for hoping for something more
b. Something that's normal and that happens all the time
c. the plot of a sappy romantic comedy
d. none of the above, please supply an explanation.

5. If you think that beyond knowing that your friend could never be more than a friend to you because of things that happened in the past, in the present, and because there's really no hope for a future would you on a trip where you were stuck with them for at least another week where you might have to rely on their hospitality explain to them that you could never be more than friends, or would you wait until you were safe at home and give them a call?

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04/22/06 01:54 - 58ºF - ID#22270


This trip is madd fun. I have a million pictures, but I only picked one or two to share since it'd be a pain in the butt for me to post them all (besides I'm not a photographer and most of these are just lucky shots)


:Here's some fun facts: anyone can say hawaiian words. it's really easy. Just never pronounce two vowels at the same time, yes the words are as choppy as they seem. So that Likelike sounds more like leaky leaky, than like like). The apostrophes I think are there to help seperate the vowels when they get too friendly. So, I didn't spell Hawai'i wrong, most Americans do though. Those tacky hawaiian shirts (which are locally know as aloha shirts), are considered bussiness causal. Oh..last one, there is a palace where the king and queen of Hawai'i once lived on the island of O'ahu ...but now their kindom is a friggin' state, a very pretty state I must say.

I still have so much fun ahead of me on this vacation. When I get back into LA we're going to Magic Mountain, and then Coachella on the weekend . I'm really excited about Gnarles Barkely, which you can hear a track for on my myspace page...oh wiat I told you about that already.

Here's more pictures:

Buhddist Temple on O'ahu

This was next to a bathroom at a reststop

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Category: classic asp

03/28/06 07:39 - 49ºF - ID#22268

Trinary For Classic ASP

Ok So I lied about what the first one would be, but since I'm working with some code that's useing the topic I'm talking about I have examples.

Ok there's no Trianry operator in Classic ASP. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about it's this kind of syntax that you can find in most bracketed languages. The operator uses two charcters and looks like this " ?: ". It's used like this:


var sDude = new String("Anakin");
var sMessage = new String();

sMessage = (sDude == "Anakin")?"Jedi":"Sith";


//alerts "Jedi"

But On the server VBScript dosen't have anyoperators like that which I find are quite a line saver in other languages. Trianry has been found in other places VBScript has been used like VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), and when it is supported it look like a function/language construct called IIf.

A work around for this that I've found usefull was to define a function for the trinary operation, or inline if, or immeidate if as it's been called. Like so


Function IIf(varTest, varTrue, varFalse)
If varTest Then IIf = varTrue Else IIf = varFalse
End Function

But be wary children, you must declare each parameter or you'll get an error.

I'll try to only post things that I think are hard to find answers and things that I at least have a solid work around for. Otherwise happy coding.

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03/28/06 07:18 - 49ºF - ID#22267

Classic ASP

I program in Classic ASP at work, though I'm moving to .NET soon.

Still there are a lot of programmers that program in Classic ASP, and don't have an option to change that could use a resource like I hope this journal posting will become.

I'm going to keep updating this journal everytime I find something wonky with Classic ASP that I've figured out.

Maybe I'll start a profile called William Gates where I can post these things. Ooh, or maybe I'll just start a category called Classic ASP (enknot's kinda slow sometimes kids, you're going to have to forgive him.)

First one's first is the Data Dictionary .Add Bug...yeah.
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03/07/06 09:08 - 23ºF - ID#22266

Nails...Nine of em'

NIN was the most professional band I've ever seen in my entire life. I've herad about Trent's relentlessly high expectations from his staff, but it really really really paid off.

I've seen shows in gyms and auditoriums before, but nothing that has ever sounded that good....

My friend Andy Blake (a very very good local photographer) took some really close pics of the hate machine him self, and if he let's me I'll post some to this journal.

Yes, today was quite awesome in many ways, but I have the worst work guilt. I'm like married to that job.

I figure I'll just go in a little early and catch up what I missed today...

later peeps
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03/07/06 08:45 - 25ºF - ID#22265


Andy called me last night and asked if I wanted to go to Nine Inch Nails today for free.

Of course I said yes foolish! We have really close to the front tickets and we might be getting some floor tickets from a scalper.

He has a photo pass so he'll get floor no problem. If ever there was a reason to have a hobby it is to take sweet pictures ( (e:mat) ) so that you can get free tickets to sweet shows.

I never played hoOKy in school....hmm, ok once in like 12 years of schooling. I was such a nerd...ssssigh. This isn't exactly hooky (I have a few days to call off with), but it sure feels fun


I'll try and get some pics of the ReZonator and put em up here for ya'll to see. Hey if anyone want to come with send and email and we'll see what we can do.

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03/06/06 08:45 - 20ºF - ID#22264

The Hacker's Karma Curse

So any time there's some weird computer behavior at work (e:paul) blames it on "the hacker". It's typically really funny, but I guess you'd only find that funny if you were a huge fat nerd like I am. Ahhhhh, snort.

Anyway I have this network at home that I'm teaching my self networky stuff with at my own pace, and I've come into a bit of anomaly. An anomaly that I'm going to blame on bad karma, and not the sweet Radiohead kind either.

Now, I'm not the most honest person in the world. I've done things on the slide from time to time in my life. I'd like to think that anyone who'll tell you that they have never done anything dishonest is probably lying to get you in bed, or to buy a lot of magazines you'll never read. Yeah. And I don't think a little wi-fi theft is outside the realms of reasonabitlty. I figure your broadcast it, you want people to pick it up, right? Well my neighbor broadcasts, and though he wanted to have me (and the other house tenants) pitch in to use his network, he also wanted to dictate what we could do on said network. So naturally, I said bully to that and got my own connection. But then I got my lappy and discovered the joys of bedside web browsing at the expense of my neighborly neighbor without paying a cent. (Insert sheepish grin) (Bad Karma: 1pt, Good Karma: Ziltch).

Ok, I'm going to stack the logs upon which I will burn now.

Jenny gave me a wireless router when last I visited her. I bought an antenna from new egg to broaden the signal, but they didn't work together so I exchanged them, 60 bucks, and a lil white lie at CompUSA for a new SUPASWEET Router and now the anomaly!(Incase you were still keeping count; Bad Karma: 3pts, Good Karma: Goose Egg).

My whole house (3 aptartments) shares one internet connection and thats why I'm using a router at all. It's nice to share files and an internet bill and not have to worry about big brother making sure all the porn you look at is nice healty clean porn. I've even secured our network so that we can make private transactions wirelessly and so that we're the only one's using the net work (Bad Karma: 3pts, Good Karma: one measly lil point), but there's something fishy going on.

I've uploaded a snapshot of the DHPC table from my router and yes there are more computers on it than I currently think should be on it, but this could just be a lack of experince or something, but it's pretty clear that 1 Muja Compy, 1 Downstairs Compy, 1 Upstairs compy, and 1 Enknot Lappy dose not equal 7 connections. Alas, I will learn, or maybe catch the hacker in the act...

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mike said to mike
Well really I did not bury the hatched in my mind I guess because now 5 years later, I just saw him ...

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mike said to mike
Well 14 years later I have more grays but still solidly more pepper than salt so that's good at leas...