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Category: nerd

03/28/11 04:46 - ID#53932


I love it that this actually happened in real life somewhere.

Don't you ever call it "Just a slingshot!"

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Category: nerd

03/28/11 04:37 - ID#53931

Ground Control to Major Nerds

Ok. I love science, even though I haven't really be as involved with it as much as I used to be.

I saw a poster for this event at the gym (which will not be named) and started inviting a few people, but then thought to my self. The world must know! So here goes.

Science & Art Cabaret 4.0: SCIENCE FICTION / SCIENCE FACT

Yerp. My most favored part of this discussion is that there taking space travel seriously.

I heard that Russia is beating us to this (again), but I'm not disparaged. We'll find a way to make more (or loose more ) $ doing it than they will, or my uncles name's not $am.

It's totally free (with a cash bar), so you can get hammered and go home with a hot nerd... ok maybe I'm getting my events mixed up, but hey stranger things have happened.
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Category: nerd

03/21/11 09:55 - ID#53887

Exploding with phone happiness

Ok, anyone who's spent any time with me has known that I have a hatred for my phone that's slow and low and steady, but I haven't changed it since none of the devices I've seen on the network have really impressed me much. It's super slow and does some of the dumbest things when it's at it's worst. Many mooses have gotten punched over this device...

To boot two of my plan mates have the critically acclaimed EVO and it's a nice device. There's the EVO shift (ie. same crap with a physical keyboard), and some other lame devices that don't need to be mentioned, but I didn't see the point in upgrading to any of those when there wasn't enough of a shift in what I wanted or needed most on those devices.

Over the weekend (e:paul) sent me a link on engadget that got me going. Apparently the first 3D phone will be out on sprint and it'll be on par with (e:paul)'s Nexus One or maybe a little better.

Just today I found out that the Nexus S will be showing up on sprint later this spring. I'm pumped. Never before has my patience paid off so well. I can't wait to own a decent phone again... Now I only need to choose which one I want to get, the 3D phone or the pure Googler.... oooh my mind she wabbles. I'll just have to play with (e:ejtower)'s Nexus S to find out how sweet that is before deciding. I'm plumping my piggybank for the day when it's out.

Look how cute it is!
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Category: unnerd

03/08/11 06:32 - ID#53781

Don't Get Mad

Ok, so this article is going to piss some of you off, but go ahead and read it: The workplace should be segregated. Maybe.

She's so cute, you'd think she'd be a really nice lady

Made some people I know really mad and they starting calling Ms. Trunk really rude names like "Stupidhead" and "poopypants" and "smellycunt" (my personal favorite). This was my reply.

I know this article is going to get people emotionally charged as it was intended to do, but unless you wish to prove dear Ms. Trunk right I beg all readers of all genders to stop and think about what she is saying before reacting.

To be clear, I don't "agree" with her out of hand. I don't entirely disagree with her either though. Still If I were to make statements about the information she's collected, they'd sound completely different.

I'm only going to make this point before standing back from this dervish of emotionally charged blades of scientific stereotyping and sexism. Averages are tools to be used to protect you from dangers not subject you to servitude. If women are generally better at a certain task it'd serve the employer of one to perform such a task to seek a woman when trying to find the right "man" for that job. You'll save time and energy not rejecting every candidate, but you'd also rob your self of an amazing candidate if you were to ignore every male applicant. It goes both ways.

Ultimately if you're bent from reading that article you're making the same kind of mistake as a stereotyper but to the article writer and the publications advantage. Notice the adversing in the margines. You're also just human, so I forgive you. Hopefully that'll give you enough cause to put down your picket signs and pitchforks and maybe be a bit more entertained than offended. Yah, think of this article as microcosm of the Fox News business model. It's really just entertainment ...dangerous irresponsible misleading polarizing entertainment.

I'm going to go bake a more delicious cake than you can make now.

No, I'm not sharing.

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