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Category: unnerd

08/27/08 11:14 - 65ºF - ID#45469

1st Annual Hey, We're Not Dead Day!

We're having some tame adults over for drinks and cake later to celebrate Meggatrons birthday.

You should come.

There will be free cake and booze. Nothing too fancy, we don't wanna wake the babies, but they might have a fretful nights sleep anyway since I don't plan on letting meg get away without getting spanked by everyone that shows up.

(that's was joke, but I'd take me up on it if I were you, Meg's got a sweet fanny).

It's my potty and I'll cry if waaaan to. Cry if I wannnnn to....
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Category: unnerd

08/26/08 03:25 - 73ºF - ID#45462

Izzy is Pissed!

So Izzy found this article about the Women's Golf Association.

The scoop is they're doing this because of the glut of Korean players are that are killing everyone else in the league.

A lil civil rights scam anyone?

Still, who watches this sport? Really?

There was a very comical air about Izzy bringing this up in the office, and I admit I joined in on the japes with "Well, that's it. I am NOT watching that sport now!", but it's still pretty crumby.

Yeah, things like this still need to come to light if there are discriminatory elements involved. Sigh... Well Ms. Sorenstam I hope you appreciate this.

Now, lemme get this straight Izzy
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08/25/08 02:33 - 67ºF - ID#45452

Great, More Death

More than one friend of mine contacted me concerned that me and my ragtag band of ruffians might be the victims in this terrible story that unfolded last night which, thankfully, we are not.

Here's a very brief synopsis. A young couple, married, who had a young child between them was shot yesterday on Sanders Road in Buffalo. We likely never even saw those people in day to day passing. We live on the other side of Colvin from where it happened, even still it was awful close.

There's a lot of paranoid folks on the web site marking this as the beginning of the end for a great many things, and/or battling it out over gun laws. I called the Meggasaurus and told her about it and she was a bit shocked. I don't normally go for this, but I was even able to frighten her into being a bit more secure about things round the house, since I grew up on the east side where making sure things were locked down was a way of life. That was a little deviceive I know, but making those ladies safer is my task. Though I'd rather Meg did the things I asked her to do to be safe because she wanted to and she trusted my judgment, I'll take fear if keeps them alive another day.

So, I guess I'm just as guilty as some of the "whoa-is-the-world'ers" on the Buffalo News site. I think that murders like this aren't random, and are indicative of the life the victims lead, though unfortually in some situations that's not the case and they are innocents. This comment set me at ease a bit, as disturbing as that may seem:

msmma wrote:
When I saw the news reporting this story last night, they interviewed a neighbor who didn't want to be id'd who said that there were drug deals going on in that house all the time.

Who knows if it's true or false, but if it's true, then I don't think anyone should be surprised by this tragic outcome.

Otherwise. I'm really sorry for (e:Jim) and his late boss. I'd still be trying to get over that if I were Jim... You were brave to find him Jim.
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