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Category: nerd

07/21/09 01:36 - 68ºF - ID#49345 pmobl

Windows Azure: MS Cloud Computing

The MS opponent to Googles' ....Google. It is a platform that will allow you to develop and publish apps in a MS run data center.

I'll be updating this one too. Jim/Paul, I uploaded/emailed the vid 2 youtube, band as soon as I can see it I'll post it.

  • Sensitive data you should publish, you can't publish this stuff any place besides windows servers.
  • anyone can publish here, so crap software will make it in with a Windows Azure back end adding credulity to what evers on here.
  • example:
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Category: nerd

07/21/09 09:24 - 67ºF - ID#49341

Microsoft New Tech Talk: Damen College

I'm at the MS nerd talk where they try to sell developers and sys admins on new MS soft. Heres some pics vids n highlights. I'm gonna try to keep this post updated througout the day, so if your into it stay posted.

  • Power point slides
  • Search feature "cost benfit" for moving to Vista/7
  • Multipul monitors in remote desktop
  • Printer drivers abandoned by printer manufactures.
  • - early ms software news
  • Early adoptor program email:, "add to momentum" i subject, but you must provide feedback to participate
  • I got a relese candidate for Windows 7 should be good till Ocotber 22nd
  • NEW FEATURES: Direct Access = built in vpn, always connected when you can use protocols other than http. Gimps the new built in security when using 3rd party apps like GoTo My PC, etc...
  • Still 5 - 7 SKUs with different feature sets, price ranges still a ?
  • App locker - allows you to limit what apps can run on your system. Hash based has some quirks.
  • NEW FEATURE: Security Sheild - Any features that make changes to the system have a sheild next to them which throws an authentication dialog which flushes the keyboard and suspends all other apps.

Panarama of the first class

buncha old dudes

Answering the question: "Since 7 ships with IE8 how can I support 3rd party web soft that only runs in IE6"

The new Ruh?

-- this blog written by a windows mobile phone

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mike said to mike
How weird life is , that I now know the Capozzi's, well at least Al ...

mike said to mike
How weird life is , that I now know the Capozzi's, well at least Al ...